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887 Two Big Pieces of News

"Um... Well..." Miao Ying hesitated when Zhao Yu brought up Zhang Jingru.

She then said, "When we arrived at Changfeng, we started to investigate Zhang Jingru's school and the Devil Case's victims. It was pretty difficult. The school that Zhang Jingru went to has since been reconstructed and divided into several different institutes. During this process, the old archives were lost."

Miao Ying paused for a moment, then added, "In the past, the post graduate school could guarantee their alumni jobs in a post office. The school was small and was located in a remote place along the Changfeng Night River. Now, it is a welfare center. We looked for the school's legal representative, but were told that he has been dead for many years."

Miao Ying shook her head, then said, "Then, we found one of Zhang Jingru's classmates in Changfeng. But, this person had quit the school before graduating and did not know much about Zhang Jingru at all."

She paused, then added, "However, this guy was able to provide a lot of information about Zhang Jingru's classmates, and we are still looking for the ones he mentioned. Although these people are out of town now, we will ask them about Zhang Jingru when find out their current locations!"

Then, as if she had just thought of something, she added, "Oh… By the way, there's one more thing! In the Beiqian Devil Case, two victims died in Changfeng. One died in the county, while the other one died downtown."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She took a breath, then continued to report, "The downtown victim's name was Lou Ting. She was a female student, who was studying at the finance and accounting school. There was only a single wall between this school building and Zhang Jingru's school building. The welfare center is now built on the old sites of these two schools."

"Oh... So you're saying that Zhang Jingru and Lei Ting may have known each other?" Zhao Yu thought this over carefully, then asked, "I remember that Lei Ting was around the middle in the order of deaths, right? And... She's not the only female victim in this case, correct?"

"Yes!" Miao Ying answered. "Among the nine people, Lei Ting was the third one killed. The accident happened at an abandoned well tower that was two kilometers from her college. According to the crime scene records, she was thought to have jumped off of the tower. But, she did not die right away, but died at the hospital later."

Zhao Yu then said, "I remember that when Jin Zhenbang was investigating the case, some people said that Lei Ting looked pale and panicked before she died. So, he suspected that Lei Ting probably had just seen something horrible."

"Yes." Miao Ying hesitated for a moment, then said, "Honey, we haven't slept eyes for two days and two nights. I'm so tired. Besides, I'm afraid that we can't find any useful evidence until Han Kuan is released."

"Don't overthink it too much!" Zhao Yu advised her. "Let's focus on our case. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. If this case was easy, it would not be one of the five unsolved cases! Take a break if you are tired. Otherwise, you won't have enough strength and energy to do a good job."

Miao Ying promised him that she would take good care of herself, then said, "You should also take good care of yourself. Also, when this is all over, don't forget to tell me about the famous robber, Jiang Ke!"

"Okay... Well… Good night..." They both said to one another, while making kissing sounds at each other over the phone. They then hung up at the same time.

As he hung up, Zhao Yu felt a rare sense of loneliness fill his heart. He bent down and touched the plaster cast on his leg, then thought about another thing... I can't walk for at least three months. This is so annoying! I need to find some useful devices to help me recover faster.

As he was thinking about this, Zhao Yu opened the device bar. He had just opened the interface of the system, when he was surprised by the completion score. The Hexagram Kun Gen had disappeared, and the screen showed that he had received a 213% completion score!

Zhao Yu was completely shocked. His heart was beating so fast that if the heart monitor hadn't already been turned off, it would have surely set off the alarm!

It seemed that Jiang Ke had a big role in his achieving such a high score. When Zhao Yu had solved the Headless Female Corpses Case, he got 202%, which was a super-high completion score. However, he didn't expect that catching Jiang Ke could earn him a record breaking score!

But, as he thought about it some more, Zhao Yu understood. The Headless Female Corpses Case was a high profile case, but the whole process of catching the murderer was not as dangerous as it had been today. After all, today, the moment that Zhao Yu's yellow truck hit the robbers' truck was really life threatening!

Then, Zhao Yu noticed that besides the completion score, his points had also increased sharply, going from 600 points to 2,400 points! Although he did not go to the side adventure's site today, the robbery counted as his side adventure in regards to achievement standards.

From this, Zhao Yu understood one thing: Today's side adventure was at that well, where Jiang Ke had hidden and where he had transported the cigarettes. Thus, the system might only have expected him to figure out Jiang Ke's robbery plan, not necessarily to catch Jiang Ke.

However, Zhao Yu had bumped into Jiang Ke ahead of time at the car repair shop, thus destroying his plan and even catching Jiang Ke in person! Therefore, the system had given Zhao Yu a super high score.

Zhao Yu was overjoyed, and he thought... With these points, I can enhance my devices in the future!

There was yet another surprise waiting for Zhao Yu. He had new devices!

The device bar sign was twinkling, displaying the Arabic number for 18. Zhao Yu understood at a glance that his high completion score had won him a super luxurious set of 18 devices!

These 18 new devices were super dazzling! Although there were no Top Grade Devices like an Emergency Evacuation Ball among them, he was really excited to have received so many different kinds of new devices.

He had seen most of them already, but there were also some completely new devices, such as a Facial Recognition Device that could quickly identify people, a Copy Camera that could quickly hack into camera monitoring systems, and a Master Probe that could observe the enemy's situation.

Zhao Yu was overwhelmed with happiness, and he began to look for devices that could cure his foot injury. However, at this moment, Cui Lizhu came into the room with a bag of food, followed by the handsome Officer Wang.

"I asked the doctor. He said that this black sesame porridge with red dates was the best option for you right now." As she spoke, Cui Lizhu opened the bag and prepared a cup of porridge for Zhao Yu.

"Officer Wang, how come you came here to see me? It's so late!" When Zhao Yu saw Officer Wang, he naturally wanted to say something as a form of greeting.

"Officer Wang has been standing guard at the door all this time! He has not left once!" Cui Lizhu said.

\Zhao Yu raised his hand to Officer Wang and said, "Okay. Since you have been so loyal to me, I will consider taking you on as my student."

Cui Lizhu laughed, then quickly said, "Boss, he is on duty. What are you thinking? How do you even know that Officer Wang wants you to be his teacher?"

"Oh, that'd be great!" Officer Wang quickly said with a smile. "It would be a great honor to learn from you, Leader Zhao!"

Zhao Yu laughed and smiled with pride upon hearing this. Officer Wang also laughed with him.

He then came over to Zhao Yu, bowed, then said, "Leader Zhao, I came here because... Um... I just received two updates from the police station. There are both about you!"

"About me?" Zhao Yu was instantly curious.

"Yes!" Officer Wang said earnestly. "The first was that Jiang Ke refused to admit his crime and has requested to see you! The second was that a reliable source confirmed that more than 10 years ago, Jiang Ke came to study in Yaoming. He and Cui Xiaolong had been classmates before, and they even stayed in the same dormitory!"

Upon hearing this, Cui Lizhu dropped the lid of the cup that she was holding. She was clearly shocked by this news.