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954 You Shoot, I Shoo

No matter how fast Jiang Ke ran, he couldn't out-run the van.

Zhao Yu stepped on the accelerator and caught up with Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke, wearing the yellow overcoat, was panting and looking very confused.

"Hey! I forget to tell you that I'm a good shot." Zhao Yu pointed the S9 camera at Jiang Ke and to let the mysterious man see that he had the gun aimed at Jiang Ke. "First, I'll shoot his right leg!"

Zhao Yu didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. Bang! The bullet hit the bridge railing. Jiang Ke was so frightened that he held his head in both hands and stopped running.

Zhao Yu asked, pretending to be surprised, "I missed your leg? Ok, this time I'll aim at your head. I hope I don't miss."

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The mysterious man could no longer stand Zhao Yu's threat and spoke, "Zhao Yu, what on earth are you doing? Now it's clear, you don't abide by our rules. If you want to save your niece's life, you must allow Jiang Ke to leave safely!"

Zhao Yu had been waiting for the mysterious man to answer. When he heard the voice, he immediately used a Hacker's Command to track the mysterious man's location.

Zhao Yu wanted more time. He pointed to the screen of his mobile phone and said, "As long as you release my niece first, I promise to release him."

The mystery man said, "Well, we'll leave the school now!"

Zhao Yu disagreed, "That won't work! After Jiang Ke leaves, you could go back to that school! I don't believe you will keep your promise!"

When the mysterious man replied, Zhao Yu got the result from the Hacker's Command. Unfortunately, the man was calling via several virtual networks, whose servers were not in Chinese territory. Now Zhao Yu understood why Wang Can couldn't track down the man's location. Zhao Yu was surprised that his device had failed as well. Zhao Yu didn't give up and used another Hacker's Command. He made up his mind to find the mysterious man's location.

"Then, what do you want?" The mysterious man no longer sounded as calm as before and was becoming impatient. The longer Zhao Yu could keep the mysterious man talking would give his device more time to work.

Zhao Yu had an idea and said, "I have a plan that should be satisfactory! You must shoot at the classroom window without hurting anyone. After that, the students will leave the classroom, and my niece will be safe! Once my niece is safe, I'll let him go!"

Then Zhao Yu said, "You still control everything. If I break my promise, you will still be able to kill my niece!"

The mysterious man said angrily, "We are all professionals. We won't go into a school to kill a student!"

As the man spoke, the Hacker's Command sent a message. To find the man's location, Zhao Yu needed to spend 2000 points. Zhao Yu almost swore at the system. Since the system had been upgraded, he only had around 200 points.

"What should I do?" Zhao Yu asked both the mysterious man and the system.

The mysterious man burst out laughing, "Zhao Yu, you just reminded me! I still control everything. What should you do? Look carefully at the screen. I have sent you something."

Zhao Yu took a quick look at the screen. He saw that the video had changed to a photo!

Zhao Yu suddenly felt terrified. "Ah?" The person in the photo was Yao Jia, the head nurse of Qinshan Hospital.

Zhao Yu clenched his fist angrily. He understood why the mysterious man had sent the photo. It wasn't over yet. After Yao Jia's photo disappeared, there were photos of Li Beni, Su Jinmei, Peng Xin, Liang Huan, Lan Bo, and Xiao Liu. Eventually, photos of Zhou Yang, Yang Hong, and Huahua appeared. Zhao Yu grabbed the phone tightly and cursed at the mysterious man.

The mysterious man said calmly, "Jiang Xiaoqing is just the start! If you don't let Jiang Ke leave safely, all of your friends will have accidents."

"Who are you? Who the hell are you?" Zhao Yu shouted hysterically and beat the steering wheel.

When Jiang Ke saw that Zhao Yu had put his gun away, he quickly turned around and started running! When Zhao Yu saw that Jiang Ke had started running again, he stepped on the accelerator.

The van engine shouted. It was as angry as Zhao Yu. It ran onto the sidewalk and suddenly stopped right in front of Jiang Ke! Jiang Key couldn't stop in time and hit the van Zhao Yu jumped out of the van quickly and kicked Jiang Ke in the chest. Although Jiang Ke was a famous robber, he wasn't a very good fighter. Zhao Yu grabbed Jiang Ke's collar and slammed two punches into his face which caused his nose to bleed and his face to swell. Then, he raised his gun and pointed it at Jiang Ke's face!!

The mysterious person shouted, "Zhao Yu, stop it! Do you want your friends to die? OK, you'll be able to see your niece shot in the head."

"You..." Zhao Yu was very angry and starting to tremble all over.

Zhao Yu held the phone so that he could see as he watched Jiang Xiaoqing on the screen. He pointed the gun between Jiang Ke's eyebrows and shouted to the mysterious man, "You shoot, I shoot!"

The mysterious man laughed and said, "You have balls. I think you're officially launching a war against us, huh? Jiang Ke's life isn't worth a penny in my eyes! You shoot! After that, you can go back to Qinshan to see your niece's body. I will count to three. Let's do it together!"

The mysterious man seemed to be in a bloodthirsty mania when he shouted, "One... Two..."