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"Yes! They went straight along the national highway to the north! Two white, super large fuel tank trucks! They were very noticeable! The robbers are in those trucks. You must stop them!" Zhao Yu shouted into his phone.

He then added, "But… Be careful! They are armed! In fact, they shot Captain Jin. You may even need to dispatch more officers to catch them."

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu considered himself wise to have put an Invisible Tracking Device on the two fuel tank trucks. Now, he could know their exact locations from the display screen in his brain's Miracle System.

At the moment, he saw that the two trucks were speeding along the highway, leaving Zhao Yu far behind them. However, Zhao Yu was not worried. He quickly used an Invisible Accelerator for his own truck, and it immediately started running like a high-speed train, whizzing forward like a bolt of lightning!

Maybe this place was too remote and far removed from busy areas, or perhaps it was a holiday that Zhao Yu didn't know about, but for some reason, there were very few cars on the broad national highway at that moment. As such, Zhao Yu hardly needed to turn the steering wheel, as the road was wide open.

The truck soon accelerated from the speed of a fast train to that of a rocket! In fact, its speed quickly revved up to more than 200 miles an hour!

After a while, another vehicle other than Zhao Yu's finally appeared on the highway. It was actually a tri-wheel human-powered contraption that was being pedaled by an old man.

He was moving quite slowly as he made his way along the roadside. Suddenly, he turned his head around curiously as he heard a sudden sound.

After turning his head, he saw a yellow light flashing, while a cool and fast gust of wind blew past his face. It was such a strong gust that his hat was almost blown away by it. That old man never even knew what had passed him, as Zhao Yu's truck was now moving nearly at the speed of light!

Seeing that he was getting close to the second fuel tank truck, Zhao Yu felt quite happy as he thought... Let's see you try to escape this time!

Zhao Yu, after all, was a cautious person, so as he sped along, he didn't forget to think over the case once again. The more he thought about it, the more worried he became.

This was because, if Jiang Ke had personally participated in the robbery and was in one of the two tank cars now, then he had to know that his plan had completely failed! And… Now that they were exposed, it was impossible for them, as they were in two eye-catching trucks, to escape the police.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu surmised… At this time, if I were you, I would be thinking about how to get away. So, if I want to catch you, I have to think differently… With a criminal's mind!

To catch bandits, one first must catch the ringleader. So, I at least need to know what this ringleader, Jiang Ke, looks like, right?

As he thought about this, Zhao Yu searched for Jiang Ke's photo while he was driving. When he pulled it up on his phone, he saw that Jiang Ke was quite handsome. His sharp eyes and thick eyebrows set him apart from others, making him quite easy to recognize in a crowd.

However, Zhao Yu hadn't seen anyone's face except for Cui Xiaolong's during the fierce gun fight at the car repair shop. So, he couldn't know if Jiang Ke was among the people in the two trucks. Moreover, even if he was, he wouldn't have known which truck!

As Zhao Yu's truck kept accelerating madly, Zhao Yu was thinking about how to identify Jiang Ke. All of a sudden, he saw one of the white fuel tank trucks. The huge truck was too obvious as it rode along the highway for anyone to possibly miss. And… Because the body was white in color, Zhao Yu could even see blood on the window!

Zhao Yu's truck accelerated again to catch up with the robbers. Although he couldn't see the situation in the two trucks, he assumed that the people in the them must be panicked at the sight of him in pursuit of them, especially in his rusty old truck, as no one would otherwise believe that such a truck which could reach such a high speed!

At the moment, Zhao Yu's truck was running like yellow lightning! Just as it up behind one of the robbers' trucks, the people in the car must have recognized him, as the driver immediately turned the car to the right so that Zhao Yu couldn't overtake it!

"Dam*!" Zhao Yu turned the steering wheel hard, dashing left and right on the highway, but he still couldn't manage to overtake them. Moreover, in the process, his truck almost bumped into the rear of one of the tank trucks! His present situation was clearly very dangerous!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Although Zhao Yu's truck was quite big, compared with the big fuel tank truck, he didn't feel confidence to go straight up against it! However, as he was in a smaller vehicle, it did have its own unique advantages, and as the tank trucks could not always occupy the lane, Zhao Yu took the chance to come on the right side of the tank truck when it turned left.

Zhao Yu could have used his Invisible Accelerator to cut into the lane from the right side and overtake the car, but the robbers reacted too quickly. They saw that it was late to stop Zhao Yu altogether, so a gunman came out from the passenger seat and shot at Zhao Yu!



As it was hit by gunfire, the front window of Zhao Yu's truck was smashed into pieces. Although Zhao Yu had worn his Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, he was shocked by this occurrence and instinctively covered his eyes with his arms.

Taking advantage of Zhao Yu's being distracted, the robbers saw that his truck had slowed down, so they immediately drove straight toward him! At that moment, Zhao Yu was forced to give up the idea of overtaking the robbers.

Instead, he grabbed the steering wheel tightly and turned to the left, using great force. As a result, the vehicles crashed into each other, and because of the intense impact, the vehicles burst out tons of electric sparks and emitted deafening squeaks.

Zhao Yu's truck was only about a third as big as the tank trucks. So, he suffered much more than the robbers. Although he held the steering wheel tightly during the collision, he was still pushed to the roadside.

At this time, Zhao Yu's Invisible Bullet Proof Suit was going to lose its effectiveness. He could tell this because the system was reading a countdown. Scared that another shooting would occur, Zhao Yu spent 400 points in order to prolong its effectiveness for 10 more minutes.

But, he knew that Invisible Bullet Proof Suit alone couldn't solve his current problem. He had thought about using an Energy Booster for his truck to hit the robbers, just like he did in New Zealand. However, he had already used the only Energy Booster he had.

His truck was making a creaking sound as if it was about to break as it careened toward the side of the highway. Unfortunately, there were no sidewalks beside the highway at this point, only deep ditches.

If Zhao Yu's truck fell into a ditch at this speed, he might not survive. Thinking of this dire possibility, Zhao Yu grabbed the steering wheel and held on tight to it with one hand, while he took his pistol and shot at the gunman's window with his other hand.


The first shot broke the back mirror of the robbers' vehicle!


The second shot hit the windshield, causing it to crash into numerous pieces. At this critical moment, when the driver lost his line of sight and loosened his grip on the steering wheel, Zhao Yu took the opportunity to hit the fuel tank truck and force it toward the side of the highway.

As the tank car continued moving, it crashed into the dividing strip on the left side of the highway. The huge truck then crashed through the strip and made a loud, piercing sound.

The tank truck was so heavy and huge, that after it crashed through the strip, it eventually returned to the highway at a barely diminished speed. Zhao Yu took this opportunity to step on the accelerator and finally overtook the tank truck.