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912 I Can Do Nothing about I

In the hotel room, Zhao Yu suddenly awoke and opened his eyes. He gasped heavily and stared at his surroundings in horror. As sweat dripped down his cheek, his heart thumped wildly.

There was the sound of water flowing coming from the bathroom, and within the next second, a familiar figure came out of the bathroom.

"Wow. You scared me! Boss, you're awake!" Cui Lizhu ran out of the bathroom and said, "You slept for more than ten hours! If you didn't wake up soon, I was going to have to take you to the hospital to get checked out!"

Zhao Yu felt dizzy, and then he finally recalled something. Yesterday, just before dinner, he suddenly felt dizzy and exhausted. Then, Miao Ying and Ran Tao had sent him back to the hotel room. And, he didn't wake up till just now.

He looked at his watch. It was already noon.

"Leader Miao stayed with you all night and had to take charge of the investigation this morning. So, she asked me to take care of you!" Cui Lizhu explained to him.

She then said, "Boss, don't be too hard on yourself. You looked terrible yesterday. Leader Miao was worried about you. Fortunately, this is not the first time that you have fainted. The doctor at Yaoming said that you are overworking yourself and that you must rest more."

Zhao Yu then remembered that the reason why he had fainted yesterday was because of the Invisible Recovery Agent. He had just had an operation, then he investigated the case without rest for three days and two nights. His physical strength and energy had reached clearly reached their limits.

Then, Su Yu suddenly thought of the devices that he had gotten at the end of yesterday's side adventure. He searched in his brain and discovered that in an unconscious state yesterday, he had already used the Invisible Bone Setting Device and had spent 300 points enhancing its effects.

He touched his injured leg softly and found that his ankle that was in the plaster cast could move at will! It seemed that his fracture injury had mostly healed!

Zhao Yu then asked Cui Lizhu anxiously, "Cui, how's the case going? Anything new?"

Cui Lizhu poured a glass of water for Zhao Yu, then shook her head and said, "Leader Miao has sent some people to question the victims' families in hopes that they can find something. Other than that, there's nothing new at present!"

Zhao Yu shook his head. "That's wasting time. The notebook clearly says that past teams have already been to the victims' homes! If there had been any evidence there, they would have found it already! Anyway, I need to go."

Cui Lizhu suddenly had an angry look on her face as she said, "Boss, look at what yourself! You need more rest. This case is important, but a healthy body is priceless. You didn't have lunch yesterday, so you must be hungry now. I'll order something for you. Oh... I need to tell leader Miao that you woke up. They are all worried about you."

Then, Cui Lizhu took out her cell phone and sent a message to Miao Ying. At the same time, Zhao Yu looked at his watch again, suddenly remembering another important thing... The hexagram! Dam*! It's already 12 o'clock and I haven't even opened today's hexagram yet! Even in such a situation, I can't miss a hexagram!

Zhao Yu clicked on the system interface and opened a new hexagram. He was stunned by the new hexagram. It was a Xun Dui!

Ah! Why? Zhao Yu opened his eyes wide and confirmed that it was indeed a Xun Dui. What he had been worried about finally came!

Zhao Yu already felt bad yesterday when the system suddenly announced the end of the side adventure. According to his past experience, a hexagram that had a Qian usually lasted for a long time before it ended.

Thus, it should not have ended so early. There had to be a special reason for that!

At first, he thought that maybe he had made a mistake in his investigation. However, he then thought… But... Why would I get 169% for a Qian Gen hexagram if I made a mistake?

A Qian was a compound hexagram... He analyzed yesterday's experience. A grand welcome was a Zhen, which meant that the gift was probably a Dui. Touching the chief's hand was a Kan, and meeting Ran Tao and Zeng Ke and the others was probably a Li. Therefore, regarding the Qian hexagram, he definitely didn't perform well enough to achieve a high score.

After all, 169% was his rating for his performance in the Gun hexagram. That is to say, his investigation was smooth, and the real culprit of the Devil Case must be Han Kuan! So, he had to wonder… What did the early end of the hexagram mean? Was it a confirmation from the system that I suspected the right person, Han Kuan?

But, at the moment, there was nothing that Zhao Yu could do about it, even if he knew that Han Kuan was the culprit. Zhao Yu suddenly felt hopeless.

As he felt despair threatening to overwhelm him, he thought... Because I can't find any evidence, the side adventure ended early. And… It didn't even show me a Gen hexagram! If that's the case, what can I do? Nothing! Even the system gave up on me!

He shook his head, then thought some more… So, must I just watch as Han Kuan gets acquitted in the end? If he is the real murderer, that means that he has killed 11 people in total!"

Wait? At this moment, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of today's side adventure. Although the hexagram was a Xun Dui, he still had hope that the side adventure could help him.

It's noon now. Thank goodness that I have not missed it! He quickly checked today's side adventure and found that it was scheduled for 12:30 p.m., which was about 20 minutes from now. Fortunately, its location was not very far away!

He checked the map and found that the place where the side adventure would take place was not far from where he was now. The map clearly showed that it was a famous local western food restaurant!

As Zhao Yu saw that Cui Lizhu was about to order food from the hotel, he stopped her and said, "I don't like the cold dishes here! I want to try some western style tonight! There is a good restaurant nearby. Let's go."

"Oh... Um... Alright..." Cui Lizhu was once again confused by Zhao Yu's behavior. After a while, she asked, "What about Leader Miao and Ran Tao?"

"Leave them alone!" Zhao Yu didn't want too many people to know about his intentions, so he waved his hand and said, "They don't like western food! Come on, you can have a free meal with me."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Um... Ok... Alright..." Cui Lizhu put down her phone with a confused look.

Twenty minutes later, surrounded by a group of local police, Zhao Yu successfully arrived at the western food restaurant. Although his leg had recovered well, Zhao Yu did not want the others to know that yet. So, he sat in the wheelchair and Cui Lizhu pushed him into the restaurant.

The policemen were all dressed in casual clothes. Besides helping Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu with anything they needed, they had also come to protect their safety.

Therefore, they also entered the restaurant with Zhao Yu, but did not sit with him. In this way, they could both protect Zhao Yu and respect his privacy. They were very professional policemen.

Of course, Zhao Yu was not interested in the food here, as his main purpose for coming here was for the side adventure. Hopefully, it would bring him new insights into the case.

However, from just a glance, Zhao Yu immediately got an idea of what today's side adventure was. Zhao Yu was greatly disappointed, and the gloom that was lingering on his heart expanded in an instant.