Crazy Detective
929 In the Full Flush of Success
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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929 In the Full Flush of Success

Zhao Yu remembered that when he cracked the Headless Female Corpses Case, his completion score was 202%, so a 200% completion score was not a surprise to him for the Devil Case. In addition to the dazzling 20 devices, his adventure points had increased from 2,000 points to more than 6,000 points. This meant that his next upgrade was not far away!

However, this time, the super reward didn't make Zhao Yu as excited as it had before. Instead, he seemed to be quite calm about it.

This was because the Devil Case had made him realize that the adventure system was not omnipotent. It could provide some help to him in some way, but it did not let him get everything for nothing!

When he was going through his most difficult time, the system didn't show a Gen hexagram, and it never gave him any help! If he hadn't insisted on continuing the investigation regardless, he would never have been able to find out so many vital clues, which meant that he would never have been able to find out the truth!

Finally, because of his unremitting efforts, the system had given him a Gen Kun hexagram! But, at that time, Zhao Yu no longer needed the hexagram. He could still find the clue about Jiangxing County and uncover the case's relation to that crucial car accident without it!

Zhao Yu was an excellent thinker. Through careful analysis of the system, he basically understood the purpose of the adventure system. On the one hand, the system wanted him to solve cases with his own thinking, but on the other hand, it still wanted him to turn to the system for help in some things.

For example, in the Devil Case, if Zhao Yu hadn't held a press conference to call on the public to help search for the devil's information, he would not have been able to receive so much relevant information. Without that, he could not have defeated Han Kuan and forced him to confess.

Therefore, the system was playing both a guiding and supporting role. Just like the Yongjin Island Case and the hint in the line "true is false and false is true," the system wouldn't give him the final answer. If he refused to make any effort on his own, then in the end, he would gain nothing!

It was because of this that Zhao Yu was not as excited as before with the reward, and it was also because of this that Zhao Yu was more confident than ever before. He was confident with his actions and no longer felt confused.

During the investigation of the Devil Case, he had learned a lot and gained a wealth of experience. In the past, when he was working in the front lines at Qinshan, he was only an ordinary police officer, so his thoughts about solving cases were short-sighted. But, after he joined the special investigation group, that all changed. As the leader, he had to think deeper and plan better.

He was also more confident with regards to the last two cases in the yellow notebook. Among the five unsolved cases, the most difficult ones were the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Devil Case. Since the two most difficult cases had already been cracked, the remaining two cases seemed like they would be a piece of cake for Zhao Yu!

Just when Zhao Yu was imagining his brilliant future, Ba Chen arrived with a few people. Their hotel was not far from here, but it was almost impossible for them to walk so far in their current states!

So, Ba Chen and the others had helped them get back to the hotel. Zhao Yu carried Miao Ying all the way back to their hotel room, totally forgetting about his crutch. After all, he was so tired that he was not thinking as sharply as usual.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Devil Case had been solved and his pressure had been released, but Zhao Yu was exhausted to the extreme. When he returned to the room, he could not even support himself in order to wash his face or take a bath. Thus, after he laid Miao Ying on the bed, he plopped down beside her and fell asleep immediately.

Zhao Yu dreamed about demons and ghosts because he had been studying so much about devils for the case. However, he did not even have the strength to show fear in front of those scary beings in his dream. He just let them stay in his dream and run wild.

When he woke up the next day, it was already nine in the morning. Zhao Yu had a long stretch and smiled. A new day was waiting for him!

As he was yawning, Miao Ying stepped out of the bathroom. Today, she had changed into her police uniform, and she looked fresh and energetic.

"You're up! Honey..." As Miao Ying did her skin care routine, she smiled at Zhao Yu and gently scolded him, "You shouldn't drink that much!"

Zhao Yu frowned as he asked, "Did I drink that much? How did you get back here?"

"Me? Didn't I send you back?" Miao Ying smiled sweetly, then came over to Zhao Yu and said happily, "Honey, today, the Criminal Division, the Zhaoyun Provincial Office, the Jinyuan Provincial Office and the Beiqian Police Station are coming to hear a report and to have a discussion about the follow-up trials. Your legs are not in any condition for you to attend, so I'll take care of that for you."

With that, she gently hugged Zhao Yu and said, "You should take a bath and have a good rest. You can meet those people later. You're a real big name now, do you know that?"

"Thank you." Zhao Yu knew that he smelled bad at the moment, so he just gave Miao Ying a gentle side hug.

Miao Ying then said, "The Devil Case was really difficult! I'm really tired this time! Honey, if it hadn't been for you, I don't know if we could have caught Han Kuan. So, you must recover quickly, then we will continue to investigate a new case after the New Year!"

After that, Miao Ying left the room in order to deal with the remaining stuff that was related to the Devil Case. The follow-up procedures were very complicated, just like they had been with the Headless Female Corpses Case.

Although many of the crime scenes no longer existed, Han Kuan still had to go back to Beiqian to explain all of the details of his crimes for the court. Hence, it would be impossible to complete all of the necessary work in less than three months.

However, Zhao Yu had already submitted an application to Chen Zhuo, the liaison officer, which meant that he could have another group of people take over the remaining legwork, as Zhao Yu didn't want to waste time on such trivial matters.

In fact, the special investigation group was supposed to handle all of the procedures of its own case, so what Zhao Yu had requested was beyond his normal authority. However, when the leaders of the Criminal Division learned that Zhao Yu had cracked the infamous Devil Case with his special investigation group members, they were overwhelmed by surprise and happiness. Hence, they obliged.

In fact, if Zhao Yu hadn't solved the Headless Female Corpses Case, they would not have agreed to allow Zhao Yu to hold a press conference. There were too many uncertainties in making the case public knowledge. It would cause pain to the victims' families again and bring unwanted attention to the Criminal Division.

But now that the case was solved, all of these previous worries suddenly became wise decisions for the leaders of the Criminal Division. Therefore, no one dared to reject Zhao Yu's request.

Now, Zhao Yu was famous throughout the whole Criminal Division and beyond! In a short period of time, he had solved two major pending cases at the top level, plus several other serious cases. He was now the most dazzling star in the special investigation group!
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