Crazy Detective
928 Which Case First?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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928 Which Case First?

at night, in a small pub near the golden city detention center.

zhao yu and his team members sat in a private room, celebrating their success in solving the super major devil case.

"cheers!" after the waiters served them their dishes, zhao yu took the lead in raising his glass.

ran tao then stood up and said, "no, it should be me that proposes a toast first! boss, we love you so much!"

cui lizhu then rolled up her sleeves and said, "yes! come on, boss, let us propose a toast first… in honor of you!"

zhao yu laughed. "each of you has made an effort. this is our shared success!"

miao ying raised her glass and pressed her elbow on zhao yu's shoulder, while laughing. "when did you learn to be so modest? zhao yu, to tell you the truth, before i returned, i was jealous of you. but, this time, i am fully convinced that you deserve every honor that you get!"

wu xiumin praised zhao yu as well, "our team leader has solved his cases not by luck, but by his skills and strength! we've really learned a lot from you! so, what are we waiting for? come on, let's propose a toast to our leader!"

with that, they all stood up and exchanged toasts happily.

as ran tao sat down, he said, "don't laugh at me for my previous ignorance, but it seems that i have finally figured it out now! it turns out that boss used that kind of unconventional interrogation method for a special reason!"

"yes!" wu xiumin gasped with admiration. "that's what i am most impressed by in our team leader! to be able to deal with such a devil as han kuan, we needed to launch attacks on his psychological defenses! only in that way could we get him to tell us the truth!"

"yes, our group leader really thought about everything and planned it all out so carefully!" cui lizhu pouted her lips as she praised zhao yu, "it's no wonder that, when we were in jinping, i lost so easily!"

"that's enough!" upon hearing cui lizhu's words, zhao yu interrupted her. "don't flatter me. i just knew that, even if i could force han kuan to confess, it would still be difficult to have him convicted without also providing decisive evidence."

he then added, "our law says that for serious homicide cases, the suspect's voluntary confession alone is not enough for a conviction! han kuan obviously did his homework, so he must have known that! i was worried that he would deny what he had said to us in court. then, especially without the evidence, we couldn't do anything to him."

zhao yu then concluded, "therefore, only by destroying his will and making him totally desperate could we render him utterly hopeless."

miao ying then said, "a man always had to pay for what he did. han kuan's youth may be a sad story, but it was still wrong for him to resort to such extreme means of getting his revenge. he should have found a better way to solve his problems!"

zeng ke agreed, "this is karma! in fact, even if we can't find out his association with the devil case, it will still be impossible for him to get away with murdering his wife."

wu xiumin nodded, then said, "han kuan has the most complex psychological characteristics that i have ever seen! on the one hand, he has a super self-cognitive ability, which can correct some of his defects and shortcomings. on the other hand, he goes from one psychological extreme to the next, as well as having a strong desire for self-expression."find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

wu xiumin paused, then continued, speaking seriously, "i analyzed the causes of his special psychological characteristics. at the beginning of his life, han kuan must have had some serious psychological problems that were similar to li fei's. he was lonely, quiet, and kind of delusional. that's why he became obsessed with killing so quickly once he invented his devil murder method, which later resulted in the devil case."

wu xiumin then said, "but... on the other hand, han kuan is a very clever and eager learner. through his own study, he mastered certain methods of controlling his emotions, thus making up for his major shortcomings. however, this kind of self-treatment couldn't really cure him. han kuan's psychological self-conflicts increasingly made him a devil with complex and changeable personalities!"

wu xiumin continued sharing her analysis, "of course, han kuan's career is also a reason for his killing sprees. some may find it astonishing that 11 kills could have guided xie tongguo to kill people. but, in fact, han kuan's novels were also affecting him without him even noticing it! also, since the devil case was not solved at that time, this might have given him a sense of pride and superiority."

wu xiumin continued, "in zhang jingru's case, he could not restrain his strong desire for self-expression, so he almost madly committed the murder and killed his wife!"

"oh..." cui lizhu snapped her fingers. "so, it was also han kuan's desire, in a way, that drove him to challenge our group leader? he wanted to know if the best detective could see through his secrets! he really is crazy."

wu xiumin nodded, then said, "han kuan was lost in the desire of creating a perfect crime, but neglected his real life and what he should cherish most! so, when our leader pointed this out to him, he realized how absurd his murders were! in that case, it was not strange that he admitted his crimes after that."

ran tao made a sarcastic remark, as he was always apt to do, "although your analysis is beautiful, why didn't you say this before han kuan admitted his crimes?"

wu xiumin rolled her eyes at ran tao. "that's why i admire our team leader so much! he is a man of few words. but, you just mess things up and can't help blabbing nonsense!"

"come on... drink..." zeng ke stood up and acted as the mediator as always.

glasses clinked around the table, then all enjoyed a hearty celebration meal. after several days of hard work, they were all exhausted.

especially now that the case was solved and the burden was lifted from their shoulders, everyone finally realized how tired they actually were feeling. at this moment, after a few drinks, ran tao and the others even fell asleep at the table!

miao ying stretched and said, "alas! everybody's so tired and i haven't given myself a facial for several days..."

"let's go have a good rest together." zhao yu put down his glass, held miao ying by her shoulder, and wanted to kiss her.

but, miao ying quickly stopped him. "come on, we both stink like salted fish now! no kissing yet!"

"well, let's go back to the hotel then! i can't wait..." zhao yu packed up his things, but miao ying kissed him fiercely, which surprised him greatly.

"hey, what did you just say?" zhao yu wanted to kiss her back, but was being held down miao ying and couldn't really move.

"um… huh..." zhao yu was confused, but miao ying suddenly hugged his neck tightly and said softly, "let me hug you..."

zhao yu then reached out to hug miao ying back, but was pushed away by her once again. only then did zhao yu figure out that miao ying was drunk!

miao ying, with blushing cheeks, pressed her index finger on zhao yu's lips and said, "it feels so good to solve a case with you! zhao yu, in the notebook... um... are there really only two cases left? if so, which one will you tackle first?"

"the new year is coming, my lady." zhao yu said, and before he could say anything else, miao ying fell into his arms. she was already fast asleep.

"alright..." zhao yu had no choice but to call ba chen to pick them up.

as he was waiting, zhao yu thought carefully about miao ying's question... after the new year, which case should i investigate first? the rural cooperatives case... or the huayun mountain case?

however, at this time, the system in his brain sent him a notice of the end of the hexagram. the gen kun hexagram had been completed. he had received a 200% completion score and a package of 20 devices!

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