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909 Impeccable Crime

Miao Ying turned to Zeng Ke and shouted, "Zeng Ke, call Wu Xiumin to ask Han Kuan if he went back to Beiqian after Lang xiangyang's death."

"Okay!" Zeng Ke said, then made a call to Wu Xiumin.

Cui Lizhu nodded and said, "It's no wonder that Han Kuan told us about his school and his work in Beiqian. He was deliberately misleading us!"

Ran Tao agreed. "Yes! He knows that we would find out these things sooner or later, so he chose to go ahead and tell us directly. But, he kept silent about the most important thing! That's why we found the devil suit later and suspected Lang Xiangyang, even imagining that a devil organization was behind everything!"

Cui Lizhu quickly said, "You're right! This fellow is so cunning! He prepared the fake evidence nine years ago! As our boss said, he is a crime master. I just can't understand why a crime master's crime fiction novels are not selling well."

Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, even I was deceived by his fake weakness that he portrayed on the surface!"

At that moment, Miao Ying came over and said to Zhao Yu earnestly, "Nevertheless, your speculation still needs to explain two things..."

"Yes! You're right!" Zhao Yu admitted.

He then continued, "First, if Han Kuan is the murderer, why would he pause, not committing a crime for so many years? Second, how did he find his targets when he was in Beiqian, and how did he kill nine people within half a year? You know, victims are bullies and strangers to him, and don't forget that Han Kuan still had his own work to do, as he was also writing his books during that time period!"

Miao Ying nodded her head and said, "Yes! Murder is not a simple thing, and to make a murder look like a suicide is even harder! That's why I don't think that the Devil Case murders were committed by one person!"

Cui Lizhu recalled one thing, then said, "Lang Xiangyang brought five students to Beiqian, and Han Kuan was the only one of the group who was not his actual student. So, do you think that is just a coincidence?"

Zhao Yu sighed, then said, "At first, I didn't understand that, but when I read Han Kuan's manuscripts, I got some insight! We may have overlooked another important thing, which is that he was not born a devil! He grew up to be a devil!"

Zhao Yu's theory astonished the others.

Zhao Yu waited for a moment, then explained, "Han Kuan has been making slow progress this whole time. After all, a crime master is not trained in a single day! Do you remember his manuscripts and horrible paintings? Don't you think that those things reveal that he had severe psychological problems? However, he is too smart, so not only is he certifiably crazy, but as he matured and grew up, he was able to grasp the essence of a life of crime!"

"Wow... That is too complex for my brain!" Cui Lizhu sighed.

"Cui, do you remember what his classmates said about him? Han Kuan's classmates, including Jiang Ke, said that Han Kuan was always quiet, which was why he was given the nickname 'Dumbee.'"

"Yes! I remember that!" Cui Lizhu nodded.

"But... Do you remember the first time we met Han Kuan in Golden City?" Zhao Yu asked.

Before she could answer, he continued, "In the interrogation room at the detention center, Han Kuan talked a lot. He said many nice things about me, then defended himself in a very emotional please. In all aspects, he appeared to be an outgoing and social person."

"Yes. I remember that as well." Cui Lizhu nodded yet again.

Miao Ying then asked, "Well… Does that mean that you think that Han Kuan has changed?"

"Yes. But… It is also possible that his speech was rehearsed beforehand." Zhao Yu sighed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He shook his head, then said, "Jiang Ke impressed me. He was right about Han Kuan. At that time, he told me that Han Kuan must be the murderer. This was because that year, when Laogua destroyed Han Kuan's manuscripts, he saw a glint of murderous intent in Han Kuan's eyes! Now, looking back at it all, I think that what he said about Han Kuan is the truth!"

Seeing that the others still had confused looks on their faces, Zhao Yu explained this further, "Well... Let's start from the beginning. When Han Kuan was in school, he had many psychological problems. Then, he finally broke under the pressure, so he killed Laogua! After killing him, Han Kuan became addicted to killing. It was just as Jiang Ke said… Something changed in Han Kuan's eyes!"

Zhao Yu sighed, then continued, "Laogua's case was closed as an accidental death. That made him feel lucky and like he would not be caught, so he thought that he could eliminate the injustice in the world and kill even more wicked people in the same way, using that devil suit! So, from that moment onward, he had an irrepressible impulse to kill!"

Zhao Yu then said, "At that time, Han Kuan had already completed 11 Kills. That book shows us that Han Kuan is very cautious and smart. He knew that he could never use the same method to kill people on campus in Yaoming without getting caught, so he asked Lang Xiangyang to take him to Beiqian. Once he arrived there, he was already out of control."

Zhao Yu paused for a moment, letting the others soak all of this in, then said, "Because his work dealt with school materials, his first targets were the school bullies on campus! But, since the amount of school bullies were limited, he turned his sights to evil grown-ups, who also bullied others later in life. That's how he found more targets for the Devil Case."

Zhao Yu then added, "However, Han Kuan is different from other crazy killers. He has been writing, learning, and perfecting himself as time has passed. At some point, he might have realized that he had killed too many people, or maybe something unexpected happened to him or he was going to return to Golden City. In short, for some reason, he left Beiqian and returned home before Lang Xiangyang died."

Zhao Yu then said, "After returning home, he met Zhang Jingru and published a novel. Perhaps publishing his work satisfied him, so he gave up killing people for a period of time. But, a year later, the media's coverage of the Devil Case must have shocked him!"

Zhao Yu then spoke nervously and hastily, "He realized that someone must have seen him in the devil suit when he heard that the case had been named the 'Devil Case,' Clearly this frightened him, which explains why he made another devil suit and put it into Lang Xiangyang's basement in an attempt to frame him!"

Zhao Yu then said, "However, he overestimated the police, as the police did not suspect Lang Xiangyang and didn't even find the devil suit at that time! It simply stayed in the basement. Since then, with the influence of the Devil Case fading, Han Kuan settled down and was living a happy life!"

Zhao Yu paused, then said, "That is, until one day, when Zhang Jingru accidentally found Han Kuan's devil suit and realized that Han Kuan might be a murderer! Then, everything changed! So... In order to keep his secret, Han Kuan did not hesitate to kill his wife and put on a good act in front of us!"

Zhao Yu frowned, then said with anger in his voice, "Later, when Han Kuan found out that we had connected him with the Devil Case, he deliberately told us about his work in Beiqian, which led us to investigate Lang Xiangyang. He did this so that we would find the devil suit and shift our attention to Lang Xiangyang! So, throughout the whole process, Han Kuan was protecting himself and playing it smart, while fooling us all!"

"Boss, in that case, what are we waiting for?" Cui Lizhu clenched her fists and roared, "Arrest him and put him in jail! We are the police, and we can't allow ourselves to be fooled by a criminal!"

After Cui Lizhu finished her tirade, the room fell into a dead silence. They could even hear the rotations of the desk fans. Ran Tao and Zeng Ke looked embarrassed and kept wiping the sweat from their foreheads.

A few seconds later, Zhao Yu broke the silence as he said, "But... All of this is just speculation. Although it sounds logical, and even if we are sure that Han Kuan is the murderer, there is no evidence, so we cannot do anything to him!"

Miao Ying nodded, then said, "I'm afraid that this is why he is a master of crime! He knows that we cannot find any critical evidence, so he is fearless and feels secure in his ability to evade the law!"

Miao Ying then added with a bitter smile, "The most difficult thing about the Devil Case is that this is a perfect crime!"