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924 A Devil’s Luck

"Han Kuan, although Locard's exchange principle showed that evidence gradually weakened with the passage of time, it doesn't mean that no evidence is left!" Zhao Yu said calmly.

He then added, "And, there is a more powerful law, which states that nothing is too difficult for people who are willing to do it! For your case, I almost went everywhere that you stayed in Beiqian, Golden City, and Yaoming! I even figured out some things that you didn't even know in those days!"

Zhao Yu then scrolled down on his phone and showed Han Kuan an old document. "Here… Look at this! This is a student donation certificate! The old lady you killed selflessly supported five needy college students by paying for their tuition fees with her savings! You killed such a good person! Is that what you call justice?"

"I... I..." At this moment, Han Kuan could only stare at the document on Zhao Yu's mobile phone, while the corners of his eyes twitched violently and his body trembled all over.

Zhao Yu then said, "I had a group of police academy experts analyze your devil suit. They confirmed that it was entirely your own creation! So, we concluded that your obsession with committing such crimes is entirely driven by the devil in your heart!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, "That devil is your creation, which has manifested itself after your long-term oppression. You imagine it, then you and the devil become one!"

Zhao Yu's eyes grew wide. "You are the devil, and the devil is you! Because of this, you created the devil's way of killing people, using people's fear as a weapon in order to seek revenge upon those who mercilessly destroy, oppress, and exploit others!"

Zhao Yu then said, "You think that this is your devil principle, your justice, but this is just a one-sided idea and fantasy in your head! You have completely misinterpreted the meaning of justice! But, you are enchanted by your devil thoughts!"

Zhao Yu then scrolled down on the screen and showed Han Kuan another picture of a different woman. "Look… This woman is serving time in Zhaoming for embezzlement. Fifteen years ago, she was a clerk in a grocery store in Yingping. She admitted that she was fired because she stole things from the grocery store that she worked at! However, she spread the rumor that she quit because the grocery owner assaulted her."

Upon hearing this, Han Kuan started trembling, while mumbling "no" several times in succession. The flicker in his eyes showed his desperate fear.

Zhao Yu then said with a solemn look, "And… I don't think it is necessary for me to tell you the truth about the Guang'an school teacher? After he died, his wife, who had schizophrenia, jumped out of a building with her 5-year-old child because she was left unattended!"

"Stop..." Han Kuan's body twitched like a dying snake's, and he held up his hands powerlessly, while pleading, "Please... Stop... Stop!"

"Huh..." Zhao Yu gasped heavily and looked at Han Kuan twisting and twitching. He had prepared himself for this interrogation, but now, he didn't want to go on with it.

This was because at that moment, he was so disgusted with this murderous devil that a new idea had popped into his mind. Instead of saying another word, Zhao Yu put his cell phone away and headed for the door of the interrogation room.

He had just walked two steps, when he suddenly felt a slight pain in his right foot, so he had to slow down. Apparently, because he had kicked the lawyer so hard, his right foot seemed to have been reinjured.

In fact, the Invisible Bone Setting Device had basically cured his previous foot injury, and he had been able to walk easily and painlessly for a long time. In fact, the only reason that he took that crutch around with him was simply to avoid anyone noticing his miraculous recovery.

However, as he had been so focused on the case, he had forgotten his crutch in the helicopter! As he thought of this, Zhao Yu cursed himself for being careless… Dam*! So many people saw me walking as fast as the wind and kicking the lawyer really hard! Did they notice my foot? No… Surely not. Regardless, I have to get my crutch back!

With this in mind, Zhao Yu looked back at Han Kuan, shook his head helplessly, then opened the door and was about to go outside.

At this time, Han Kuan suddenly called out to him, only saying one word, "Car!"

"Huh?" When Zhao Yu heard this, he was confused.

"What did you just say?" he turned around and asked Han Kuan.

At this moment, Han Kuan stopped twitching. He looked up at Zhao Yu with hollow eyes and exclaimed, "The car!" Han Kuan then leaned his head closer to Zhao Yu and raised the corners of his mouth into a hair-raisingly weird smile.

"The car?" Zhao Yu repeated, but was still unable to understand his meaning.

"Ha ha..." Han Kuan laughed miserably. Then, after several seconds of silence, he closed his eyes and said, "The reason why I went back to Beiqian and put that stuff in Mr. Lang's basement was because of the car!"

Zhao Yu felt like he had been hit by an electric shock when he heard this.

"Ha ha ha ha..." Han Kuan laughed with relief, then opened his eyes and said, "Officer Zhao... Super detective Zhao... I not only admire you, but I thank you! Ha ha... It was not a mistake to have you handle my case! It was my good fortune!"

Having said that, Han Kuan once again smiled at Zhao Yu. It was an insipid smile that gave Zhao Yu goose bumps all over.

"It's no wonder that you solved the Headless Female Corpses Case!" Han Kuan's compliment was full of sarcasm, which made Zhao Yu extremely uncomfortable. "Now, you can add another title to your name... The devil killer! Ha ha! Does that sound good to you?"

As Han Kuan laughed maniacally, Zhao Yu did not speak or move. He just looked straight at Han Kuan, without even blinking.

"After dealing with me, you'll be an expert in solving outstanding cases, won't you?" Han Kuan shook his head and laughed. "This is great! What else? Will you solve the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case, or the Ziliu Town Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case? Sadly, I'm afraid that I can't wait that long..." 

After he said this, Han Kuan suddenly shed a few tears. Zhao Yu had interrogated Li Fei in the Headless Female Corpses Case, so Zhao Yu knew that it was better for him to keep silent in such situations. So, he waited patiently for Han Kuan to gather himself.

When Han Kuan calmed down again, he bowed his head and said, "Fifteen years ago, on December 25, after I killed the school teacher in Guang'an, instead of returning to Beiqian, I drove to Jiangxing County as planned."

He continued, "My target was a campus bully named Liu Yubao. That man once took off a girl's clothes in public and had a group of people beat the girl's parents afterward! That man was an a*shole! I collected all of his information in advance, so when I came to Jiangxing County, I immediately found where he was staying."

He shook his head, then added, "And… He drank a lot! Drinkers are my favorites to hurt! Laogua was also a drinker. When I was in school, the police mistook his death as being caused by his drinking too much and falling out of the building by accident. Liu Yubao was a really bad guy. Even if the police suspected that he was murdered, they wouldn't have suspected me, as Liu Yubao had countless enemies!"

Han Kuan took a deep breath, then said, "But, I didn't expect an accident to happen to me! When I was carrying him up to the sixth floor, a man came out from the side! He had a knife in his hand and almost stabbed me! I was scared, and I didn't know what the man wanted to do, so I fought with him!"

Han Kuan continued to explain, "At that time, I was wearing the devil mask, but that man was not afraid of me at all! Later, I realized that he was drunk, as he reeked of alcohol! We had a fierce fight and finally rolled down the steps to the fifth floor! Maybe the pain sobered him up, but he finally saw my devil mask clearly and ran away immediately out of fear."

Han Kuan sighed, then said, "I really didn't know what to do! All I knew was that I couldn't just let him run away. So, I chased him. I had no idea that he would be hit by a big truck as soon as he went into the street! I saw him fly more than 20 meters in front of my eyes, so I was certain that he wouldn't survive!"

He then said, "The truck stopped and the driver got out. I was afraid of being seen by him, so I ran away! Then, I went upstairs, but I know I couldn't kill people there anymore! Otherwise, the police could have easily linked the deaths with the car accident! So, I left Liu Yubao there, picked up that man's knife, took all my things away and drove back to Beiqian overnight."

He sighed again. "However, I was so scared at that time, so I didn't realize that I had made a major mistake until I passed a toll station." 

Han Kuan was completely lost in his memories as he said with terror, "I was driving in the middle of the night and there were cameras at the station! My license was real, so it had my true identity on it. So, I knew that if the police found my car, they would trace it back to me! Then, I couldn't run away."