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"Okay. I'll go down..." After receiving Zhao Yu's order, Officer Wang had no choice but to do exactly what Zhao Yu had demanded.

"Sewer? Boss..." Cui Lizhu said, clearly stunned. "It's impossible! And... There's water in it! How could cigarettes be hidden down there? Isn't it obvious to you, yet? Jiang Ke must have transferred the loot using other vehicles that he had hidden somewhere along the way secretly!"

In order to get firsthand information, Zhao Yu quickly took Vice Captain Jin's mobile phone. He then said to Cui Lizhu, "But, as you said just now, Jiang Ke had to have a specific reason for his choice of location and time. I mean, we have to ask ourselves… Why didn't he want to commit the robbery at night? And... Why did he choose the busy Provincial Avenue as the target location?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Oh..." Vice Captain Jin suddenly remembered something and said hastily, "I remember now that Yaoming port highway is under construction. I think this money truck was supposed to go by the port highway, right?"

"Yes!" Cui Lizhu said. "So, they could only commit the robbery when the truck took the detour! That's why they chose that specific robbery site! As for the specific time, they could only do it when the truck passed by there."

Zhao Yu thought about this hypothesis for a moment, then said, "You have a point there. But, I think that, as this is not a completely foolproof plan, the robber would definitely have had some safeguard measures in place."

The reason why Zhao Yu was so sure about this was because of the side adventure specifics. In his opinion, it was no coincidence that the location of today's side adventure was so close to the robbery site.

During the conversation, Vice Captain Jin finally found the car repair shop and pulled the car to a stop in front of it. To their surprise, Cui Xiaolong's repair shop was quite large.

Specifically, the shop was around the size of five regular-sized shops and was three stories high. It was almost like an auto parts mall!

At the moment, there were some cars waiting to be repaired in the open space in front of the repair shop. In the farthest corner of the lot, they could vaguely see a huge yellow truck.

Vice Captain Jin parked the police car at the door of the repair shop. After parking the car, they were upset to find that the shop was closed.

Vice Captain Jin frowned and said, "No way! Did he close down the shop? It's no wonder that Cui Xiaolong didn't answer the phone! Maybe he got in debt and owed some people a ton of money, so he went into hiding somewhere!"

Vice Captain Jin looked back at Zhao Yu and gave him a look that seemed to indicate that since the shop is closed, they might as well drop this and go to the robbery site. However, since Zhao Yu was waiting for Officer Wang's response, while still holding Vice Captain Jin's phone in his hand, he didn't see Vice Captain Jin's glance.

When Vice Captain Jin saw that Zhao Yu hadn't responded to his secretive glance, he turned off the engine and got out of the car. He then decided to knock the door and at least give it a try. If there was really no one inside, then at least they would know for sure.

After Vice Captain Jin got out of the car, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu also got out and followed him, with Zhao Yu still holding the phone. However, they had just taken a few steps when they suddenly heard a voice come from the phone. In order to hear the voice more clearly, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu stopped walking and held the phone up between them and listened carefully.

"Leader Zhao... I'm down in the well now..." On the phone, Officer Wang trembled and said, "The water is not too deep, but it is very cold. I can see clearly that there is nothing here except water. There is nothing else inside the well!"

Zhao Yu urged him, "You must calm down and take a closer look. Is there not anything that is the least bit abnormal? Can you see the sewers on both sides of the well if you turn on your flashlight?"

"Um... When I bend down, I don't see anything strange down below, but I can't go any deeper, as the water has basically reached my head by now..." Officer Wang said, as the sound of water could be heard in the background over the phone.

Officer Wang then added with great difficulty, "Wait... I see them now… They are just ordinary sewers, and there is nothing else on either side, only water. Investigators, the space below is so narrow, nothing can be hidden here at all, not to mention a huge cigarette truck! Plus, if we try to go down any deeper, we may drown. I'll record a video and send it to you..."

"Oh..." Zhao Yu pondered this with a look of disappointment on his face.

It seemed that his guess had been wrong. He thought that Jiang Ke could possibly hide the goods in that place, since others regarded it as being so dangerous. But, it now seemed that Cui Lizhu was right.

Unexpectedly, Officer Wang gasped loudly.

"What happened?" Zhao Yu asked hastily.

Officer Wang replied immediately, "Leader Zhao... I found something strange. It seems that... The water..."

"Water? What happened to the water?" Zhao Yu asked.

"The water... It's so cool... There is a sewer here, but it doesn't smell like a sewer," Xiao Wang said, clearly confused.

Zhao Yu frowned as he heard the strange observation.

Officer Wang then said, "The water is so clear that I can see to the bottom!"

"What? So… Didn't you say that it was an abandoned sewer?" Zhao Yu seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes lit up as he asked.

Officer Wang replied, "Yes! It's a little strange. The water is very clear, and I can't see any garbage or sewer runoff in it whatsoever. It's actually quite clean!"

Zhao Yu thought of something, then shouted at Officer Wang, "Quick! Pull out a piece of your hair and throw it into the water to see if the water is flowing!"

"My hair? Flowing?" Officer Wang was confused at first, then seemed to finally understand him and said, "Ah… I don't think that I need to do that. I can clearly feel that the water is indeed flowing, and it is specifically flowing to the east..."

"Ah!" Zhao Yu shouted again, "Jiang Ke! He was riding a log flume!"

"What? A log flume?" Cui Lizhu was puzzled.

At the same time, Vice Captain Wan, who was at the shop's entrance and about to knock on its door, was startled by Zhao Yu's scream and turned to look at him curiously.

"He was transporting the goods via this sewer!" Zhao Yu clenched his fists and said, "I figured out how he managed to transfer the cigarettes! He must have renovated the sewer ahead of time, cleaning it up and making it an underwater tunnel! After they got the cigarettes, they put them into waterproof bags and threw them into the well! The cigarettes then floated away, just like they were riding a log flume down a river!"

Cui Lizhu couldn't remain calm after hearing Zhao Yu's theory. She trembled as she asked, "Is this really possible?"

"Well… It would be impossible for a simple street robber, but not for a pro. Besides, such a lucrative deal is worth building a waterway tunnel for." Zhao Yu urged Cui Lizhu, "Check the map and see where the eastern side of the sewer leads. It shouldn't be too far. If we move fast, we may still be able to catch them with the loot!"

"My God..." At this time, Vice Captain Jin, who was standing at the entrance of the shop, was shocked to hear Zhao Yu's theory.

He had worked in the front lines for so many years, yet he had never heard of such a method for robbery. He felt at a loss about what to do next. Now that Zhao Yu had found a major clue, they could now focus on the robbery.

However, since Vice Captain Jin was already at the door, he figured that he should at least try and see if anyone was inside the shop. Thinking about this, he had to suppress his excitement, as he was super excited to find out if anyone would come to answer the door.

"Ouch..." Cui Lizhu suddenly took out her mobile phone as she said to Zhao Yu, "Boss, this place we are standing now is east of the sewer! This is also the nearest uninhabited area, so... Is it possible that..."

Zhao Yu was shocked as he instantly understood what she was inferring.

It was at that time that he finally looked at the surroundings near the shop. He immediately noticed the yellow truck parked in the corner of the lot!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt his blood surge. Every cell in his body seemed to be about to explode. At the same time, Vice Captain Jin raised his arm knocked on the door.

As he did so, Zhao Yu shouted, "No! Captain Jin! No!"


Unexpectedly, just after Zhao Yu just shouted at Vice Captain Jin, there was a huge explosion, which instantly knocked Vice Captain Jin to the floor.