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883 Cunning Robber

Because of his previous experiences, Zhao Yu had mastered his technique and could fly through the field with ease. Although he exaggerated his skating posture, making it appear as if he was accomplishing some death-defying feat, in fact, he was actually flying quite close to the ground!

His pose looked very funny and almost fake against the background of the vegetable field, just like the flying actors in the low budget films' as they shot in front of green screens with fake images flashing behind them.

Since he was flying rather than jumping with one leg like before, he now was able to move very quickly. Soon, he arrived at the center of the field.

He was thoroughly enjoying flying, and for a brief moment, he had even forgotten all about Jiang Ke. Suddenly, he remembered his purpose and focused once more on his mission. But, he couldn't see Jiang Ke at all.

Before this, Zhao Yu had used his only two Invisible Tracking Devices while he was chasing the tank trucks. So, when Jiang Ke fled, he had no other tracking devices to use in his pursuit.

Even though Zhao Yu had a clear view of the entire vegetable field now, he still couldn't find Jiang Ke. Where are you, you cunning robber? Are you hiding somewhere? Zhao Yu wondered.

However, he knew that he couldn't waste time thinking and just sitting here if he wanted to find Jiang Ke. So, he quickly opened the device bar and was wanting to use a tracker that could locate Jiang Ke via his smell.

When he was searching though the device bar, he suddenly saw a new device that he had received once before. It was called the Footprint Identifier, and it could identify, compare, and track footprints.

This is a good device! Since th vegetable field is wet and soft, it would be impossible for a person to run out of here without leaving footprints!

Zhao Yu did not hesitate before he uses it. Almost immediately, he found a footprint in the vegetable field. Soon after that, a dozen new footprints appeared in an adjoining sugarcane field!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Jiang Ke was smart. He knew that the sugarcane branches were high and could possibly hide his tracks. Zhao Yu was depressed upon seeing this. He had used the aircraft device, but Jiang Ke had already made it into the sugarcane field!

Zhao Yu thought about flying up to a high altitude in order to have a panoramic view of the fields, but as it was daytime, he feared that he would be exposed. Although surveillance cameras couldn't detect him, that did not mean that actual bystanders couldn't!

Among his devices, there was an Invisible Cloak that would last for 1 minute. If he put on the Invisible Cloak and flew to a higher position, it seemed that he could solve this problem.

However, Zhao Yu didn't want to use such a precious device. The cloak was different than the aircraft. It was his secret weapon, which could save his life or allow him to beat the enemy at a critical moment. As such, it seemed foolhardy to use it now.

But, as Zhao Yu looked at the sugarcane field, he made a quick decision. Catching Jiang Ke was also a critical thing. So, he knew that he must act.

He skated into the sugarcane field boldly. The sugarcane grew in dense patches, and after Zhao Yu rushed in, numerous sugarcane branches swept past him, some even obstructing his way.

These branches hit Zhao Yu, one after another, and in order to brace himself against them, Zhao Yu made a Superman pose, while skating forward at full speed. Finally, he rushed out of the sugarcane field after ten seconds.

He came out of the sugarcane field and entered a wild grassland. Zhao Yu's Footprint Identifier had identified Jiang Ke's footprints, so he could clearly see that Jiang Ke had gone into this wild grassland.

The high grasses here were nearly as tall as people. This made it extremely hard to find Jiang Ke.

Zhao Yu took a deep breath, then grabbed a piece of the sweet sugarcane that was stuck in his collar and slowly made his way through the grassland. Unexpectedly, he soon came to a cement road that was at the end of the grassland.

When Zhao Yu came to the road, Jiang Ke's footprints suddenly disappeared! Luckily, by this time, Zhao Yu didn't need to identify his footprints any longer. This was because he had Jiang Ke in the distance.

He was going along this cement path, which appeared to lead straight to a place that looked a lot like a factory! Jiang Ke appeared to be quite calm and confident, as he did not seem to be in a panic, nor was he running. Instead, he walked steadily onward.

Jiang Ke, you'll not escape this time! Zhao Yu thought, and before the aircraft disappeared, he quickly skated toward him.

Jiang Ke was a highly alert person, so as he walked steadily and quickly, he carefully observed his surrounding environment. Therefore, he saw Zhao Yu immediately as soon as Zhao Yu appeared.

Obviously, he was shocked by Zhao Yu's sudden appearance. As Zhao Yu was skating toward him, he carried a stalk of sugarcane. Suddenly, maybe it was Jiang Ke recognized Zhao Yu, but he appeared to get so frightened that he turned around and ran!

"Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream..." At this time, Zhao Yu's mobile phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Officer Wang calling. Zhao Yu knew that he was calling to ask about the progress of his situation.

But, as Zhao Yu was now at the critical moment in his attempt to catch Jiang Ke, and his aircraft was going to lose effectiveness soon, he decided it was not a good time to take the call. So, it simply kept ringing...

"Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream..." Accompanied by the ringtone's tune, Zhao Yu came up behind Jiang Ke, ready to start a fierce fight with him.

Just as Zhao Yu was about to make his move, Jiang Ke suddenly stopped and turned around to face Zhao Yu. He then bowed to him and said, "You win! Gosh, I'm exhausted! I can't run anymore!"

Then, he stretched out his hands and waited for Zhao Yu to handcuff him. Zhao Yu was planning to have to endure a big fight, so when Jiang Ke suddenly surrendered, it was shocking to say the least. He just stood there in a complete daze for several moments.

Seeing this, Jiang Ke gasped, then said to Zhao Yu in frustration, "Don't worry, I'm playing our little game with my brain, not my physical strength! Now that I see that I can't win, I'd rather lose to you in a decent way, with my dignity intact. But... Anyway... Who the hell are you?"

Not waiting for Zhao Yu to answer, Jiang Ke continued with a sullen look, "Roller skates and sugarcane... God, I thought that I had met a flying man just now! Dude... You're extraordinary. Okay, I admit it... You got me."

Zhao Yu smacked his lips, as he just remembered that he didn't have any handcuffs with him.

Jiang Ke did not know this, so he stood there grinning, wondering what Zhao Yu was waiting for. "Buddy, what are you waiting for? Are you not with the police?"

"Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream..." Suddenly, at such a critical moment, Zhao Yu's mobile phone rang again. This time, it was Cui Lizhu. She was obviously worried about Zhao Yu's safety.

But, Zhao Yu didn't want to answer it right then, so he pressed the red button to ignore her call. Unexpectedly, a flash burst out and his phone was knocked to the ground!