Crazy Detective
904 Devil Hunting in Beiqian I
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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904 Devil Hunting in Beiqian I

Zhao Yu didn't feel surprised when he saw this new hexagram. It was almost as if he had expected this one to come.

In fact, he didn't feel excited or happy, or even anxious or upset. Zhao Yu was simply quiet.

After a long time, he thought to himself... Qian Gen. Okay... The case seems to like it is about to end.

The Devil Case had made him suffer for such a long time, like no other cases since he had become a criminal policeman! He wondered... Now that I've gotten this Qian Gen hexagram, should the case come to an end? This case has tortured us for so long, so it should tell us the truth! It's just…

Then, he thought of his injured leg. After all, the Qian Gen was one of the most important hexagrams. As such, he wondered what would happen today... Since I can't walk without my wheelchair, what should I do if something like Jiang Ke's robbery happens again? And, I'm not in a good condition right now, so I'm afraid it's very difficult for me to cope with this upcoming side adventure. This might mean that I'll have to use an Invisible Recovery Agent.

The Invisible Recovery Agent's introduction said that it was a Special Device, and when he used it, Zhao Yu could immediately restore his energy and physical strength! But, this device did not have permanent effect, which meant that after he used, it wouldn't restore him completely to his past condition.

However, the device instruction also emphasized that when the user used up his physical strength for the second time, the device would have some side effects. Apparently, the user's fatigue would double, which would mean that the user would need a good rest after its effects wore off.

After carefully thinking over its pros and cons, Zhao Yu stopped hesitating and finally used the Invisible Recovery Agent. He believed that he had to stay physically active in order to deal with the Qian Gen hexagram.

After all, if he could solve the Devil Case, he could do anything! Even if he got extremely exhausted in the process, he figured that he could sleep for a whole week to make up for it!

After using the device, Zhao Yu felt refreshed in less than a second, and he was no longer as dizzy as he was before. Plus, his eyes saw things more clearly, and he had his full physical strength back!

This is amazing! Zhao Yu thought as he clenched his fist and felt as if he had slept for two days and two nights. He was filled with energy!

Ha ha ha, I feel revived. Wait for me, you murderer from the Devil Case, I'm coming to catch you now! As soon as he recovered his energy, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something with regret.

In the past, every time that the system gave him a Qian hexagram, his completion score had been extremely high. If he could have known that he would get a Qian hexagram in advance, he would have used more points to choose better devices!

Alas! Forget it. As long as the case can be solved, it will be okay. Thinking about this, Zhao Yu turned back to talk to Cui Lizhu, but Cui Lizhu, who was quite active just moments ago, had fallen asleep.

While Zhao Yu had been thinking about the case, she had leaned her head on Zhao Yu's shoulder and now was snoring loudly.

So, it's just me now. Zhao Yu concentrated on the case again, while thinking about his next step in the investigation. Fortunately, the flight time was not too long, and after only two hours, the plane landed smoothly at Beiqian Airport.

Strictly speaking, Beiqian was not a province or a municipality that was directly under the Central Government, but instead, it was more like a big city in the northern part of Jinyuan Province. However, due to its important historical heritage, people liked to put it together with nearby Yingping, Guang'an, and Changfeng cities, calling this entire area "Beiqian."

It was said that in the early Ming Dynasty, when King Yan invaded the north, many refugees came to this place. They were attracted by its beautiful scenery, and they ended up staying here for a long time. In order to commemorate how their ancestors had first moved here, they had chosen the name Beiqian.

Although "Bei" meant north, the actual Beiqian was located in the south. Although it was now the middle of winter, it was not too cold. However, since Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu had come from the much warmer Yaoming, when Cui Lizhu pushed Zhao Yu's wheelchair out of the plane, they felt a cold wind sweeping over their faces and couldn't help but shiver.

Originally, they had wanted to go along the tourist corridor to the airport lobby to find the receptionists. However, as soon as they got off of the plane, an officer in a police uniform came up to greet them, then took them to the staff corridor.

Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, Zhao Yu held the handle of his pistol tightly. After all, he had received a Qian Hexagram, so he knew that he must always be ready for any accidents.

As the officer opened a door, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu were shocked by the scene in front of them. Dozens of people appeared in the hall in front of them!

Females and males, all of whom were dressed in police uniforms, stood in two lines, one at each side of the hallway. Upon Zhao Yu's arrival, they immediately stood up straight and saluted him!

"Welcome to Beiqian!" they all exclaimed in unison.

Before Zhao Yu could figure out what was going on, a middle-aged female police officer came forward and greeted him enthusiastically, "Leader Zhao, we have been waiting for you for a long time!"

"Well..." Zhao Yu was shocked by their warmth, and his hands quickly left the pistol.

"It is nice to meet you!" The policewoman respectfully greeted Zhao Yu and introduced herself, "I am Xu Yihua, the deputy bureau chief. I am responsible for criminal investigations at the Beiqian Police Station! I was excited to hear that the super detective was coming to Beiqian! I am so excited to see you! Welcome to Beiqian!"

After this deputy bureau chief introduced herself, a beautiful young policewoman immediately came by and presented Zhao Yu with a handful of fragrant flowers.

"I... This..." This was the first time that Zhao Yu had received this kind of flattering welcome.

While he took the flowers and shook hands with Deputy Bureau Chief Xu, the other policemen at the scene applauded warmly.

"I've heard your name being spoken of very highly for a long time, so I feel so lucky to see you today." Deputy Bureau Chief Xu enthusiastically held Zhao Yu's hand as she said, "I thought whoever could crack the Headless Female Corpses Case must be a grey-haired old criminal investigator, but you are such a promising young man! We really admire you."

"Oh, I'm so flattered!" Upon feeling the warm temperature of Deputy Bureau Chief Xu's hand and listening to her praise, Zhao Yu felt extremely pleased.

"Leader Zhao, we knew that you were coming here today, so everything is ready for you!" Deputy Bureau Chief Xu pointed to a man wearing a white coat next, who was standing next to her, and said, "This is Dr. Yin, an orthopedics expert. We know that you fought with gangsters and hurt your ankle recently, so we asked Dr. Yin to come and help you."

"Oh... And..." Deputy Bureau Chief Xu then pointed to a woman wearing a nurse's uniform, who was standing next to Dr. Yin. "She is a professional nurse, who we invited as well. She is from the Second Hospital. She will work with Dr. Yin to help you anytime and anywhere, making sure that your foot injuries are properly treated!"

Zhao Yu never imagined that he would receive such an amazing welcome in Beiqian.

"And, if you have any special needs or requirements, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will make every effort to assist you!" Deputy Bureau Chief Xu was still holding Zhao Yu's hand warmly as she said, "I am a Beiqian local, so I have known about the Devil Case for a long time. It has influenced me greatly. I believe Leader Zhao will find out the truth of this unsolved case! So, on behalf of the Beiqian people, I'd like to thank you in advance."

When Deputy Bureau Chief Xu's voice fell, the police officers saluted Zhao Yu again. Then, a few beautiful policewomen came by and gave two beautifully packaged gifts to Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu respectively.

Although Zhao Yu didn't know what was in the giftbox, it was quite heavy. So, he figured that it must not be an ordinary gift.

Deputy Bureau Chief Xu spoke excitedly, while still holding Zhao Yu's hand, "Oh... Investigator Miao asked me to tell you that she and two other special investigators are still working in the police office, so she can't come here to welcome you in person! She also told me that you had just had an operation. You'd better go to the hotel and rest now."

Even though Zhao Yu was used to these kinds of social welcomes, as well as the gifts and flowers, their sincerity in welcoming him at three o'clock in the morning was quite touching.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ha ha ha. It's so kind of you to give me such a grand welcome." Zhao Yu smiled, then said, "No title is necessary. You can just call me Zhao Yu, or Yu for short!"

"That doesn't sound proper," Deputy Bureau Chief Xu said. Then, when she saw that Zhao Yu still held her hand, she blushed slightly.

"It's not a big deal." Zhao Yu smiled, which made Deputy Bureau Chief Xu even more embarrassed.

"Well, then I shall call you Yu!" Deputy Bureau Chief Xu smiled, then asked, "Now, are you going to go to the hotel first to rest for a bit?"

"No. It's not too late. Please take me to Miao Ying first!" Zhao Yu still held Deputy Bureau Chief Xu's hand as he shamelessly said, "I am surprised... I didn't expect that a deputy bureau chief could be as young and beautiful as you."
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