Crazy Detective
876 The Explosion
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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876 The Explosion

the explosion was so sudden, and zhao yu and cui lizhu were utterly unprepared for it. even though zhao yu thought that the yellow truck in the corner appeared odd, he could never have expected that someone would ambush, then shoot them in the shop!

the numerous holes in the door told zhao yu that the people inside were armed with powerful shotguns. vice captain jin wasn't even able to respond before he was faced with a barrage of bullets and flying debris. he flew backwards and fell on the ground on his back.

"ah..." after he hit the ground, vice captain jin covered his face and let out a petrified scream!

zhao yu was in a shocked daze as he instinctively reached to his waist to get his gun. but, before he could do that, an explosive roar came again from behind the door...

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this time, a spray of powerful bullets shot straight toward zhao yu and cui lizhu. luckily, both of their reactions were quick, and they immediately bent down to safely duck behind the police car.

at the same time, the glass window on the second floor of the car repair shop suddenly cracked. then, a man stretched a gun barrel out of the window and fired several shots at zhao yu and cui lizhu!

bang... boom...

at that moment, the shooters from both the first and second floors bombarded the police car with a round of bullets at the same time, breaking the car window and leaving the car's body full of bullet holes.

"ah..." cui lizhu had never seen such a fierce scene before.

she was so frightened that she lay on the ground behind the police car with her head in her arms, trembling. however, it was not the first time that zhao yu had encountered such a life-threatening incidence.

as soon as he heard the gunshots, he realized that they might have bumped into the robbers by mistake! this incredible coincidence wouldn't happen every day, and zhao yu regretted it immediately.

today's side adventure was not at the car repair shop. so, zhao yu thought that he would just ask cui xiaolong some questions, then leave. in fact, he didn't pay much attention to the shop at all.

but, he never thought that cui xiaolong's repair shop would have something to do with jiang ke. as such, he was amazingly lucky, or unlucky, one could say.

if zhao yu was right about jiang ke's route for transporting the goods, then the end of the underwater tunnel was very likely to be in the shop, which meant that the shop was possibly the robbers' nest! thinking of this, zhao yu could not help but blame himself.

if he had watched out for possible accidents ahead of time, he could have used an enhanced invisible detector. in that case, he wouldn't have been thrown into such an unfavorable situation now.

i really didn't expect this to happen... zhao yu thought.

but, as zhao yu re-evaluated the current situation, he thought that it could be worse. thinking of this, he quickly used the invisible bullet proof suit on cui lizhu, vice captain jin, who had been shot, and himself.

after all, he needed to keep himself and his teammates safe under the rainstorm of bullets. fortunately, he had three invisible bullet proof suits as a result of his longtime efforts, which meant that there was one for each of them.

zhao yu was obviously relieved after putting on the invisible bullet proof suit. he first pulled cui lizhu aside and asked her to call for support. then, he quickly pulled out his gun and fought back, firing at their assailants.



at the same time, the people in the shop fired back at him again. their bullets hit the police car, one after another.

the light in the car shattered, and the car shook. cui lizhu was frightened again and screamed once more. as zhao yu swore fiercely at the shooters, he fired a shot at the second floor.


although he missed, he had at least managed to scare the shooters. those on the second floor quickly stepped back from the window.

as soon as the shooting sound abated, zhao yu heard vice captain jin moaning. looking at his painful face, zhao yu thought that his situation was not promising. if he could not be treated in time, his life might actually be in danger!

although he knew that taking vice captain jin to the hospital was a most pressing matter, when zhao yu thought about his invisible bullet proof suit, he wanted to take advantage of it and quickly end this gunfire battle.

i'll just rush in to give you guys a surprise attack! thinking about this, zhao yu was about to launch a sudden attack.

but, before he could do so, there was a deafening roar that came from the shop. it was clearly not gunfire or an explosion, but was a sound of a huge machine that had just been activated. the ground shook as if an earthquake had just taken place!

the sound became louder and louder. zhao yu did not know what was going on. he quickly set up an invisible detector and used it to look through the door. unexpectedly, he saw two huge fuel tank cars!

at that moment, the engines of both fuel tank cars were running, and several people, all of whom were carrying guns, rushed over to the cars. the two cars were about to rush out from the shop!

zhao yu looked closer and saw that vice captain jin was lying in front of one of the shop doors. if the cars broke through the door and dashed out, he would be crushed by them!

as he saw that there was imminent danger, zhao yu had to give up his previous plan for now. so, he rushed over to vice captain jin and dragged him aside to safety.

"boss... be careful..." although cui lizhu was afraid, she gave out a caring warning when she saw zhao yu's heroic behavior.

cui lizhu's voice had just fallen silent, when the tank cars crashed through through the shop's doors and dashed out! as a huge car head madly burst out of the repair shop, it knocked over several cars that had been parked in front of the door. as a few small cars rolled over after being hit by the tank car, a jeep dashed toward zhao yu and the other two people with him.

"oh no!" cui lizhu exclaimed in horror, while zhao yu was trying his best to drag vice captain jin away further to safety.

however, the jeep was moving so fast that zhao yu could not escape it in time, no matter how fast he moved. thus, he was hit by the jeep, then rolled under it.

"no!" when she saw this, cui lizhu was so frightened that she ran to zhao yu in desperation.

meanwhile, the big tank car that had just come after them drove onto the highway at full speed, then drove off to the right.

"zhao yu... zhao yu..." when cui lizhu ran to the jeep, which had just rolled over zhao yu, she saw an amazing scene. zhao yu was holding up the car by a tire, using only one hand!

"this..." cui lizhu stood with her mouth hanging wide open, while gaping wide-eyed at zhao yu.

"cui! quick!" zhao yu shouted as he was struggling to support the car's incredible weight.

cui lizhu recovered from her shock and did her best to pull vice captain jin, who was unconscious, out from under the car. seeing that vice captain jin had safely escaped being crushed by the car, zhao yu did a quick roll as he dropped the car down after him. the heavy car body hit the ground with a loud crash.

"are you okay?" cui lizhu asked.

she was still in shock, so she hardly knew what to say. she obviously did not know that the thrilling scene just now had only been made possible by the use of zhao yu's devices.

when zhao yu realized that he couldn't avoid the jeep, he had used an invisible arm shield to support the jeep. as he was worried that he might not be strong enough to maintain the support of the jeep, he had also used an invisible energy agent, which had doubled his strength. if he had not done this, the heavy jeep would have smashed them both flat!

hearing the terribly loud of a car engine, zhao yu suddenly realized that there was still a big fuel tank car in the shop. he and cui lizhu immediately pulled vice captain jin towards the police car. they had just returned to crouch behind the police car, when the second big tank car charged out of the shop.


as the huge car rushed out and was about to head straight for the police car, the man in the passenger seat saw zhao yu. he immediately leaned half of his body out of the window, then shot zhao yu with a shotgun that was in his hand.

cui lizhu was so frightened that she thought she would be dead within seconds. so, she closed her eyes and tried to prepare for the worst.

however, zhao yu immediately turned around. as he did so, he raised his head high and shot back at the man.

bang! bang!

even if zhao yu was not a professionally trained shooter, he was too close to the man to miss his target. as a result, when he fired a third shot, blood burst out on the window of the car. the gunman had just been hit!

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