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868 Cui Lizhu’s Confession

As the roaring noise of the flight's takeoffs declined, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu were flying through the night sky. If all went well, they would arrive at their destination, Yaoming, in about an hour and a half.

Although Yaoming was not the capital of the Tongjiang Province, it was still quite an economically developed city. In fact, it was known as the economic center of the Tongjiang Province, along with Chaohai.

Zhao Yu was quite familiar with the Tongjiang Province. This was because, a few days ago, Quliang, where he had solved the Yongjin Island case, was under the jurisdiction of the Tongjiang Province. During the time that he worked on that case, he met with some leaders at the Tongjiang Provincial Office.

Quliang was in the southernmost region of the Tongjiang Province, with Chaohai being in the middle and Yaoming in the north. In Yaoming, port trade and the petrochemical industry were its main economic pillars.

The local oil technical school was once famous all over the country. Therefore, Han Kuan came to study there, even though he lived far away.

However, things had changed since then. Now, that famous oil technical school no longer existed.

Currently, Cui Lizhu was sitting near the window. As she looked out at the darkness though the window, she sighed and asked Zhao Yu in a lazy tone, "Boss, have you checked your clothes carefully yet?"

"What? "Zhao Yu did not understand her meaning.

"Well.. For bugs! For mini cameras! Or... Something like that!" As she was exhausted, Cui Lizhu yawned, then said, "I can't believe that your violent girlfriend would be so confident to send us to work together!"

"Shoot!" Zhao Yu shook his head, then asked, "What are you thinking about? Miao Ying is not the person you think she is!"

"Hum... Maybe not… But, don't forget what you did to me in Jinping... How could she not be jealous?" Cui Lizhu shook her head as she asked.

Zhao Yu frowned. "Please! What did I do with you? I keep that a secret to protect your reputation, and yet you question me and her? To tell you the truth, Miao Ying and I were having some problems at that time and had somewhat separated. So, even if I did something to you, she wouldn't complain about me!"

"Ah.. I see..." Cui Lizhu stretched a bit, then put her hands around Zhao Yu's arm and lay her head on his shoulder.

She then said softly, "Well, since you don't mind my being here, today is a good opportunity for us. After we land, we can enjoy having a good time together."

Zhao Yu knocked on Cui Lizhu's forehead gently, then asked, "What's the matter with you? I'm the last loyal man in the world. If I allow myself to be seduced by you, the world is ruined!"

"Um... You're terrific..." Cui Lizhu buried her head in Zhao Yu's arm, then said, "But right now, I need to use your shoulder to sleep on for a while. It's so tiring being a policewoman!"

"Hmmm, you just won't stop, will you? Zhao Yu shook his head and smiled. He then murmured, "Don't think I don't know. You just gave Zhang Jingfeng 5,000 Yuan and kept half of my money! And... You said that you just took 2,000 Yuan. Which word should I use to describe you? You are never going to learn your lesson, are you?"

Cui Lizhu rubbed her face against Zhao Yu's clothes and laughed. "You already know that? No wonder you are my boss!"

Zhao Yu advised her with these earnest words, "Money is a small matter for me, but you must obey basic principles. No matter what happens, you must tell me the truth, do you understand?"

"Um... I know..." Cui Lizhu was really very tired, so she closed her eyes and muttered a promise to him. Then, she started to snore slightly. She seemed to have fallen asleep.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu pressed his temple with his hand. He was also tired and was ready for a good rest.

At this moment, the little girl, who was still snuggled under his armpit, unexpectedly mumbled, "Ouch, boss... To be honest... Being a policeman... Actually feels quite good! Whatever the investigation... There's no need for me to sneak around anymore... Wherever I go... I don't need to hide..."

Cui Lizhu's words immediately reminded Zhao Yu of his past life. He had once had the same feelings as Cui Lizhu.

Who would have thought that a street gangster, who had built a life out of making trouble for others would become a criminal policeman and well-known detective? One had to wonder if it was luck or destiny...

Zhao Yu touched Cui Lizhu's beautiful hair gently and said softly, "We must do well in the future. At least, you have to make me believe that I did the right thing."

"Hmm..." Cui Lizhu nodded her head, and suddenly, tears began to roll down her face.

She was silent for a long time before she said softly, "I'm thinking... If my dad wakes up in the future and sees that I have become a criminal policewoman, he'll be happy for me, won't he?"

"Yes. Also, I heard that Tao Xiang was transferred to a mental hospital!" Zhao Yu said. "Don't worry, though, as you can visit him anytime after you make some great achievements!"

Cui Lizhu nodded slightly, then asked, "Boss... Do you really think that Han Kuan and his wife have anything to do with the Devil Case? I really want to know the truth."

"I also want to find out the truth, but it's of no use rushing matters. We have to collect all of our evidence, bit by bit!" Zhao Yu closed his eyes, then said softly, "I think there are three possibilities in this case. The first is that Han Kuan is the murderer, or at least is one of them, in the Devil Case. Then, Zhang Jingru discovered his secret, so Han Kuan killed her and disguised her death as a suicide."

Zhao Yu then said, "The second possibility is that Zhang Jingru is the real culprit of the Devil Case. Han Kuan was afraid of her, so he killed her! As for the third, which is the most complicated, Zhang Jingru and Han Kuan are both the main culprits of the Devil Case. They designed and committed the horrible crime together! Later, for unknown reasons, they had a conflict, so Han Kuan killed Zhang Jingru! Perhaps, there even are other murderers besides them!"

He shook his head, then added, "Regardless, Han Kuan is smart. Although we know that he killed Zhang Jingru, we can't do anything about it yet! So, we can only hope that we find more evidence that connects Han Kuan to the Devil Case. Only in that way can, we can finally figure out why he killed his wife!"

He then added, "And... Although Zhang Jingru went to school in Beiqian, I still feel that she is not likely the killer of the Devil Case. After I read Zhang Jingru's diary, I saw that she is a cheerful and outgoing woman, which does not match the Devil Case murderer's personality profile at all. But, regarding Han Kuan, he is totally different..."

When Zhao Yu was talking, he was in high spirits and didn't even notice that Cui Lizhu had fallen asleep in his arms! As he looked down, he saw that she was even snoring a little bit.