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859 What Big Thing?

Zhao Yu was frightened and depressed when he saw the two characters. He completely did not expect that, at such a time, the system would give him a Kun hexagram! This meant that something big was going to happen!

He wondered… Will it be a new case? A big case?

At the moment, Zhao Yu was quite worn out. After all, Han Kuan's case was still confusing, and if there was a new one, Zhao Yu would feel desperate and very overwhelmed!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of something regarding the Li hexagram. Since he had opened several Li hexagrams during his work on the Yongjin Island Case, Zhao Yu had a better understanding of this hexagram.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

To him, receiving this particular hexagram was not only a hint about friends or friendship, but also involved the important males around him. In the past, these had included men such as Dou Zili in the Yongjin Island Case and Miao Kun at the hotpot chicken restaurant!

Zhao Yu thought about what this Li hexagram could possibly mean in this case... Could it be referring to Han Kuan? Or... Could it be a sign of another big case to come?

No matter how hard he tried to recall, he couldn't think of any connection between Han Kuan and any of the other cases. Zhao Yu smacked his lips and frowned, while an intense uneasiness welled up in his heart.

At the moment, Zeng Ke was waiting for Zhao Yu to continue, but the look on Zhao Yu's face made him realize that something was very wrong. He knew that Zhao Yu must be thinking about something important, so he asked, "Leader, are you okay? What is it?"

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, "I'm fine. Zeng Ke, you check Han Kuan's manuscripts again later, then continue investigating the recording. If we can find similar content, we can really make some progress in Han Kuan's case!"

"Um... Okay..." Zeng Ke nodded, then proceeded to begin reading through Han Kuan's manuscripts.

Zhao Yu took a long breath as he went to his desk. Then, he took out his notebook and began to write something in it.

He was, of course, writing down the time and location of the next side adventure. Having learned a lesson from his last side adventure, he knew that he couldn't miss such an important thing anymore.

Moreover, from his past experience, an important hexagram like a Li hexagram was often a sign of an important side adventure that could bring Zhao Yu some major benefits. Therefore, he knew that he must pay close attention to this matter and make sure that he didn't miss a thing.

Zhao Yu wrote down the time, which was a quarter past eight in the morning. When he was about to write down the location, he noticed that the location was exactly the same as yesterday's, his office!

At first, he thought that the system had not refreshed its data, but after checking again, he got the same result! Thus, it really did seem that today's and yesterday's side adventure locations were the same!

Zhao Yu looked up and found that Zhang Jingru's box of office papers was still on the desk. Yesterday, it was in this same box that he had found the bank letter, which had helped him make significant progress in the case! So, he figured that yesterday's side adventure must have something to do with this box!

But, what about today? Zhao Yu wondered… Can I find anything important again if I look through this box? Or… Did I miss anything else important the first time?

As these thoughts ran through his mind, Zhao Yu stepped over to the box and wanted to go through the files again. However, he had just taken two steps when he suddenly stopped.

As soon as he stopped, he carefully assessed his physical state. Since he would encounter a Kun hexagram, he knew that he must make sure that he had enough energy to deal with what could happen to him!

So, he knew that he couldn't stay all night, as saving his energy was the smart thing to do. After all, a side adventure was set to occur first thing in the morning.

Although Zhao Yu had an Invisible Recovery Agent that could quickly restore his energy, the instruction clearly said that using this device would have side effects that could harm his body. So, he wouldn't use that unless there were no other alternatives.

And, his fellow team members also need rest. If they consumed a lot of their energy in advance, his team wouldn't be able to keep up with him or the case investigation in the following days.

As he was thinking about these things, Zhao Yu greeted Zeng Ke and told him to have everyone go back to the hotel and rest. At first, Zeng Ke was reluctant to stop his work, but he understood why Zhao Yu had given this order. So, he stopped what he was doing and did exactly as Zhao Yu told him.

After that, Zhao Yu called Bureau Chief Liu of the Golden City Police Station and ordered him to place more people on duty this night. In this way, he could ensure that nothing unexpected would happen at the police station during his team's absence. Bureau Chief Liu dared not ignore Zhao Yu's demands, so he followed his instructions immediately.

After he had made all of these arrangements, Zhao Yu went back to the hotel to take a bath. He then laid in bed, trying not to think about the case anymore so that he could have a sound and peaceful sleep.

However, he could not keep from thinking about the Kun hexagram. Hence, he just lay on the bed for a long time until he finally started to get a little drowsy.

But, just as he was about to fall asleep, the door suddenly opened. It turned out that Miao Ying was just returning after having finished Han Kuan's interrogation.

Originally, since the Golden City police did not know about his and Miao Ying's relationship, they had booked everyone his or her own room. However, since Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had been separated from each other for a long time, they had decided to stay in the same room.

When Miao Ying returned, she was clearly exhausted. She took a bath, then got into bed and chatted with Zhao Yu about the case for about twenty minutes. Then, they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

At 7 o'clock the next morning, Zhao Yu's phone alarm rang. He suddenly sat straight up in the bed. He was full of energy, and after quickly finishing his morning routine, he was ready for work.

Miao Ying yawned in bed, then asked in a lazy tone, "Honey, it's so early... Did you come up with any new ideas?"

"No... Meow, you can stay in bed a little longer." Zhao Yu ran over to her and kissed his goddess on the face, then said gently, "I'll let you know if anything happens."

Miao Ying was really worn out after working so hard yesterday's, so after Zhao Yu finished speaking to her, she closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep again. Zhao Yu opened the door slowly to avoid making a sound, then hurried toward the Golden City Police Station.

It was a sunny day, and as he enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sunshine on his face, Zhao Yu couldn't help but think that something terrible might happen today. As he looked up at the bright sky, he sighed as he thought... I have a strange sense of impending doom...