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884 Is It a Lightning Strike?

The sudden flash frightened Zhao Yu, but Jiang Ke was even more frightened by it than him! At the moment, Jiang Ke was holding a stun gun, which seemed to have come out of nowhere.

It turned out that the flash was Jiang Ke attacking Zhao Yu with his gun! Even though Jiang Ke hit Zhao Yu, nothing happened to Zhao Yu, except that his phone bounced out of his hand.

As Jiang Ke looked from his stun gun to the unharmed Zhao Yu, he frowned and sighed. He then asked in wonder, "How could this be possible?"

Zhao Yu grunted and clenched his fists. He was really angry.

It had just occurred to him that the cigarette truck driver had been knocked out by a stun gun. Jiang Ke had kept the gun and was only pretending to surrender just now. This fellow was cunning!

The reason why the stun gun did not hurt Zhao Yu was that Zhao Yu had the auto Invisible Lightning Conductor, which deflected the electric current, thus keeping him safe. At that moment, Zhao Yu was incredibly thankful for this super device.

But, his gratitude was mixed with anger ay Jiang Ke, and as he looked up at the sky, Zhao Yu cried out with indignation, "Jiang Ke!"

Jiang Ke immediately threw away the stun gun, turned around, and ran away. Zhao Yu ran after him, his anger still seething in his heart.

However, Zhao Yu's luck suddenly ended there, as his Invisible Aircraft had expired! Every time he tried to take off, he would fall within the next second.

Every time his injured right foot suddenly landed on the ground again, the overwhelming pain made him grit his teeth. Originally, he thought about extending the device's work time.

However, the aircraft is a Super Device, which meant that it required more than 500 points for a time extension. This was beyond his present point budget.

I can't even move my right foot now. How can I possibly catch up with him? While Zhao Yu was feeling desperate, an unexpected thing happened to Jiang Ke.

Originally, when they were talking just now, an old man riding an electric tricycle was passing by. He didn't plan to meet Zhao Yu and Jiang Ke, but the flash that hit Zhao Yu's mobile phone suddenly attracted his attention, so he turned around to see what was happening.

The first thing he saw was a person running straight toward him. Jiang Ke was so happy to see an available vehicle, that he did not hesitate before kicking the old man off of the electric tricycle!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He then jumped on the tricycle and turned the ignition switch, getting ready to leave. However, the tricycle didn't move.

Jiang Ke then looked down and noticed that the electric tricycle had run out of power. He tried again, but it still didn't move at all.

While he was trying to start the tricycle, Zhao Yu had picked up his stun gun and jumped behind him, using his unharmed leg. Jiang Ke suddenly realized that the problem with the tricycle might not be that it was out of power, but that Zhao Yu might have done something to it!

He turned around to look at Zhao Yu in terror. Zhao Yu was right behind him, and he immediately strangled Jiang Ke's neck with the wire from the stun gun.

Jiang Ke was shocked by Zhao Yu's sudden actions. As Jiang Ke fell backward, Zhao Yu tightened the wires to prevent him from breaking free.

Jiang Ke couldn't speak or yell, and he was scratching at the air madly. Zhao Yu pulled him to the side of the tricycle, then pulled backward on the wire with both of hands. He was being utterly ruthless!

At that moment, Jiang Ke feared death. His blood-red eyes stared at Zhao Yu, while his arms reached out and beat the car's side repeatedly, which meant that he was giving up.

However, Zhao Yu didn't trust him to not be pulling another trick on him. So, he pulled the wire tightly with both hands, while he counted in his heart... One, two, three, four…

Jiang Ke was still pounding on the car, but he had obviously lost a lot of his strength, so the sound was getting weaker. Finally, when Zhao Yu had counted to ten, Jiang Ke's hands could not make any sound whatsoever. Zhao Yu then let go of the wire and exhaled.

Zhao Yu's right foot once again gave him a sudden pain. However, he dared not to neglect checking Jiang Ke's situation. He gritted his teeth and supported his body. He grabbed the electric tricycle's side and climbed up to check Jiang Ke's situation.

Jiang Ke's neck had a noticeable red mark on it, and his face was red, his lips were purple, and there was foam at his mouth because of the lack of oxygen that he had suffered. But, at least he was still alive.

Finally, the familiar police siren rang, and as Zhao Yu looked up, he saw several police cars coming toward them. In the next second, two helicopters appeared overhead.

Zhao Yu sat down in front of the tricycle and could finally relax a little. Fortunately, he had used a Power Jamming Device just now. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to catch Jiang Ke.

He had just sighed with relief, when he suddenly saw that the old man who had just been kicked off of his electric tricycle by Jiang Ke had crawled over and sat next to him.

The old man then asked, "Boy, what happened to your cell phone just now? Did you get hit by lightning?"

Zhao Yu was amazed by how imaginative this old man was.

An hour later, at Yaoming First People's Hospital.

In a hospital ward, Cui Lizhu grabbed the boxed lunch in Zhao Yu's hand and asked him angrily, "Who gave this to you? What an idiot! Boss, your examination results showed that you had a medial malleolus fracture and a lateral malleolus comminuted fracture. You will have to undergo a surgery that requires general anesthesia later, which means that you can't eat now."

Zhao Yu shook his head and had a bitter on his face as he asked, "So, does that mean I won't be able to walk for this whole next month?"

"Actually, it will be more than one month..." Cui Lizhu said. "The doctor said that you'll be lucky if it's less than three months! And... It will take at least a year for you to recover completely. By the way, can you tell me about your foot? How did you get that particular injury?"

Zhao Yu replied calmly, "I was hit by a car right in front of the car repair shop. That Jeep... Do you remember it?"

"You're lucky." Cui Lizhu's terror showed on her face as she recalled the horrible scene.

But, she soon thought of something more important and asked in a hurry, "So... How in the world did you manage to catch Jiang Ke with your injured foot? That's unbelievable!"

"Well, my injury wasn't that serious, at least at first..." Zhao Yu said. "It got reinjured in the fight with Jiang Ke later."

Cui Lizhu frowned, then said, "Boss, you are getting more mysterious by the minute. How did you catch up with the robbers in that yellow truck? You were injured, driving a slow truck, and fighting with several gunmen, and you still managed to win! It's just so crazy! How did you catch Jiang Ke when you couldn't even walk?"

She then added before he could answer, "And... They said that you were wearing roller skates. Your right foot was injured, so did you skate with just one leg? How in the world could you do that?" Cui Lizhu had so many questions for Zhao Yu.

"Alright… Calm down..." Zhao Yu waved impatiently at her, then said, "I am also confused by it all! But, let's talk about these things later. I'm about to enter the operating room, and I need an update on the situation first. How's Captain Jin?"

"Still being operated on!" Before Cui Lizhu could answer Zhao Yu's question, a young policeman, who had come in quickly from the door, answered for her.

Cui Lizhu's eyes lit up as she saw this handsome guy. He was muscular, tall, and very handsome.

"Officer Zhao, how do you do? It's a great honor to finally meet you after hearing your name for such a long time!" The handsome man stood in front of Zhao Yu and saluted him respectfully.

He then introduced himself, "I am Wang Can. I have spoken with you over the phone before. I am a criminal policeman in Yaoming."