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933 Disturbed Plan

During the Spring Festival, Zhao Yu finally had a good rest and got rid of the exhaustion that had resulted from the grueling process of solving the Devil Case. Although others thought that his leg was still recovering, his leg injury actually had no impact on his daily activities.

In his spare time, he carefully studied the upgraded system and the many new devices. He found that among the devices that he had acquired, the most powerful one was a Top Grade Device called the Emergency Evacuation Ball.

This device could be automatically activated when its owner's life was threatened, preventing any danger from harming him. However, so far, Zhao Yu had not had any occasion to use it.

Through his efforts in solving the previous major cases, he now had three Emergency Evacuation Balls, which were enough for him to deal with any unexpected accidents. Therefore, he decided to use one on Miao Ying. In this way, Miao Ying also has a source of vital protection!

Just before he was going to do that, he found that using an automatically activated device for others required extra points. For a Top Grade Device like an Emergency Evacuation Ball, the amount required was 450 points. Zhao Yu now had 460 points, which was just enough!

He couldn't open a new side adventure at this moment, so nothing was more important than using these points to protect Miao Ying's life. Therefore, he did not hesitate to use the rest of his points on Miao Ying.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This device was invisible, so Miao Ying wouldn't be able to notice any differences versus her usual self. Moreover, since it was invisible, Miao Ying could not see anything, even when the Emergency Evacuation Ball was activated.

After Zhao Yu used this device on Miao Ying, he only had 10 points left, which was the lowest amount of points he had ever had. However, knowing that Miao Ying was safe was all that matter, and it made him feel very relieved.

Zhao Yu thought that he could no longer get adventure points after the side adventures stopped. But, surprisingly, when he opened a hexagram the next day, his adventure points had increased! His completion score was 78% on that day, which caused his points to increase by exactly 78!

At this point, Zhao Yu finally understood that, although he couldn't have new side adventures at this time, the rule of getting points had changed. The completion score would now directly transfer over to the adventure points. In this way, he could still get new points, which actually seemed to be a much fairer measuring scale than before.

Zhao Yu shook his head as he thought... In this case, if I want to get more points, I must open a new hexagram every single day. But… It's New Year. Can't I just have a good rest first? Alright, forget it... Let me see what's new for today...

Zhao Yu quickly made his decision. He figured that in order to make the best use of his devices in the future, he must accumulate as many points as possible now. Therefore, starting from the second day of the New Year, Zhao Yu began opening new hexagrams daily, never missing a single day.

His most recent hexagrams were just average ones. For example, he had gotten the Xun for family, the Zhen for positions and ranks, or the Li and Kan hexagrams.

Also, because of the suspension of the side adventures, he no longer had to study the locations and times of the side adventures every day, which spared him much more time to get the proper rest that he needed.

Although it was now the New Year's holiday, Zhao Yu didn't forget his work. According to the Criminal Division's arrangements, Zhao Yu's schedule from the seventh day of the Lunar January to the end of January was already completely full!

The biggest part of his tasks involved training at the criminal investigation units in various places, followed by meetings, press interviews, and even magazine shoots, as well as working on books to publish! Zhao Yu felt like a big star now. At present, it seemed that he actually needed an agent!

This was, of course, a joke to Zhao Yu. He didn't want this kind of life. Except for some necessary appointments, he had actually cancelled all of the other things that had been lined up for him!

This was because, after the New Year, he still had important things to do, which was to solve the two remaining cases in the yellow notebook! Although the impact of these two cases was no greater than that of the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Devil Case, solving the five pending major cases had become Zhao Yu and Miao Ying's main purpose in life. So, they naturally did not want to be distracted by other things at this moment.

Apart from that, in June of this year, Zhao Yu had an important ceremony to attend at the invitation of Miao Ying's father, Miao Kun. Miao Kun had booked the famous Wanguo Hotel as the venue. This was where Zhao Yu and Miao Ying would have their grand engagement celebration!

Zhao Yu used to feel proud about the 10 million yuan he had cheated from Miao Kun. But, after he learned how Miao Kun had booked the Wanguo Hotel for them, his pride turned into more of a complacent feeling.

It turned out that when Miao Kun wanted to book the Wanguo Hotel, the hotel refused him because they had no available slots. This made Miao Kun so angry that he actually bought the Wanguo Hotel at quite a high price! Now, not only did the Wanguo Hotel belong to Maio Kun, but he owned the whole Wanguo Group as well!

Zhao Yu really couldn't imagine how it felt when people had more money than they could spend. He just thought that he'd better complete the two remaining two cases before his engagement.

In this way, he could fulfill his long-cherished wish and also present his beloved goddess with the best gift! At the same time, others would know that his new name, Unsolved Cases Master, had been given to him for a good reason!

Therefore, Zhao Yu's ultimate goal was to solve the last two remaining cases from the notebook. Although Division Chief Jiao wanted him to do it following the arrangement of the Criminal Division, she knew that she couldn't force Zhao Yu to give up investigating the two cases on his own.

So, she could only negotiate with the leadership and approve Zhao Yu's application to do so. In fact, although the two cases weren't as famous as the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Devil Case, they were old cases from many years ago and were both vicious homicides.

The leaders of the Criminal Division were smart. They naturally wouldn't stop Zhao Yu from investigating the two cases.

After all, if Zhao Yu succeeded, it would only benefit the Criminal Division's, as the criminals at large would be decrease exponentially. This would definitely be a good thing to them!

After getting their approval, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying began to prepare for their coming investigations by studying the yellow notebook. This time, they both decided to start with the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case.

In terms of time span, the Ziliu Town Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case came first and already had a suspect, so it seemed like they would pick that one first. However, the suspect, Yang Zebiao, had been on the run for 13 years, without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

Zhao Yu thought that having his team to prioritize case this first would be a waste of talent. Therefore, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying decided that it would be better to start with the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case.

They made a detailed investigation plan. On the seventh day of the lunar calendar in January, they would first go to the Criminal Division in Beijing to meet their team members. They would then go to the remote Fulai Province to start investigating the case.

However, at this time, the past seemed to be repeating itself, as just as Zhao Yu was preparing for the case investigation, an unexpected accident disrupted his plan!

On the fifth day of the lunar calendar in January, Zhao Yu was woken up by the sound of firecrackers in the morning, then he unexpectedly opened a Kun Kan hexagram. This made him realize that something that he most certainly wouldn't like must be coming for him!

Around noon, Chen Zhuo, the liaison officer, called him and informed him of some unfortunate news. Wu Fangfang, the leader of the 015 special investigation group, was killed in Martyrs Memorial Park in Changming City in the Jizhou Province at about 9 a.m. this morning.