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923 The Last Straw

"You... Bullsh*t! Nonsense!" Han Kuan shouted hysterically. "What on earth do you want? Can you only get your dam* satisfaction by insulting my wife? As*hole!"

After hearing the sound of the broken tea cup, the policemen who had been standing guard outside the door rushed into the room immediately. Wu Xiumin also peered inside, clearly worried.

Zhao Yu waved at them and said, "It's alright. Leave us alone! Without my order, no one is allowed to come in again. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" The policeman stood up and saluted quickly and ran out.

"It's not me who insults your wife, but you!" Zhao Yu responded coldly. "I'm upholding justice for her sake!"

Han Kuan screamed furiously, "As I said, I didn't kill my wife! Why have I been wrongly accused? Why?"

"I'll show you why!" Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and took out his phone again. 

He then said, "In order to investigate the case, we studied Zhang Jingru's movements for the last half year of her life. It's all here. You shi*! Look… See what you did to her!"

Zhao Yu then played a video for Han Kuan and said, "On October 22 of last year, just six days before Zhang Jingru's death and the second day after you came back from Longjiang, Zhang Jingru went to Western Liaoning Union Medical College Hospital and saw a gynecologist..."

As Zhao Yu spoke, Zhang Jingru appeared in the video. Zhao Yu stared at Han Kuan fiercely and asked, "Aren't you a crime expert? Aren't you good at deducing logical conclusions? Then… You tell me why a person about to commit suicide would go to see a doctor?"

Han Kuan stared at the video and watched it carefully. His forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Zhao Yu held his mobile phone and said, "We asked the doctor! He said that your wife had some gynecological disease and wanted to have an examination. And... One more thing, your wife also consulted the gynecologist about infertility, then asked him to make an appointment with a famous expert!"

"No! You're lying!!!" Before Zhao Yu finished talking, Han Kuan slapped the table with his hand and shouted, "These are fake! You made it all up! You are lying and trying to trick me!"

Zhao Yu shouted back at him angrily, "Who do you think you are? See for yourself! Look… Here is the surveillance video of the hospital, the medical records, what the doctor said, and the video of Zhang Jingru taking a bus to the hospital! Her disease was not serious, as she just stayed in the hospital for about 20 minutes."

As he spoke, Zhao Yu played a series of videos on his mobile phone so that Han Kuan could watch them. "No... No... It's impossible..." Han Kuan so extremely emotional that he crossed his arms over his chest and tears were in his eyes.

"Han Kuan!" Zhao Yu shouted indignantly, "You are too selfish! You thought that your wife wouldn't love you anymore, but you never knew that she was still thinking about how to have a baby with you before she died."

He then added, "Open your dam* eyes and take a closer look at this. Zhao Yu fast forwarded the video, then asked while pointing at a particular frame and asked, "Are you having a problem with your neck? This is Zhang Jingru's Taobao shopping cart. She carefully selected a massage chair for you in early October, which would be used to massage your neck when you write! And... The projector, a razor, a sweater... Take a good look. Aren't these things for you? Look at the date of the sweater purchase. It's October 21, the day she put the recording pen in the bank safe!"

He then added, "I've checked the weather records for that day. It was cold in Golden City that day! Your wife was worried that you'd catch a cold! Now, you're a clever writer, so how can you not know that your wife had forgiven you?"

He then shook his head and said, "Your wife was so good to you... Even though she knew that you are the Devil Case's murderer, she still forgave you! Do you think that you are even worthy of such forgiveness?"

Zhao Yu's volume increased as he spoke, and then his nose bulged as he roared excitedly, "I can't imagine how you could be so cruel to cut your wife's wrist that night! You murderous devil! Have you ever thought that your wife was different from those who died in the Devil Case? Lying in your wife's blood... It must have felt extraordinary..."

In the face of Zhao Yu's deafening roar, Han Kuan grabbed his cheeks with both of his hands and growled wildly! He was trembling violently all over, and there was even blood on his fingertips from him scratching at his face.

"Stop! Now!" Suddenly, Han Kuan banged his head against the table and shouted, "These... These things are not true! You are lying!"

Seeing that Han Kuan was about to confess, Zhao Yu's eyes glimmered with hope and exulation. However, maybe Han Kuan saw that glimmer of hope, or perhaps Han Kuan's cautiousness kicked in, but after shouting several times, he burst into tears and said nothing else. 

While he looked at Han Kuan crying loudly, Zhao Yu knew that he could continue to place psychological pressure on him, attacking Han Kuan and using his guilt regarding his wife's death as his weak point.

While Han Kuan was having an emotional breakdown, Zhao Yu could manipulate him into confessing by guiding him to think about how his beloved wife was gone and there was nothing important left for him in this world.

Maybe the case would be solved this way! However, after weighing the pros and cons, Zhao Yu did not decide to do that.

This was because Zhao Yu was worried that exerting too much pressure on Han Kuan would drive Han Kuan mad. Then, even if he confessed his guilt, his confession wouldn't hold up in court, which would greatly affect the trial!

But, Zhao Yu was not willing to give up, as he had already gone through untold hardships during the investigation of this case, hardships that were unimaginable to ordinary people! So, he was determined to solve this case!

As he watched Han Kuan crying and grieving, Zhao Yu felt that Han Kuan had finally reached his limit. Zhao Yu knew that he had to wait for the perfect time to make his final move. Otherwise, he could fall short of success due to his impatience.

With this in mind, Zhao Yu held up his cup and waited for Han Kuan to recover from his extreme emotional outburst just now. Han Kuan continued to cry loudly and with much regret.

He cried for a long time before he finally calmed down a little. However, no matter how sad and tearful he was, he still showed no intention of confessing.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu said calmly, "Well, writer... A dead person can't come back to life, so let's hope that she is resting in peace. You know what? One always pays for his actions, and even the devil is no exception!"

Hearing that Zhao Yu's tone had changed, Han Kuan suddenly stopped sobbing and perked his ears up, listening more intently than ever.

"Actually... Your wife's death was really the biggest mistake you have ever made! But… It's not your only mistake!" At this point, Zhao Yu took out his cell phone again and played another video.

He then made his final move and went for Han Kuan's jugular!, saying, "Look... This is a video that a young man from Beiqian recorded for us! This young man confessed to us a mistake that he made 15 years ago! Look... This mistake has something to do with you..."

Zhao Yu pointed to the video as he spoke, then stared at Han Kuan and said, "Fifteen years ago, he was a middle school student and had a conflict with an old lady next door. In his anger, he spread a rumor on a local chat forum called 'Friend.' The rumor said that the old lady abused small animals and often nailed these poor cats and dogs to the wall until they were all dried up! It also claimed that she peeled some of the small animals alive and would eat them raw with sauce!"

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, "Not long after that, the old lady jumped from the building and killed herself! A year later, when the police investigated the Devil Case, people discovered that the old lady was the fourth victim in the case!"

Zhao Yu looked indifferently at Han Kuan and asked, "Now, do you understand? Han Kuan, you killed the wrong person!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.