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903 The Devil Sui

"How is it? Are you comfortable?" In the first class cabin, Cui Lizhu put a piece of luggage under Zhao Yu's right leg, so that Zhao Yu did not have to worry about his right foot, which was in a plaster cast, touching the ground.

"Not bad. It's just I can't move!" Zhao Yu supported his body and adjusted his seat to the most comfortable position.

"Um... I didn't realize until today that police work is really hard!" Cui Lizhu said as she helped Zhao Yu to tidy up his clothes.

She then said, "I used to think that being a thief was the hardest job in the world. Unexpectedly, detectives have to work even harder to catch a thief! Boss, I really admire your perseverance! If I had to investigate the Devil Case by myself, I'm afraid that I would have gone mad by now!"

As they were talking, a hostess came to remind Cui Lizhu to take her seat, as the plane was about to depart. Zhao Yu turned his head and looked out of the window. He felt that the darkness outside looked familiar, similar to when he had arrived in Yaoming.

"Boss, I have Wang Can's information, and he has mine," Cui Lizhu said. "If there's any news from Yaoming, he'll contact us immediately!"

"Well..." Zhao Yu nodded, but he was still looking out of the window as he said, "Wang Can is a handsome guy, but unfortunately, he has a girlfriend!"

"Hey! Boss…" Cui Lizhu said cheerfully, "I'm not interested in him like that! Besides, if I got a boy, I'm afraid that my job would only get in the way in any relationship!"

Zhao Yu was still thinking about the case and could not pay attention to what Cui Lizhu was talking about at all at that moment. After a while, the plane departed.

Zhao Yu was not in the mood to go to sleep. So, he watched the video that Miao Ying hand sent to him on his phone again.

In the video, he could clearly see how they found the devil suit in Lang Xiangyang's basement. As Miao Ying said, the devil mask in the box looked terrifying. Especially when accompanied by a ghost in a green light, it would surely scare victims when it appeared at night!

It was no wonder those victims were all scared enough to even jump out of the building! As Zhao Yu thought about this, he tried to concentrate.

As he thought about the horrible devil mask, he imagined the Devil Case's crime scenes. He imagined how terrified the victims were and how satisfied the murderer was after accomplishing his goal.

Moreover, the way that the killer had arranged the crime scenes was not likely for the sole purpose of frightening the victims or killing them. In fact, it looked like some sort of special murder ritual.

Zhao Yu thought... Were the Devil Case murders really committed by an organized group, meaning that Lang Xiangyang was just one of them? And... Han Kuan?

Zhao Yu suddenly thought that maybe Han Kuan and Lang Xiangyang each had a box that they kept their devil suit inside. Han Kuan's wife, Zhang Jingru, accidentally saw Han Kuan's devil suit, so she must have drawn the devil picture on a piece of paper, then searched about the Devil Case online!

Is this possible? Zhao Yu wondered... Since Zhang Jingru went to the school in Beiqian, she should be more sensitive to the Devil Case than other people. If Han Kuan found out that his wife was investigating him and had doubts about him, would he be afraid that Zhang Jingru would expose his secrets?

Zhao Yu shook his head. So, does that mean that he killed her? If this is true, then does it mean that Lang Xiangyang and Han Kuan are on the same side? Did they do it together, or is there a big mysterious devil organization behind all of this?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wait! Zhao Yu suddenly realized that the appearance of the devil suit was quite strange, and he wondered... Why was there no evidence left on the suit?

The criminal who committed the crime many years ago would not have known that the police would have such high-tech means to identify evidence by extracting dandruff tissue, so he would not have been so careful about leaving nothing behind!

So, he still had to wonder… Why was the devil suit so clean? Was this really left by Lang Xiangyang? If not, would someone else have put it in his basement to frame him?

And, if Llang Xiangyang was the murderer, he wouldn't have had time to destroy the evidence, as he died of an illness suddenly. But, nothing else could be found, except the devil suit. So, did someone destroy the evidence for him later on? Or… Maybe Lang Xiangyang was not a murderer at all?

Thinking hard about all of this, Zhao Yu felt dizzy. It was almost the same feeling as he had felt just after the operation yesterday. He felt that he was stuck in a bottleneck and could no longer move forward.

So far, this was Zhao Yu's most difficult case. Of course, this difficulty that he was having was not because of this case alone, but before this, there was the 11 Kills case, the case regarding Zhang Jingru's death, and Jiang Ke's robbery case in Yaoming.

Added to that, he had an operation. All of these things combined, especially the high-pressure workload, had made exhausted Zhao Yu physically and mentally. Despite all of his hard work, the fact that he hadn't seen any signs of a victory yet, understandably made Zhao Yu desperate and frustrated.

Looking back on the time when he was dealing with the Headless Female Corpses Case, he already felt that he was on the verge of collapse! Unexpectedly, this Devil Case was even more difficult than that one had been!

Just when Zhao Yu was struggling with the case, Ba Chen sent him an email, which was actually an official arrest warrant! With this, he could detain Han Kuan for another seven days and order him to assist the police in the investigation!

Seven days... Fortunately, there are still seven days left! While he was replying to Chen Zhuo's email, Zhao Yu forwarded the arrest warrant to Wu Xiumin and asked her to contact the Golden City police to deal with the rest of the matters at hand.

Just after he sent the email, Zhao Yu received a message from Gao Facai, which said that he was lecturing abroad and could not personally assist in the investigation of the Devil Case for the time being. He apologized to Zhao Yu for his absence.

Fortunately, he promised to send his best team to Beiqian, explaining that he would instruct them remotely. In this way, his absence wouldn't negatively affect the case too much.

"Alright," Zhao Yu tried to be polite as he replied to Gao Facai.

Just after that, the notice of the end of the side adventure came from the system in his brain. Zhao Yu had achieved a 133% completion score for today's Gen Li hexagram, and he had also received two first-class devices!

Looking at his watch, he saw that it was midnight. This meant that Zhao Yu could open a new hexagram!

However, at this time, Zhao Yu thought of another thing. Since the last system upgrade, he had been so busy with the case, that he had forgotten the new functions on the system interface.

In the device bar, there was now a new function that enabled him to select devices before opening a new hexagram, which was exactly what he needed for his present situation! By using this function, if he spent points in advance to choose the devices that he wanted, he could get these devices as long as he achieved the required completion score!

At present, his most needed device was the Invisible Bone Setting Device. Although he had already had the operation, it was still difficult for him to move about freely. But, f he could use an Invisible Bone Setting Device to accelerate his bones' healing, he could get rid of his need for any wheelchairs or crutches soon!

Thinking about this, he quickly selected an Invisible Bone Setting Device. The system said that this device needed 100 points, which was not too expensive for him.

Scrolling down, he noticed that in order to get the device, he also needed to get a 100% completion score. This was also quite simple for him.

Because this was the first time that Zhao Yu had used this function, just to play it safe, he only selected the Invisible Bone Setting Device. He then opened a hexagram.

After he did that, his points reduced by 100 points and the hexagram immediately appeared on the interface. This time, it was a Qian Gen hexagram.