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908 Master of Crime

At 11 a.m., a heated discussion broke out in the special investigation group's office at the Beiqian Police Station...

"Zhao Yu, I am not denying the validity of your speculation, but..." Miao Ying said excitedly, "Even if the box was not there from the beginning, it may have been brought there by Lang Xiangyang's wife after his death! In that case, we still can't clear Lang Xiangyang as a suspect, as that box may still have been his!"

"No... We were wrong from the beginning!" Zhao Yu said firmly. "The reason why we made such a mistake is not because the case is too complicated, nor because we were being careless, but because our enemy is too strong and wily!"

Zhao Yu then said, "Actually... From the very beginning, whether in the Devil Case or in Zhang Jingru's death, there has only been one murderer. Moreover, he has been around us the whole time, while under heavy suspicion! It's Han Kuan!"

After hearing Zhao Yu's bold statement, everyone was stunned.

"But..." Miao Ying retorted, "Even if Han Kuan was the murderer, we can't rule out the possibility of it being a group action. It is highly possible that Han Kuan had accomplices!"

"No!" Zhao Yu said firmly. "There is only one murderer in the Devil Case. Accomplices and a murderer organization were our guesses previously, but we were fooled by him! That is exactly what he wanted! He's been misleading us to believe that this whole time!"

"Leader..." Ran Tao couldn't help but interrupt, "Han Kuan has been detained in the Golden City Police Station all this time, so how could he have been misleading us?"

"It is for that reason… The fact that he has been under our surveillance and in our captivity that he was able to create the illusion that he was weak, when in fact, Han Kuan is not only a criminal genius, but he is a master of crime!" Zhao Yu raised his voice as he spoke.

He then clenched his fists and said, "All this time, that criminal was yelling 'criminal' and pointing at others, while he was the real culprit! Hence, the Devil Case's crimes were not committed by a group of murderers, nor did he have accomplices! Han Kuan did all of this alone, all while succeeding in making us look like fools!"

After hearing this, Zeng Ke asked doubtfully, "But... How did he complete such a big undertaking by himself? And... How do you explain Lang Xiangyang's devil suit?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu clapped his chest, then said, "Well, I have handled many cases, and believe me, the more people get involved in a case, the easier it is to crack. Why? Because people talk and the police get more clues!"

His voice grew louder as he said excitedly, "Think about it... If it's only one murderer, it's very difficult for the police to find the right person! This is especially true when the murderer kills people not for his own interest!"

Zhao Yu then pointed to the big screen and said, "Take the Devil Case for example. If there really is such a devil organization as you said, then they would first need enough members, who have been bullied by others before and have a sense of justice that makes them seek revenge. The teaming up isn't the difficult thing, but the fact that these members might need to kill people that they may not even know would be a tough selling point. After all, who would agree to do this?"

After the others nodded silently to show their agreement with his logic, Zhao Yu continued, "We have solved so many cases, so we know that killing a person is not that easy. The killer must be motivated by a deep hatred, desperation, or have severe mental problems! So, the theory of a crime team is only in our imagination. In reality, it doesn't exist at all!"

Zhao Yu then asked again, "Furthermore, if it was a crime organization, why were there no more victims after they left Beiqian? They killed so many people until that point, so why would they be willing to stop all of a sudden?"

"Well..." Zeng Ke hesitated for a moment, then said, "Even if it's not an organization, Lang Xiangyang is still a big suspect. After all, circumstances surrounding him are strange, like why he chose Huan Kuan to go to Beiqian, and why he had the devil suit..."

After hearing him, Zhao Yu said, "Well… It's clear… Han Kuan did all of this. Think of it this way... If Lang Xiangyang participated in the Devil Case, then why doesn't that devil suit have his dandruff tissue on it? Don't forget that when Lang Xiangyang went to the clinic, the last victim died! Later, Lang Xiangyang died in the clinic, so he wouldn't have had the time to clean that devil suit!"

Zhao Yu then said, "Besides, in those days, people had no idea what dandruff tissue even was! So, why was the devil suit so clean? And... Lang Xiangyang's psychological profile does not match the murderer's. Also, if he was the murderer, there would be no way that he could destroy all of the evidence, as he died all of a sudden!"

Miao Ying then asked, "What if, maybe, when Han Kuan learned that Lang Xiangyang was dead, he went to his home and destroyed all of the evidence?"

Ran Tao then said, "But… If Han Kuan destroyed the evidence, why did he leave behind the devil suit?"

Zhao Yu said with certainty, "So, Han Kuan must have left the devil suit on purpose! And... Lang Xiangyang's death occured a year later. He then left Golden City for Beiqian, which must be when he put it in Lang Xiangyang's basement!"

Everyone was shocked, and they all asked in unison, "Why?"

Zhao Yu smiled coldly. "Think about what happened in Beoiqian exactly one year after Lang Xiangyang died..."

Miao Ying gave the answer almost immediately, "The police started to investigate the Devil Case again! When several police stations joined forces to investigate this case, a police officer found the connection between the victimes, which led to the establishment of the special investigation group. That's when this case got its special name, the Devil Case, and caused shockwaves to ripple throughout the world!"

Zhao Yu's eyes grew wide as he said, "Yes! Han Kuan was worried that his secret might be found out after he learned about this news, so he returned to Beiqian and put the devil suit in Lang Xiangyang's basement in order to frame that poor old man!"

The others couldn't help but exclaim in unison, "No way!"

Zhao Yu then said, "Lang Xiangyang was the best choice for him to frame because he and Han Kuan were together in Beiqian! If the police suspected Lang Xiangyang and then found the devil suit, Lang Xiangyang would become the prime suspect, thus allowing Han Kuan to get away with everything!"

He shook his head, then said, "Anyway, Lang Xiangyang was already a dead man, and he also knew that the police were anxious to solve the case as soon as possible. Therefore, he figured that Lang Xiangyang was the perfect scapegoat."

Zeng Ke then said, "But... That would mean that the devil suit was Han Kuan's. So... Why was Han Kuan's dandruff tissue not found on it?"

"No!" Zhao Yu firmly refuted Zeng Ke's obvious doubts by explaining, "Well… This must be a new suit that he had made, not the original one! I have searched such things online. In the year after Lang Xiangyang's death, researchers started to use the official term "dandruff issue," and it even appeared in an American drama..."

Zhao Yu took a deep breath, the continued his emplanation, "Since Han Kuan had been writing crime fiction novels, he must have known about this! So, Han Kuan must have made a new suit and put it in Lang Xiangyang's basement!"

The others all frowned and had looks on their faces that were full of doubts.

"Don't you get my point?" Zhao Yu asked them.

Miao Ying reacted the quickest, nodding and saying, "Lang Xiangyang is not the only one that Han Kuan framed, as he also framed Zhang Jingru!"

"Great!" Zhao Yu gave her a thumbs up and commended her. "True is true and false is true indeed! I have to say that Han Kuan is playing us all really well! He deliberately showed us his weakness in order to have us catch him! It's been a part of his plan all along!"

Ran Tao then asked in surprise. "You mean… He really did that on purpose?"

Zhao Yu stopped smiling as he said with a serious look, "Yes. And... He took advantage of a known principle, the one that states that a defendant may not be convicted by the court when doubts about his or her guilt remain. He deliberately put himself in danger, which attracted our attention, but in the end, he knew that we wouldn't be able to do anything about him!"