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877 Run After the Robbers

Although Zhao Yu killed the gunman, the driver remained unharmed, so he quickly turned the fuel tank car without hesitation. Originally, Zhao Yu had wanted to grab the back of the fuel tank car and climb onto it.

However, the shots fired had alarmed Zhao Yu and made him miss his chance. As a result, the huge tank car had gotten away and was now speeding down the highway!

"Dam* it!" Zhao Yu threw down his pistol and tried to chase it, but it was too late.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Besides killing a person with a shot to the head for the first time, Zhao Yu also recognized that the man he had killed was the very one they were looking for!

It was Cui Xiaolong! This was why he had been so stunned just now.

Cui Xiaolong had shot at Zhao Yu, which showed him that Cui Xiaolong was Jiang Ke's man! This explained why he had closed such a large repair shop during working hours in the middle of the day!

"I... I'm not dead!?" At this time, Cui Lizhu finally returned to her senses.

After groping around her body to feel for any bullet wounds or injuries, she sighed and asked, "Why... How is that possible? How come no bullets hit me? Um... Boss... Are you alright as well?"

She then came over to check on Zhao Yu. However, Zhao Yu pushed her away immediately.

"I'm fine. Didn't you see that I killed that guy?" Zhao Yu said as he took Vice Captain Jin's pistol and handed it to her.

He then ordered her, "You take this pistol and stay here. If any bad guy appears, don't hesitate to kill him! Also, remember to call for backup!"

"Then... What are you going to do?" Cui Lizhu was still in a panic.

Zhao Yu did not reply, but checked the unconscious Vice Captain Jin's wound carefully. He found that the wound on his body was not too serious, but his face had been hit by shrapnel and was bleeding profusely.

So, Zhao Yu used an Invisible Hemostat and temporarily stopped the bleeding. Then, Zhao Yu stood up and looked around, trying to find a suitable car to use to chase the robbers.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he stood up, he felt an acute pain in his right foot. When he looked down, he saw that the Jeep had run over his right foot, and that his ankle suffered a fracture. This was the very first time he realized that he could not walk at all!

However, Zhao Yu was still eager to catch the robbers, so he immediately used an Invisible Bone Setting Device to at least cure the bone. Although his right foot was still in a lot of pain, he could walk a little now.

Looking at the scene again, Zhao Yu saw that the area in front of the repair shop looked like a disaster zone. Broken cars and debris were scattered around everywhere.

Their police car was full of gunshot holes, and bullets had pierced its tires, so it was impossible for him to drive it. As for the other cars, they were also destroyed by the two fuel tank cars.

Having no other choices, Zhao Yu turned to look at the highway and was ready to stop a passing civilian car to commandeer for his use. However, on the broad national highway at this moment, there was not a single vehicle in sight!

He hopelessly turned and looked around the shop. His eye caught sight of an electric tricycle that was leaning on a nearby pole. It turned out that there was no other means of transportation than this piddly thing!

Zhao Yu turned back gloomily and finally had a clear look around the inside of the shop. Cigarettes were scattered all over the car repair shop's floor.

In addition to cigarettes, he also saw some rectangular waterproof bags. If cigarettes were placed in them, these bags could be floated downstream, like small submarines. He instantly thought that this could be how Jiang Ke had transported them!

His theory was completely correct, as Jiang Ke had indeed used the underwater tunnel below the well to transport the cigarettes. Moreover, the cargo cars, the guise of the color shifting cars, and the changed license plates were all his foul tricks to confuse the police!

While holding his gun in his hand, Zhao Yu looked around the car repair shop even more carefully. His Invisible Detector told him that there was no one else in the shop. It seemed that the robbers had all escaped.

Looking back on the situation that had occurred just now, Zhao Yu realized that Jiang Ke was famous for a reason. He knew that the shop was only a temporary stop, so he had planned his escape route early.

When the cigarettes flowed along the waterway to the shop, they had then loaded the cigarettes in the fuel tank cars immediately! Since there was a huge explosive warning sign on the two cars, no one would have thought that there would be stolen cigarettes hidden inside them. Hence, they were able to bypass the checkpoint easily!

Jiang Ke is a genius! Zhao Yu couldn't help but sigh. He thought that it was a shame that such a talented man would use that talent for thievery! With his skills, he could make a difference in any legitimate industry!

Unfortunately, he had met with the more talented and more fortunate detective, Zhao Yu, so Jiang Ke hadn't had time to deal with all of the cigarettes before he had to flee.

Just as Zhao Yu sighed, a black Audi suddenly appeared on the highway. Zhao Yu rushed up to the Audi, while waving his pistol and trying to stop the car. But, after seeing the pistol, the Audi driver was so shocked that he lost control of his car and drove straight into a nearby ditch!

"Hey? What the heck?" Zhao Yu yelled in frustration.

Cui Lizhu, who was calling for police backup next to him, was shocked by his reaction.

She then shouted at Zhao Yu, "Boss, I've called for backup. There's no need for you to chase them!"

Upon hearing her, Zhao Yu shook his head. He knew that Cui Lizhu's mindset was to always sacrifice the loot for safety, regardless if they were dealing with robbers' or thieves' stolen goods.

Although it was hard for them to escape driving fuel tank cars that were loaded with cigarettes, as long as the thieves gave up the cigarettes and abandoned the cars, the police couldn't find their whereabouts easily. Regardless, Zhao Yu couldn't let go of such a good chance to catch the super famous robber, Jiang Ke!

So, even if it was on a silly little tricycle, Zhao Yu determined that he would just have to give it a try! Suddenly, Zhao Yu came up with an idea. He turned around and fixed his eyes on the corner of the wall, where the yellow truck was.

This type of truck was also called a vacuum truck. There was a big tank with a huge suction pipe behind the truck.

The suction pipe was used for sewage suction and discharge. Since this truck was parked here, it was likely that Jiang Ke and the others had used it to dredge the sewer. And… Because it was parked at the far corner of the lot, it had avoided the previous carnage at the shop.

Zhao Yu seemed to have no choice but to use this vacuum truck. He ran to the truck, but found that the door was locked. However, the window had been smashed by flying debris, so Zhao Yu was able to easily reach inside it to unlock the door.

However, the car key was not in the car. Fortunately, Zhao Yu had a master key, which he used to start the engine.

At this moment, Cui Lizhu, who had just called the local police to request backup, looked up and saw that Zhao Yu had started the yellow truck.

She was confused by this and shouted at Zhao Yu, "Boss, did you injure your head? That thing can't even go 20 miles an hour..."

However, before Cui Lizhu had finished speaking, Zhao Yu stepped on the accelerator and drove off in the truck! Like a drunken man, the truck shuddered out of the corner part of the lot and knocked over a number of things along the way, all while spewing out black smoke from its exhaust pipes. Finally, it made its way to the highway.