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"Yes, I see the clothes!" Jiang Ke spoke into his Bluetooth headset. He ordered Zhao Yu, "Hurry up! Get out of here first. Then, you can change clothes!"

Zhao Yu didn't pay any attention to the clothes in Jiang Ke's hands. The only thing he cared about was the bomb under the car.

He and Jiang Ke were already in the van. If the mysterious man wanted to kill them, now was the time.

The bomb had been disabled by Zhao Yu. Now he was worried that the mysterious man would hurt Jiang Xiaoqing once he discovered that the bomb had been removed.

Zhao Yu saw that Jiang Ke was listening carefully to the mysterious man's instructions. It seemed that the mysterious man did not mean to detonate the bomb right now.

The mysterious man didn't seem to want Jiang Ke dead. Zhao Yu wondered if they were friends, or if they had any interest in each other?

Seeing that Zhao Yu hadn't started the van, Jiang Ke pointed to his phone and said with a threatening voice, "Didn't I give you the key? Start it now, and I promise that your niece will be safe soon!"

Zhao Yu gave Jiang Ke an angry look as he started the van.

Jiang Ke quickly handed Zhao Yu a yellow overcoat and said, "Just wear it over your clothes!"

As Zhao Yu drove, he put on the overcoat. In the rearview mirror, he saw that there were loads of cables, wires, and other tools in the van. It was almost like an actual Skynet Maintenance van!

Fuck*ng smart! The escape plan is extremely well planned. I want to meet this mysterious person. He said that he is an old friend of mine, but I don't recognize his voice. Does that mean we know each other but haven't met in person? Who is he? Is he lying or telling the truth about knowing me? Zhao Yu thought.

While he was thinking, Zhao Yu drove the car to the exit. Once outside the parking garage, he drove along a quiet passageway to the other end of the hotel. The passageway was narrow, but Zhao Yu easily drove the van out onto the driveway. Jiang Ke urgently asked Zhao Yu to slow down. Then he opened all of the windows. Zhao Yu thought it would be smart if no one saw them as they escaped. However, he quickly understood why Jiang Ke opened the windows.

The weather in Yaoming was good. It would look strange if the windows of the van were closed when the windows of other vehicles were open. Zhao Yu was impressed that they thought about such details.

Two police cars came towards them from the opposite direction! The cars passed them, and the policemen in the cars didn't even look at the yellow van or Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu turned and saw that the cars were heading straight for the red building.

Jiang Ke shouted nervously, "Go straight ahead! Turn right after three traffic lights and head for the Hongming River Bridge!"

Zhao Yu asked, "Are you sure you want to go through those intersections? There may be traffic jams with police there."

Jiang Ko said, "Zhao Yu, just keep your eyes on the road!"

Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed, "Good, I'll just follow your orders. If there's a traffic jam, don't blame me!"

After that, Zhao Yu sped up slightly. When he passed the first intersection, there was no traffic control and no sign of a traffic jam. Zhao Yu realized that it was the spring holiday and not many people on the street. Their escape plan transpired so suddenly that, even if the police were called, they wouldn't be able to arrive on time. The mysterious man had chosen to carry out his plan during the holiday on purpose. He had planned every detail and every step. He was very smart.

Zhao Yu passed safely through the next two intersections. He turned right at the last intersection and drove toward the Hongming River Bridge as he had been instructed.

Hongming River was a wide, long river flowing through Tongjiang Province. It entered the sea north of Yaoming City.

The mysterious man told Zhao Yu to drive onto the bridge and head north.

The magnificent cable-suspended bridge was 2.5 kilometers long and had six lanes of traffic in both directions.

When Zhao Yu arrived at the center part of the bridge, Jiang Ke suddenly said, "Okay, Detective Zhao! Stop right here!"

Zhao Yu was confused. He didn't know why anyone would want to stop the van in the center of the bridge. Following Jiang Ke's orders, Zhao Yu stepped on the brake and parked the car.

Jiang Ke took off the Samsung S9 and Bluetooth headset, handed them to Zhao Yu, and said, "Detective Zhao, thank you for your help! I have always been able to tell the difference between love and hate, so I will not bother you about Cui Xiaolong's death anymore! I hope you and I can learn from this experience. From now on, we are strangers to each other!"

Zhao Yu shouted, "Fuc*! You are safe now. What about our deal?"

Jiang Ke said, "Our deal is complete. You have the phone, look for yourself."

Zhao Yu took the phone suspiciously as Jiang Ke quickly got out of the car. Zhao Yu looked at the phone carefully. There was still a cross mark on Jiang Xiaoqing.

Zhao Yu put on the Bluetooth headset and scolded angrily, "Hey, I've already let him go. How about keeping your word?"

Zhao Yu asked a few times, but there was no response.

Zhao Yu almost laughed. He realized that the mysterious man's original plan was to detonate the bomb once Jiang Ke was safely out of the van.

The man must be very confused. How would he have known that his perfect plan would be disrupted?

Jiang Ke also knew about the bomb. When he got out of the van, he remained a safe distance away and waited for the bomb to explode.

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After shaking his head playfully, Zhao Yu calmly took out his gun. Although he had unloaded it, he had kept the bullets in his pocket. He loaded the bullets one by one in front of the S9's camera so that the mysterious person could see him. After loading the gun, he started the van and drove slowly toward Jiang Ke.

Jiang Ke was surprised when the van didn't explode and waited for a while to see what might happen. To his surprise, instead of seeing the van explode, he saw Zhao Yu chasing him with a gun. He was so frightened that he turned around and ran.