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867 I’m Not a Jealous Person

Ran Tao scratched his head and said, "What Zhang Jingfeng reported to the police pertains to another case, so the police must detain him for further investigation. This means that we can keep him 72 hours."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu then said, "Well.. That means that this next 72 hours will be very important to us. Though I don't expect to crack the case in that time, but if we can just find more evidence, we can keep him longer, maybe even forever!"

Miao Ying glanced at Zhao Yu, then said, "Zhao Yu, I almost believe your bullsh*t. A past hooligan criminal like you is disgustingly good in deciphering these kinds of affairs!"

"Ha ha..." The others all laughed upon hearing this.

Zhao Yu gave Cui Lizhu an angry look and asked her, "What are you laughing at? This is all because of you! I warned you not to tell them. How can you just blurt out everything in front of everyone?"

"Ha ha..." Cui Lizhu laughed. It seemed that she had indeed done it on purpose.

"But... Then… Zhang Jingfeng would be charged with giving a false testimony to the police, right?" Ran Tao guessed. "So, that explains why Team Leader needed to give him some money for compensation!"

Cui Lizhu then said, "That guy has a criminal record. So, giving a false testimony is not a big thing for him. Also, he despises Han Kuan and firmly believes that Han Kuan killed his sister!"

Miao Ying looked worried as she said, "We can use Zhang Jingfeng this time, but he won't be able to help again if there is a next time! So, from now on, we have to be highly focused!"

Suddenly, Wu Xiumin raised her hand up to her computer screen and said, "The graduate school that Zhang Jingru attended has since become a technical school. There isn't much about it online. In fact, I don't know if I can find anything useful here. I think we'll have to talk to the Changfeng police!"

Zeng Ke then said, "It's the same way with Han Kuan. He has a very small social circle and is never in contact with his old classmates. Thus, in my opinion, we'd better go to Changfeng police station in person as soon as possible."

"Well..." Zhao Yu thought over it, then said, "Let's just split into three groups and act separately. Miao Ying and I will go to Yaoming to investigate Han Kuan's past, Ran Tao and Zeng Ke will go to Changfeng to investigate Zhang Jingru, and Wu Xiumin and Cui Lizhu will stay in town."

Just as Zhao Yu finished giving the orders, Miao Ying immediately voiced an objection, "Team Leader Zhao, although I am a newcomer, I am still a deputy team leader. So… How can a team leader and a deputy team leader be in the same group?"

Zhao Yu frowned and then winked at Miao Ying, motioning her in secret to not embarrass him. However, Miao Ying just smiled impishly.

She then added, "And… Beiqian is the most important part of the investigation of this case. So, even if we go together, we should go there."

Zhao Yu had a bad look on his face as he waved at Miao Ying, signaling to her that he wanted to speak to her in private. Then, they both went into the side room.

"Meow meow..." As soon as he entered the room, Zhao Yu asked her impatiently, "Why are you not listening to me? Can't you see… I promised your father that I would protect you, so we must stay together!"

"Honey!" Miao Ying pulled Zhao Yu's arm and said, "I am doing this for you! Think about it... If you just care about me, yoru team members will lose faith in you. I know that you are doing this for my good, but as far as the rules go, the leader and deputy leader shouldn't be placed together in such a situation."

"But..." Zhao Yu smacked his lips and said, "It's not easy to be apart from you, especially after enduring such a long separation."

Miao Ying sighed, then said, "I don't want to be away from you either, but we are at a critical moment in this investigation. Hence, we must spare no effort. Our affair can only be put aside for now."

She then asked softly, "Don't you believe in my abilities? I can take care of myself. Besides, it'll just be for a few days."

"So..." Zhao Yu asked reluctantly, "What's your plan? Wu Xiumin will do a psychological assessment for Han Kuan, so she should stay."

Miao Ying then said, "Well… Investigating Zhang Jingru's connection with the Devil Case is obviously the most important thing, so Zeng Ke and Ran Tao should come with me. As for you, you and Cui Lizhu should go to Yaoming."

"What the heck?" Zhao Yu asked. "You actually want me to go with her? Won't you be jealous?"

"I'm not that narrow-minded!" Miao Ying said.

She then added softly, "I have absolute trust in you! In addition, my plan is based on the needs of the case and the abilities of each person. You and Cui Lizhu should be able to complete your task quickly, and after that, we can meet in Beiqian."

Zhao Yu nodded. "Okay. I'll do as you say. However, you must be careful."

Miao Ying kissed Zhao Yu happily, then said, "There's no need to worry about me."

Then, they went back to the office to assign everyone their tasks. Seeing that Miao Ying was excited upon receiving her orders, Zhao Yu totally understood why. He knew that Miao Ying wanted to investigate the famous Devil Case.

From the moment they met, this strong girl was eager to outdo him in solving cases. Although they were now in love with each other, Miao Ying's inherent stubbornness and competitiveness hadn't changed.

Before this, she had already cracked the 11 kills serial murder case and surpassed Zhao Yu. As such, she was now quite prideful and even a bit overconfident. So, of course, she wanted to jump in and make a contribution to Zhao Yu's team again!

Moreover, she had become obsessed with the five major pending cases, and she had always regretted not participating in the Headless Female Corpses Case. So, she would certainly not miss this opportunity!

However, Zhao Yu shook his head. He had a slight feeling that Miao Ying might be wrong in her judgments about the Devil Case. Beiqian was not necessarily the most important place to start investigating the Devil Case. Instead, he felt that Yaoming, which was where he was going, was the most crucial location.

Miao Ying was very eager to win, but Zhao Yu was equally motivated to do the same! Today, he had received a Kun Li hexagram. This was exactly why he had insisted on going to Yaoming to investigate Han Kuan's affairs!

If he was right, the Kun hexagram should refer to the Devil Case, which they just found out was related to Han Kuan and his wife. Currently, there was no bigger case than the Devil Case!

As for the Li hexagram, after thinking it over, Zhao Yu believed that the Li portion must mean Han Kuan. So, just like Dou Zili on Yongjin Island, it was possible that the key to the Devil Case was still Han Kuan! Naturally, he wanted to go to Yaoming to find out more about Han Kuan's past.

Moreover, Zhao Yu had an even more practical purpose. If he could find evidence to point to Han Kuan's guilt, he could at least buy them more time for their investigation. If not, Han Kuan might be acquitted!

When Zhao Yu and Miao Ying allocated the tasks, the team members had no objections. Zeng Ke booked flight tickets immediately, and after a short time of preparation, the team members set off in separate directions.