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922 Devil’s Logic

After sitting down in front of Han Kuan, Zhao Yu snapped his fingers. Immediately, four policemen entered the interrogation room and did a series of strange things.

First, two men pulled out a black cloth and hung it on the single-sided glass of the interrogation room. This blocked the view of the monitoring room.

Then, they removed the cameras in the interrogation room and shut down all of the monitors in the corners. The most surprising thing was that several of the policemen brought in a tea tray with prepared tea on it!

"Haha..." Zhao Yu laughed as he reached out for a cup, then said to Han Kuan, "I know you don't smoke or drink, so you should at least have some tea! No tea, no talk! Haha!"

"Officer Zhao..." Han Kuan looked at the tea set, then replied without any expression on his face, "Why bother? You have the evidence, and I will stay in jail for at least two years. Didn't you just say that?"

Zhao Yu picked up his cup and said, "I only know that murder and robbery are felonies, and you are a major suspect. It won't be easy for you to get away with it! You are an expert, so you should know that in the future, you will face many trials and prosecution attorneys!"

Zhao Yu then said, "And, I can tell you for sure that the testimony from the truck driver who hit Shi Qingkai will also work against you! So, don't dare to hope that you can get away with it easily this time!"

Upon hearing this, Han Kuan said, "Good for you. I used to believe that a super detective had to be an honest man! Now, I understand why it is said that it is ok to offend a gentleman, but not a villain."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu enjoyed drinking a bit more of his tea, then laughed and said, "That's why your books don't sell well! I've read all of your works, and they're really boring! Those criminals and detectives in your books speak their lines like robots. People change! Don't you know that there is no absolute truth in everything? Let me tell you what truth is..."

Zhao Yu then said firmly, "In the real world, a good man can never be a super detective! This is because bad people are like devils. If you want to catch them, you must be more cunning than them!"

"Are you sure?" Han Kuan raised his eyebrows, then suddenly said to Zhao Yu, "You don't have any evidence! So… Why are you accusing me of being the culprit in the Devil Case?"

This time, it was Zhao Yu who was silent. Zhao Yu did not speak, but stared at Han Kuan, as if Han Kuan was a strange being in an exhibition.

After a long silence, Zhao Yu took another sip of tea and said, "Come on! Have a try! The tea is very good!"

Han Kuan did not speak, and his patience was running low.

"For a long time, there's been something that's been confusing me..." Zhao Yu paused for a moment, then said, "Since you are so confident about the Devil Case, why did you have to kill your wife, Zhang Jingru? That doesn't make any sense!"

"I didn't..." Han Kuan tried to explain, but his eyes were turning red and he couldn't seem to find the right words.

"Okay... Let's say that all of this is just my guessing. Now, you can help me test it!" Zhao Yu waved his hand, then went on to say, "Assume that Zhang Jingru accidentally saw your devil suit and started to suspect that you had something to do with the Devil Case in Beiqian. This still can't explain why you would kill her, right?"

Zhao Yu carefully analyzed his guess, "Um... You just need to get rid of your devil suit and the problem would be solved, right? In that case, even if Zhang Jingru suspected you and reported her findings to the police, it wouldn't have been a big deal, as no one could prove that you are the murderer of the Devil Case, right? So, why did you have to kill her? It just doesn't make sense to me."

"You..." Han Kuan stared at Zhao Yu fiercely. He was boiling with rage because of Zhao Yu's words.

Zhao Yu put down his cup and said calmly, "But... After careful investigation and analysis, I finally can see through this! It turns out that you didn't kill her, but you killed her heart, and a heart can never be saved. Am I right?"

"You..." Han Kuan clenched his fist furiously, and he looked as if he would eat Zhao Yu alive in the next second!

"Look! This is the difference between you and me. You are a creative person who creates problems. But, my job is to find out the truth and solve problems!" Zhao Yu said.

Then, Zhao Yu showed some pictures from his phone to Han Kuan and said, "I watched some of Zhang Jingru's videos from before she died, most of which were recorded by her company's camera. These videos seem to have nothing to do with her death. However, I later found something interesting. Long ago, Zhang Jingru was an outgoing, lively, and cheerful woman!"

Zhao Yu showed each of the video screenshots to Han Kuan as he spoke. "Take a good look at her. See how bright and shiny her smile is?"

"Stop..." Han Kuan lowered his head and could not bear to look at the screenshots. His eyes seemed watery.

"She jokes with her colleagues and laughs at all kinds of funny things..." Zhao Yu kept talking. "You can see that she was absolutely a happy woman. Unfortunately, something happened and she suddenly changed. Just one month before her death, she seemed to have changed into another person entirely!"

With that, Zhao Yu opened another file of pictures. "See here… Her smile disappeared! No jokes, no fun things, but only forced fake smiles from which you can see her struggling and troubled. It's just... At that time, she didn't expect that she would lose her life because of this trouble, did she?"

He then added, "Look, it was during that period that she began to draw devils on her documents and frantically search for things that were related to the Devil Case online. What do you think she was looking for?"

Han Kuan still had his head bowed and was completely silent.

Zhao Yu then said, "Later, she couldn't focus on her work, and she often would even sign the wrong document! She accidentally bumped into a guardrail while riding her electric bicycle to work. She burned the pot while she was cooking, and she was deaf to other people who were trying to talk to her! Obviously, there were loads of things on her mind."

At this point, Zhao Yu leaned his head in close to Han Kuan and said, "But… Even so, she listened to you and went to Longjiang with you. She also put her confession in the bank safe for you. She walked right into your trap!"

Zhao Yu then shook his head and sighed. "Poor Zhang Jingru… Even at this point, she still did not mention to anyone the reason for her sadness, which was the Devil Case! After all, she had no way of telling others at all, so she can only bear it herself! Can you imagine her pain?"

Zhao Yu then asked him, "Can you imagine how it felt to go to bed at night and sleep beside a murderer? Once she knew that her husband was the murderer of the most famous Devil Case, how could she remain calm and behave like a normal person? I think Zhang Jingru was about to collapse at that time."

Then, Zhao Yu pointed to Han Kuan and shouted, "But, Zhang Jingru is not the one who suffered the most! You are."

"You... You..." Han Kuan stared at Zhao Yu in surprise, as if he had seen a monster!

Zhao Yu smiled coldly and asked, "Did I guess right? Because you loved your wife, of course you were in more pain than she was! Your wife found out your secret, and your world collapsed! You could only watch her get worse, and there was nothing that you could do about it. Even if you did everything you could to clarify the situation, you could never eliminate her doubts about you!"

Zhao Yu continued, "Don't forget that Zhang Jingru went to school in Beiqian and had a deeper knowledge of the Devil Case than most ordinary people! I guess that before you decided to kill her, maybe you had a big argument with her, or maybe Zhang Jingru wanted a divorce? At that time, you didn't worry that Zhang Jingru would report you to the police, but you really cared about your wife and wanted to save her!"

Zhao Yu then said, "However, after you tried a lot of methods, you became desperate. You knew that once she knew that you are the devil, she would never be the same as she used to be. You knew that you could never live as a happy couple as before! So, you planned to kill her! You thought that this was the only way that you could keep your wife's heart! That's your sh*t devil logic!"

"Ah... Shut up! Shut up!" Suddenly, Han Kuan seemed to go crazy. He smashed the tea tray and cups on the ground like a madman!