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882 King of Vegetable Field Roller Skating

No way! How could he... When Zhao Yu saw that the big man, who he had just hit, drooped his head and lay there stiffly like a zombie, he realized that the man had broken his neck!

How is this possible? Zhao Yu looked at his fist in surprise. He never imagined that he could kill such a strong man with a single blow!

It was only then that he realized that his Energy Booster was still working. In the past, an Energy Booster lasted only 5 or 10 minutes, but this time, it had lasted 15 minutes. This, coupled with his own full strength, had resulted in the big man's demise!

Despite the fact that Zhao Yu was arrogant and prone to violence, he was no murderer! He didn't mean to kill this man! It was purely an accident!

Unlike when he had killed Cui Xiaolong, this time, Zhao Yu had an uncomfortable feeling that tugged at his heart. It was a deep regret, and even some angst.

"Lao Bin... Ah..." At this time, after the thin man who had just come out the damaged van saw the strong man's dead body, he immediately pulled out a dagger and rushed madly toward Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu quickly moved to doge the dagger. However, because he had just killed a person and also had a serious fracture, he couldn't move too quickly. So, he had no choice but to brace himself and attempt to use his hands to stop the thin man's assault.

The thin man's first attempt with the sharp dagger missed Zhao Yu, but he immediately went straight for Zhao Yu's throat thereafter. Zhao Yu wanted to kick him, but his right leg was to injured. So, as he shouted loudly, he hit the thin man with his shoulder.

This caused the thin man to miss his target once again. Instead, he actually knocked into the van!

"Mang Zi!" At that moment, another man came out from the other side of the van and called to the thin man.

He was wearing a dark green windbreaker and a hat. He was so nervous when he jumped out of the vehicle, that his hat had gotten stuck in the seat, which gave Zhao Yu a clear view of his face.

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was surprised to find that this man was Jiang Ke, the robber who had been on the run from the police for many years!

"Jiang Ke!" Zhao Yu yelled as he stared at him with wide eyes.

"Ah!" Jiang Ke didn't expect for Zhao Yu to recognize him, so he was understandably scared.

"Go! I'll handle him." The robber, who was called Mang Zi, yelled as he aimed at Zhao Yu once again, preparing to attack him with the dagger.

"Mang Zi..." Just as Jiang Ke spoke the name of the thin man, he saw the big man's body and shouted angrily, "Lao Bin!"

He then squatted down to check the big man's body. When he saw that Lao Bin was not breathing, he looked up to the sky and cried out in anguish, "Why?"

Jiang Ke then turned back and gave Zhao Yu a vicious stare that was filled with resentment. His eyes were also filled with intense hatred.

However, Zhao Yu had no time for him, as Mang Zi was rushing toward him with a dagger. As the two grappled with each other, Jiang Ke watched them and stamped his feet gloomily. He then left and ran to the vegetable field.

"You are a dead man!" Mang Zi shouted at Zhao Yu crazily, while attempting to stab him with the dagger.

But, Mang Zi was very anxious, as he had seen what Zhao Yu had done to Lao Bin. This placed him at a disadvantage. When Zhao Yu saw his nervousness, he soldiered through the pain in his foot and maintained an aggressive attack.

At this moment, the sound of a police siren was finally heard. Zhao Yu took this opportunity, when Mang Zi was in a surprised state of shock, to hit him in the face with a fierce punch. Mang Zi could not dodge it in time, so he had to cross his arms in front of his face to try and defend himself. Zhao Yu's punch connected with Mang Zi, and it was delivered with such great strength that it knocked Mang Zi onto the ground.

As he fell, Mang Zi dropped his dagger. Zhao Yu took advantage of this to keep hitting him wildly with his fists. Mang Zi covered his head in his arms and totally gave up resisting after receiving several of Zhao Yu's tough punches. He simply lay there on the ground, moaning in pain.

Zhao Yu didn't continue, as he knew how devastating the Energy Booster's effects would be. So, he quickly changed directions and went after Jiang Ke. After all, at this moment, Jiang Ke was his top priority.

Zhao Yu knew all too well about people like Jiang Ke. Now that his plan was ruined and his best man had been killed, he would surely seek revenge. However, Zhao Yu was not afraid for himself, he was more worried about his taking his anger out of Zhao Yu's family and friends.

Zhao Yu felt that if he couldn't catch Jiang Ke today, those that he loved would always be in danger. Hence, he told himself that Jiang Ke was his only target for now, and he knew that he must spare no effort in capturing him!

But, he was slowed down by his injury. His right foot was really hurting. After suffering the second fracture, he had no bone-setting device to cure it.

So, he could only jump forward on one leg. He didn't even have a crutch to aid him!

How can I possibly catch him like this? Even if I run, I may not be able to catch him, as I can only use one leg! As he was thinking about this, Zhao Yu saw another car, which was turned upside down, beside the robbers' van.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It was a Nissan, and it had clearly been hit by the fuel tank truck. The owner of the car was nowhere to be found.

The hood of the Nissan's trunk was broken, and the stuff inside of it was scattered everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye, Zhao Yu saw a pair of roller skates.

They were quite large in size, which gave Zhao Yu an idea. He quickly took the roller skates, then climbed out of the ditch and went into the vegetable field.

During this season, most vegetable fields were basically emptied of all produce, but they did have tons of trees on both sides. Therefore, no one could see him as he made his way through the field.

Zhao Yu put the roller skates on his feet. As he did so, his injury on his right foot really hurt. He felt like he may have even broken his ankle. When he finally got the skates on, he felt like death warmed over!

However, his strong willpower helped Zhao Yu to stand up again. Once he was standing, he used two of his devices. One was an Invisible Aircraft, which was a Special Device, and the other was an Anti-camera.

He used the Invisible Aircraft to chase Jiang Ke, while the Anti-camera allowed him to avoid being detected by security cameras. After all, he didn't want to become famous for being a vegetable field skater!

The effectiveness period of the Invisible Aircraft was not long, and after activating it, Zhao Yu lifted a little off the ground. He then shook his arm, made a dramatic skating pose with it, and flew forward.