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943 A Complete Mess

4 p.m., the Changming Police Station, the special investigation group office.

"Leader..." Zeng Ke said to Zhao Yu, "Those in Jinghai confirmed that the photos are legitimate and have not been edited. Moreover, they were taken at least 10 years ago!"

Zhao Yu rested his hands on his hips and sighed. "What a big surprise!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Well..." Zeng Ke went on to say, "The police found nine photos in Wu's secret drawer compartment, all of which were her nude photos and four of which had Jiang Ke in them."

"Also, there's one more thing..." Zeng Ke frowned and said, "There's only one set of fingerprints on the photos, those of Wu Fangfang's!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu laughed abnormally. He then clapped Miao Ying on the shoulder and asked, "You said that Wu's love story was touching, right? So, what do you think about those photos?"

Miao Ying stared back at him and said, "Don't jump to a conclusion too early. The truth may not be what it looks like!"

Zeng Ke then said with a serious look, "Team leader, I have checked all of the records and even asked Liu Zhanbing just now, and they said that Leader Wu only had one relationship, which was with Shi Hai. Also, there were never any rumors, bad or good, that circulated about their relationship."

At this moment, Ran Tao grasped his head with both of his hands, looked up, and sighed. "What an unprecedented surprise! I have never seen such a complicated and intricate case before!"

Wu Xiumin crossed her arms and sneered at Ran Tao as she always liked to do. She then said, "Come on! You are always someone who has a loud voice but says nothing useful!"

"Well then..." Ran Tao, as always, disagreed with her. "Do you want to tell me what the truth of this case is? We just start investigating Leader Wu's death and the Ziliu Case, so how is Jiang Ke involved in all of this? If he is... His life is quite busy indeed!"

"Alright… You two can stop now!" Zeng Ke had to step in and play the mediator once again.

"Southern Tao Xiang and Northern Jiang Ke..." Zhao Yu murmured as he paced, "Jiang Ke is a thief and Wu Fangfang was a policewoman. So, what do these photos imply? There must be something off with Wu Fangfang..."

Miao Ying then said, "The photos are not fake. At least this means that they had a close relationship! Although she was an excellent special investigator and he is a notorious thief, if you think about the year that the photos were taken, it is impossible that they could have been together before!"

Miao Ying continued to calmly share her analysis, "Don't forget, the photos were taken ten years ago. At that time, Jiang Ke was still a nobody and had not committed a crime yet! It is possible that they had a relationship at that time."

Zhao Yu had a different opinion, which he shared, "But, you forget that Wu Fangfang and Shi Hai grew up together! Also, she and Shi Hai were in the same unit 10 years ago. That was when they were deeply attached to each other. Jiang Ke was a third wheel. I really can't understand what happened."

Miao Ying defended her theory, "They just said it was 10 years ago, but did not say the exact year! At that time, maybe Wu Fangfang fell in love with Jiang Ke and didn't love Shi Hai. That is totally possible!"

Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "We may never know. However, 10 years ago, Jiang Ke had just graduated in Yaoming, so why would he have traveled such a long way to Mengxiang and have had a relationship with Wu Fangfang?"

Miao Ying understood what Zhao Yu was thinking in mentioning this and said, "Jiang Ke is from Leping, which is in the Jin'an province and is very close to Gaolanqi..."

Ran Tao immediately waved his hand and said, "What the heck? Are you kidding me? I have heard of Leping! One body from the Headless Female Corpses Case was found there!"

"Shut up!" Wu Xiumin interrupted Ran Tao angrily, then came over to Zhao Yu and Miao Ying with her mobile phone in her hand and said, "Leaders, about the photos, maybe there's another possibility!"

After she said that, she enlarged a picture on her mobile phone and said to them, "Look at this one carefully. Something seems to be off with Wu Fangfang in this photo!"

Zhao Yu nodded as he said, "Wu Fangfang must have been drunk! I know what she looked like after drinking too much! But, I don't think that Jiang Ke would be able to take advantage of her, even if she was drunk."

Wu Xiumin said earnestly, "No. She was not just drunk. Her pupils look white, her face is flushed, and you can see sweat around her hairline... This is clearly a symptom of neurotic hyperactivity!"

Ran Tao was startled, and he asked, "You mean... She was taking drugs?"

Wu Xiumin bit her lip and said, "Actually… I think it is more than that! I have handled similar cases before, so I think that Wu Fangfang might have had some hallucinogens in her system!"

"Hallucinogens?" Ran Tao repeated in shock, but nobody paid any attention to him.

At this time, Gao Facai nodded after seeing the photo. He then said, "DamiXX, INVERMA powder, and other drugs would cause such hallucinogenic symptoms! But, photos alone can't prove that was what was happening at this time."

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said with a bitter laugh, "But, it's adding more possibilities to this already bizarre case!"

Miao Ying sighed bitterly. "From this point of view, the thief who broke into Wu Fangfang's house might have been looking for these photos. But, the question remains… Why? What could they do with these photos?"

Zhao Yu sighed. "Maybe this is more complicated than we first thought! Liu Zhanbing and Xu Hai said that it might be a group of people, and they also believed that they are all professionals. After all, they cut off the alarm, the power supply, and even disabled the monitoring system. And… Even though the scene looked like a mess, in fact, there really was no valid evidence left behind!"

Miao Ying shook her head and said, "So… They shouldn't have missed the photos in the secret drawer compartment. Maybe... They deliberately left them!"

Zeng Ke looked confused as he asked, "So, you think that they broke in to Leader Wu's house not to steal anything, but to put something there… Namely, these photos?"

At this moment, Zhao Yu himself didn't have a clear thought on the issue. This case was indeed complicated!

At this time, Gao Facai suddenly said, "Well… Maybe we can test that."

What Gao Facai had just said gave Zhao Yu hope.

Gao Facai then said, "At the moment, there is a new environmental identification technology! We can use it to find out whether the photos were placed there recently or had been there for a long time! The dust and other different kinds of microorganisms inside the drawer can tell us a lot about the stuff in the drawer..."

He then added, "I just have to take these things back to the school, and it will take me some time to get the results!"

Zhao Yu nodded. "Regardless, that's great!"

Ran Tao then reminded him, "And... What about the fingerprints? How do you explain the fingerprints on the photos?"

Gao Facai said, "It's the same thing. We can also use this method to identify the time that the fingerprints were left on the photos. If the murderer was able to put Yang Zebiao's skin pieces and blood underneath Wu Fangfang's nails, then planting fingerprints on these photos would be a piece of cake for him!"

Having said that, Gao Facai paused for a moment, then added meaningfully, "But, I hope that I am wrong."

Upon hearing this, all of the others raised their heads and looked at Gao Facai.

Gao Facai then added, "If there really is a killer who mastered such technology, then our enemy really is quite dangerous!"