Crazy Detective
948 Two Criminals Who Used to Stay in the Same Dormitory
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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948 Two Criminals Who Used to Stay in the Same Dormitory

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu thought for a long time in the corner of the room. Interestingly, Han Kuan and Jiang Ke both spoke ill of each other behind each other's back.

When Zhao Yu was interrogating Jiang Ke, he firmly said that Han Kuan killed Hou Shengyun, a.k.a. Laogua. The reason was because he saw something change in Han Kuan's eyes after Laogua tore up Huan Kuan's manuscripts.

Later, it turned out that Jiang Ke was correct. Han Kuan was indeed the murderer. Because of that, Zhao Yu was deeply impressed with Jiang Ke's observation.

Apart from other cases, how Jiang Ke robbed the cigarette truck also convinced Zhao Yu that Jiang Ke was indeed a criminal wizard. If Zhao Yu hadn't foiled his plot, the police would have been fooled by him and possibly not caught him.

The question now was why Han Kuan thought low of Jiang Ke and regarded him as a puppet manipulated by others. Han Kuan's conclusion about Jiang Ke was that Jiang Ke was a man of courage but lacked in resourcefulness, so those famous robbery cases could not have been plotted by him at all.

Han Kuan's remarks surprised Zhao Yu. Jiang Ke's judgment about Han Kuan was right. Would it be the same for Han Kuan? He thought, Yaoming Oil Technical School is such a heaven for criminals. From one dormitory, there was not only a frightening murderer but also two thieves, one of whom is even as famous as Tao Xiang!

Cui Xiaolong might not be a regular criminal. He ran a car repair shop and was only involved in the cigarette case. But, Jiang Ke and Han Kuan were interesting. There were both criminal geniuses who were supposed to appreciate each other.

Unexpectedly, the two told each other's secrets to Zhao Yu, who felt that they were battling with each other. Han Kuan said that Jiang Ke was not smart like he appeared to be. Zhao Yu was not sure if Han Kuan was showing off his wit or telling him the real truth.

Is Jiang Ke really like what Han Kuan says?

Zhao Yu thought about when he interrogated Jiang Ke. His testimony didn't have obvious loopholes. He really seemed like a smart criminal.

So, why doesn't Han Kuan think that Jiang Ke is a crime genius? Is there really a smarter and more powerful person behind him? And, Jiang Ke just obeys his orders to commit crimes? If there is such a person...

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of what Gao Facai said. If the skin pieces under Leader Wu's nails and the photos in her drawer were what the big boss presented to the police on purpose, then this guy was definitely a dangerous enemy. Was this guy the one who was manipulating Jiang Ke?

Zhao Yu gasped heavily, allowing his brain to get enough oxygen. He pondered over this surprising idea carefully and soon came up with a more important question.

If there was such a person, then the case at hand was not a simple one. That person killed Leader Wu and gave the police a clue to the Ziliu case and the nude photos. If that person did all of the things, what was his purpose?

Zhao Yu was frightened. He felt that whoever this was must have a clear purpose in doing all of the things, but he couldn't figure out what that was.

He soon thought of the Kun Qian hexagram, which made him feel even worse. It seemed to him that a big event was going to happen. He checked the detection screen on his system interface carefully and found no explosives, bugs, or monitoring equipment.

Wang Can saw that Zhao Yu didn't look good. He asked, "What happened, Mentor?"

"Well..." Zhao Yu frowned hard, but he couldn't share his worries.

The corridor of the detention center was quiet. Zhao Yu looked up and glanced around. Apart from a few prison guards on the east side dealing with the prisoners, he did not see anything unusual.

He opened the door of the interrogation room and said to Wang Can, "Stay here. It may take me a long time! Be on your guard. If anything happens, report it to me right away!"

Although Zhao Yu did not explain the reason, Wang Can felt it was important from his serious look, He stood straight and said, "Understood."

Zhao Yu took a long breath before returning to the interrogation room. He sat in front of Jiang Ke and calmly asked, "Well, have you thought about anything else you want?"

"I don't want anything else," Jiang Ke said. "I just need to see you die here in front of me! A thief always has his principles. You must know that. Or, you should keep a close eye on me. If you fail, I will kill you and revenge my friends."

When Jiang Ke spoke, Zhao Yu carefully observed his subtle changes. An idea suddenly came to him. During the Devil Case investigation, he made a fake call in the restroom to scare Han Kuan. He could do it again to fool Jiang Ke.

He wondered how Jiang Ke would react when he heard Han Kuan's comments on him. Thinking about it, Zhao Yu, while chatting with Jiang Ke, organized his language.

Just as he was about to begin, someone knocked on the door. Wang Can peeked his head in the door and said, with some confusion, "Mentor, someone wants to speak to you."

Zhao Yu had no idea who it could be.

Wang Can turned around and spoke to a man outside. "Bring it over." He handed the man's black phone to Zhao Yu and explained in a low voice, "The man on the other side of the line said that he wants to talk to you!"

Zhao Yu took a look outside. The man outside was wearing a prison guard uniform. He most likely worked at the detention center.

"It's quite strange," Wang Can said with a frown. "This prison guard just came over in a hurry and said that he took an anonymous call. The person on the phone said that he must talk to you! The prison guard thought that it could be something important, so he came to me."

Hearing Wang Can's explanation, the prison guard outside waved to Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu thought about it for a moment. He suddenly had a very bad feeling. He quickly checked the detection screen. It showed that this mobile phone was a Samsung S10. It hadn't been modified, and no explosives were found. After making sure that there was no problem with the phone, he took over the phone.

A deep, hoarse male voice asked, "Is Zhao Yu there?" The man's tone was full of provocation.

Zhao Yu came to the door of the interrogation room to answer the call. He asked, "Who are you?" Not knowing the other party's purpose, he did not leave the doorway or close the door.

"I am an old friend of yours, but you shouldn't be able to remember my voice," the man on the phone coldly said. "I've been waiting for you for some time! Hmm... Let me guess, are you thinking about how Jiang Ke is going to escape from prison?"

Zhao Yu was astonished. He quickly glared at Wang Can and pointed to the phone, indicating to him to track down the phone's signal as soon as possible. Wang Can nodded and went away immediately.

While pretending to be confused, Zhao Yu closed the door of the interrogation room and asked, "Are you calling the wrong person? I don't know what you are saying."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The man on the phone burst into laughter before he solemnly said, "Zhao Yu, let me tell you the answer now! The answer is you."
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