Crazy Detective
865 Who Is the Devil?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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865 Who Is the Devil?

"I see! I finally understand! It turns out that... Um..." Zhao Yu looked at the monster on the paper and couldn't help but shout.

However, after realizing that he was about to blurt out something that the others shouldn't know, he quickly shut up. But, his fears ended up being irrelevant, as all of the others were so attracted by the devil on the paper, they did not pay attention to Zhao Yu's words at all!

"This ghost... Or devil..." As he pointed to the paper, Zeng Ke said, "It's the same as the ghost that the Devil Case witness described! It couldn't be a coincidence, right?"

Seeing that nobody was going to speak, Zeng Ke continued, "This is Zhang Jingru's. That is to say, Zhang Jingru drew a devil on the previous page! Why did she draw this? Did we make a mistake about Han Kuan, meaning that Zhang Jingru is the one who really had something to do with the Devil Case instead of Han Kuan?"

Zeng Ke's words made what was already a fairly depressing atmosphere considerably worse. Everyone frowned at once. They felt that the evidence that was in front of them was vague at best. It was like they were stuck in a heavy fog.

Ran Tao was confused, so he asked, "Hey, Han Kuan's case is not over, and now we're already turning our attention to the Devil Case?"

Zhao Yu frowned tightly as he said to Zeng Ke, "That's not what I mean. I just think that Zhang Jingru may know something. So, I read her writings. But, I suppose she doesn't really have anything to do with the Devil Case..."

Miao Ying pouted her lips and asked, "But, Zhao Yu, you just found out this pattern! Didn't you say you finally understood? Don't you know anything?"

In fact, what Zhao Yu had wanted to say was that he finally understood the system's meaning. Today's side adventure was referring to the devil pattern! But, as for what the devil pattern represented, he still had no idea.

Zhao Yu knew that he had to make up an excuse quickly, so he said, "I thought I understood something, but now I'm confused! Here..." He then pointed to the devil pattern and said, "I saw the mark on this paper through the reflection of sunlight, and the previous page was clearly missing. So, I thought that I could use the pencil to make the pattern appear! But... I certainly didn't expect a devil to appear!"

Zhao Yu then said, "Obviously, Zhang Jingru was the one who drew the devil on the previous page, but I don't know why she drew this pattern or why she took that page out after she finished it!"

"Team Leader..." Wu Xiumin said after seriously thinking about everything for a moment, "Even if the devil pattern is Zhang Jingru's work, it doesn't mean that she has something to do with the Devil Case! Don't forget that we have been thinking about Han Kuan's motive for killing his wife! Is it possible that Zhang Jingru found out about Han Kuan's connection with the Devil Case, which would explain why she drew the devil?"

Zhao Yu quickly answered her with a smile that was filled with excitement, "Yes! That's what I meant just now! I was a little scared by Zeng Ke's theory. In fact, that's why I asked Ran Tao to check Zhang Jingru's browser history. I thought that maybe Zhang Jingru was investigating Han Kuan herself. But, I didn't expect to see the devil pattern!"

Miao Ying nodded, then said, "Zhang Jingru must have found out Han Kuan's secret, and as she was worried that Han Kuan was the murderer of the Devil Case, that would explain her weird behavior before!"

Miao Ying's voice got louder as she was very excited, "She was suspicious about Han Kuan, so she began to investigate him secretly. But, she was eventually discovered by Han Kuan! Then, Han Kuan was worried that Zhang Jingru might expose his secret, so he made a move! Isn't this the same theory that I thought of before?"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu was relieved, and as he wiped away the sweat from his forehead, he pointed to Zeng Ke and said, "But... Zeng Ke's theory is a little scary! If Zhang Jingru is also involved in the Devil Case, then..."

When Zhao Yu was speaking, he got goosebumps. Upon seeing Zhao Yu's expression, Miao Ying trembled.

She immediately had a feeling of deep horror well up in her heart, and she couldn't help but ask, "Do you think that the Devil Case is not only related to Han Kuan, but to Zhang Jingru as well? This would mean that there is not only one murderer, but two!"

Wu Xiumin was quite shocked to hear this, and in a daze, she murmured, "I'll check out Zhang Jingru's background!"

Zeng Ke, however, was unaware of what was going on and asked, "What's happening?"

"Hello, everyone..." Ran Tao opened his hands, clearly quite confused, and asked, "Can anyone tell me what just happened? You guys all changed so suddenly. I don't get it. How the hel* is Zhang Jingru connected to the Devil Case?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ran Tao... Let me tell you..." Zeng Ke pulled Ran Tao aside and told him the latest progress on the case. Once Ran Tao knew the truth, he couldn't sit still, so he jumped up and shouted, "What?"

"Oh my god!" Wu Xiumin then shouted, while she pointed to the computer screen.

She was trembling as she said, "Zhang Jingru graduated from Changfeng Post College! She is two years younger than Han Kuan! That is to say, the year she went to study in Changfeng was the exact time that the Devil Case happened! Moreover, Changfeng is in the Beiqian area! So, she is the person most likely person to be involved in the Devil Case!"

Miao Ying was shocked by this idea and said, "It seems that we have to think about this differently now. Specifically, we have to ask ourselves… What secret did this couple want to hide from us?"

Zhao Yu never thought that this case would be so complicated! He had no idea what they should do now. The investigation of Devil Case hadn't even officially started, but there was already loads of new information for them to sift through and figure out!

"Wait... Wait a minute…" At this time, Zeng Ke suddenly shouted loudly from his seat in front of the computer, "I found it! My God, I found something on Zhang Jingru's browsing history! Two weeks before her death, she searched for the terms `devil' and `Beiqian Devil Case!' In fact, it appears that she was searching for and reading about these things for several days!"

Miao Ying was shocked to hear this and asked, "Is Zhang Jingru the killer of the Devil Case?"

Zhao Yu frowned and said, "If Zhang Jingru was a murderer, it would be totally unreasonable that she searched the Devil Case on her computer!"

Miao Ying retorted, "Well… She could be thinking about her past experiences. As the murderer of the Devil Case, she may have a sense of accomplishment about it, which would explain why she looked it up online so much."

Wu Xiumin nodded, then said, "Yes, I guess that's possible. Either way, we know that the murderer of the Devil Case must have some serious psychological problems. Moreover, the police still couldn't solve the case after so many years, which means that the murderer must feel quite proud about being able to evade the authorities for so long."

"Okay! That's enough! Stop guessing!" Zhao Yu waved his hand and said, "In fact, if you want to prove whether Zhang Jingru is related to the Devil Case, there is a simpler way!"

"What simpler way?" Miao Ying asked immediately.

Zhao Yu then said, "The victims! Check whether these nine people have anything to do with Zhang Jingru. That's enough to connect her!"

"How could we all forget such a simple way?" Zeng Ke sighed and immediately began to search for exactly that information.

At this moment, someone knocked on the office door. Moments later, two local policemen came in. One of them had document in his hand.

He looked at Zhao Yu and said, "Um… Leader Zhao, we're really sorry, but we did our best..."

He then handed Zhao Yu the document and said, "Our leader approved Han Kuan's bail application. So, he had been freed!"
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