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Wang Can was surprised. He rushed over and asked, "Mentor, what happened?"

Zhao Yu grabbed Wang Can's collar and asked, "Have you heard of the Mengxiang Cooperative case? Do you know about the wanted criminal Yang Zebiao?"

At first, Wang Can shook his head, but then he nodded and said, "I remember hearing about the case now!"

Zhao Yu shouted, "It's too late to tell you any of the details! A colleague of mine was killed because of this case! This case is directly related to Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke just confessed. He knows where Yang Zebiao is located. We must leave immediately and take Jiang Ke with us. Do you understand?"

"I... This... Um..." Wang Can was confused.

Zhao Yu shouted again, "Why are you waiting? Where are your leaders? Tell them, I have to take Jiang Ke away right now, or it will be too late. Understand?"

"Oh..." Wang Can nodded, turned and ran.

Zhao Yu urged again, "Remember to drive the car over here, and let them open the detention center entrance! Hurry!"

Wang Can nodded and hurried to do so.

In addition to the two armed policemen who guarded the door, the prison guard was still there. He had no idea what was going on.

Zhao Yu pointed to the interrogation room and shouted, "Unlock the shackles on Jiang Ke now, but don't unlock the handcuffs."

"Oh... Yes." The guard dared not disobey. He quickly took out the key and unlocked the shackles that were restraining Jiang Ke.

Seeing the prison guard unlocking the prisoner's shackles, the two armed policemen became somewhat confused.

"Don't just stand there..." Zhao Yu didn't want them to have time to think. He pointed at them and shouted, "Call your squadron as soon as possible. I'm going to take this repeat offender with me now. You must take full responsibility for the security work!"

The armed police officers quickly used their walkie-talkies to speak to their squadron. When Zhao Yu returned to the interrogation room, he saw that the prison guard was unlocking Jiang Ke's leg shackles.

Jiang Ke looked extremely nervous and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Zhao Yu knew that it was impossible to get out of the detention center easily; He had to take extreme measures to fake a serious operation. He called Director Chief Jiao of the Criminal Division.

"Director Chief Jiao, something big has happened." Zhao Yu repeated what he had said to Wang Can. He said that he must take Jiang Ke with him in case the situation changed.

If it had not been Zhao Yu, Director Chief Jiao would ask him all the details. This case was different for Zhao Yu, the famous detective of the Criminal Division. After all, Zhao Yu had surprised her many times in the past!

Therefore, after she heard what Zhao Yu planned, she didn't hesitate to immediately approve Zhao Yu's actions and promised to inform the Yaoming Police Station immediately. Of course, Division Chief Jiao didn't forget to remind Zhao Yu that he must take extra security precautions.

Knowing that Zhao Yu had obtained the approval of the Criminal Division, the prison guard had no doubts about Zhao Yu and opened Jiang Ke's leg cuffs.

The prison guard saw Jiang Ke was still holding his Samsung S9. Just as he wanted to ask Zhao Yu if his mobile phone was still needed, Zhao Yu called his bodyguards. The prison guard dared not disturb him at that time.

Zhao Yu notified his bodyguards that he was ready to leave. Then he took Jiang Ke out. The prison guard was thinking about his Samsung S9, and the two armed policemen were worried about the possibility of Jiang Ke's escape. Therefore, they followed Zhao Yu.

As soon as they arrived in the hall where all of the leaders had gathered after they received the news.

Zhao Yu found that the leaders of the detention center were the most annoying. One of them stopped Zhao Yu and said, "Detective Zhao, you must calm down! Jiang Ke is a serious offender and must not leave. We are responsible for keeping him here!"

Another detention center leader pleaded, "Wait a minute. Could you follow our normal procedures, please? I promise that I will get the approval for you as quickly as possible!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu grabbed the man's collar and roared fiercely, "Do you know about the Ziliu case? Do you know who Yang Zebiao is?"

"I know... I know..." The leader nodded with sweat covering his forehead.

Zhao Yu asked, saliva splashing on the man's face, "If I fail to catch Yang Zebiao because of you, would you make it up to me or would you take responsibility?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The leader shook his head, and Zhao Yu released him.

By this time, Wang Can had driven a police car to the gate of the building. The armed police officers and prison guards who heard the commotion inside the building had come to block the gate.

Zhao Yu took Jiang Ke to the police car. Two armed police officers tried to stop Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu hit them. Yu. Zhao Yu shouted, "Get away from me!"

The leaders of the detention center rushed to stop him again. "Jiang Ke is not a normal prisoner. We can't afford to take responsibility for letting him go!"

Unexpectedly, a local deputy bureau chief's phone rang. After receiving the call, the deputy bureau chief immediately straightened up, responded with "yes", and quickly hung up.

The deputy bureau chief shouted at the crowd, "All right, all right... Don't stand in the way! The Criminal Division has given me instructions that this is a special task! Everyone, let Detective Zhao proceed"

At this time, a leader dressed in camouflage uniform quickly nodded to Zhao Yu and said, "Detective Zhao, you can rest assured that my people will protect you!"

Zhao Yu had no more time to talk. He immediately pulled Jiang Ke out of the building and jammed him into the police car. After Jiang Ke got in the car, the two armed policemen who had been following him wanted to get in the car also.

Zhao Yu said angrily, "Hey, who let you get in the car? I have my bodyguards. Go to the car in the back!"

As he spoke, he waved to his bodyguards, and they ran over.

Zhao Yu looked away and saw that the vertical lifting door at the detention center entrance was opening. Zhao Yu moved around the car and took the driver's seat.

He ordered, "Wang Can, time is running out. I'll drive! You can sit in the back."

Wang Can didn't think much about it. He agreed and got out of the car. Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, "Mentor, didn't you hurt your leg? Can you drive?"

To everyone's surprise, Zhao Yu stepped on the accelerator and drove away when Wang Can got out of the car.

One of the bodyguards had just stepped into the car, and Zhao Yu's sudden move made him yell! The bodyguard had been trained to protect important people. Immediately, he stretched out his arms, grabbed the door tightly, and was about to get in the car.

Zhao Yu shouted angrily, without even turning his head. "Jiang Ke, do you want to leave?"

Jiang Ke understood Zhao Yu's meaning. He kicked the bodyguard out of the car. Zhao Yu stepped on the accelerator and headed straight to the entrance of the detention center.

The lifting door wasn't fully opened yet, but Zhao Yu did not slow down. He sped through the door and barely touched the moving door.

Jiang Ke screamed in surprise and lay down on the seat.

With a squeaky, metal-on-metal sound, the thick roof of the car was squeezed down half an inch, and the car windows were smashed.

Zhao Yu drove the police car straight to the highway.

All the people in the detention center stared at the car as it disappeared.

A leader scratched his head and said, "Guys, I have a bad feeling about this!"

The prison guard murmured with a sad look, "He took my phone."