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858 Important Thing That Is Going to Happen

"How can I make you believe me?" In the interrogation room, Han Kuan shouted hysterically, "Why would I want to kill my wife? We've been married for 10 years! Are you crazy?"

He shook his head, then sighed and said, "I'm not smart enough to fabricate a confession. You can't just make up stories because you're Special Investigators! I beg you... Please find the real murderer!"

In the monitoring room next door, Zhao Yu was watching Han Kuan closely, his eyebrows twisted together. He did not know why he always had a strange feeling about Han Kuan.

In fact, Han Kuan didn't show any abnormal behavior. But, maybe it was his perfectly normal behavior that was exactly what made Zhao Yu so uneasy.

If a normal person found out that his wife of ten years had died beside him and that he was being wrongfully accused of her murder, he would definitely fall apart, or at least he would show some extreme emotions. However, Han Kuan had always behaved quite calmly for the most part.

His anger, his surprise, his grievances, all appeared on his face at the perfect time. It was like these reactions were all the result of previous rehearsals. Hence, Zhao Yu couldn't help but feel suspicious about Han Kuan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

But, Zhao Yu knew that if he couldn't find new evidence, Han Kuan would be acquitted, whether he killed his wife or not. So, he had to wonder… How can I find out the truth?

The most important thing now was to find Han Kuan's motive for killing his wife. At the beginning, Zhao Yu thought that maybe it was because Han Kuan had participated in Xie Tongguo's murder and that, somehow, Zhang Jingru had found out about that, so Han Kuan had killed her.

What led him to believe this was that some people had said that Zhang Jingru looked depressed before she died. In particular, it seemed that she had something that was weighing on her mind.

Now that Xie Tongguo had been caught and confirmed that Han Kuan was not involved in the serial murder case, this original theory obviously was not correct. So, now Zhao Yu pondered...

Could there be any other motives for Han Kuan to have killed her? Or... Is Han Kuan innocent and I have been wrong about him all along? Or... Is there some unknown murderer involved in Han Kuan's case?

At this moment, in the interrogation room, Miao Ying was carrying questioning Han Kuan in her signature style, putting an intense amount of pressure on him. However, in Zhao Yu's opinion, no matter how hard Miao Ying tried to coerce him to talk, he was afraid that she would not get any useful information from Han Kuan.

He knew that if they wanted to find out the truth, they must find other ways of doing so. With this in mind, Zhao Yu left the monitoring room silently and went to the office upstairs.

While he was walking there, he was still thinking about the case. Feeling that his steps were getting heavier, as he was clearly exhausted, he looked at his watch to see that it was midnight! Time had flown by so fast that he didn't realize that it was a brand new day already!

Zhao Yu reached out to press his temples, then sighed as the thought... Being a criminal policeman is really a hard job!

Looking back on the days just after he came to the Golden City, he had spent almost all of his time investigating the case, except for just one night that he spent with Miao Ying in the side room. Although they could claim that the two cases had been solved, Zhao Yu still insisted that Han Kuan was the murderer.

As such, he wondered if he was making trouble for himself. After all, Zhao Yu was not stupid. He knew that he could just say that Zhang Jingru had committed suicide so that he could close this case and win his team glory.

This would be an easy thing, as Zhang Jingru's confession would easily serve as evidence to prove that she committed suicide and that her death had nothing to do with Han Kuan. Han Kuan would then be acquitted, and nobody could say anything about it!

As Zhao Yu thought of this, he shook his head and wondered… Maybe Han Kuan also knew that the police would think this way! He must have, as that would explain so much!

Zhao Yu thought that, if it had been another investigator, he would have put an end to this case, even if that there were still some questionable points that hadn't yet been resolved. Zhao Yu knew that if he was unscrupulous like that, he could have cracked the case and Han Kuan would be set free. But, he cared too much about uncovering the real truth!

Zhao Yu crossed his arms and looked out the window at the dark, cold night. He could see the stars shining in the clear sky. The night sky in the Golden City was always so beautiful.

Zhao Yu was smart, but he was also stubborn. As he looked up at the stars, he murmured softly, "At least Zhang Jingru would surely care about the truth! Although she is dead, she still deserves the truth to be revealed! If I can't bring Han Kuan to justice, Zhang Jingru won't rest in peace. When I was a debt collector, I wouldn't let bad guys do bad things, so now that I'm a criminal policeman, how could I possibly let a criminal escape punishment?"

Zhao Yu clenched his fist and swore that no matter how difficult it was, he would find out the truth and bring the real culprit to justice. With this determined attitude, Zhao Yu quickly returned to his office.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the door to the office was opened, Zeng Ke waved at him and shouted, "Team Leader, I found something new..."

"Oh? What have you found?" Zhao Yu's eyes lit up as he rushed over to Zeng Ke and asked what he had discovered.

"Team Leader..." Zeng Ke held his mobile phone excitedly as he said, "Don't you remember that you asked me to investigate the confession? Well, when I searched all of the related websites, I found this!"

Zhao Yu saw that Zeng Ke was reading an audio book website on his phone.

"Listen FM!" Zeng Ke explained, "This is a software that provides audio books! In addition to songs and talk shows, there are also many audio novels! Although this website is not super popular, Han Kuan's novels appear on many of the top channels."

Zhao Yu took a closer look and saw that he had pulled up one of Han Kuan's novel on the page. After he clicked on one of the audio clips, Zeng Ke asked mysteriously, "Listen… This voice... Are you familiar with it?"

A woman's voice suddenly came out of the speaker on the phone. The woman was reading Han Kuan's novel. She had quite a melodious voice.

"Oh..." When he heard the voice, Zhao Yu immediately got goosebumps. He then stared at Zeng Ke and asked, "Is this..."

Zeng Ke interrupted him before he could finish and said, "Yes! It's Zhang Jingru! I have checked the broadcaster's information and compared her voice with the confession... The person who is reading Han Kuan's novel is most definitely his wife, Zhang Jingru!"

Zhao Yu suddenly understood everything and said, "So... Han Kuan wrote that confession in his novel, which means that Zhang Jingru might have recorded that for him without knowing his real purpose for wanting it recorded?"

Zeng Ke nodded, then replied, "Yes. In this way, Han Kuan could achieve his goal, without Zhang Jingru even knowing that it was a trap! Team Leader, I just compared the audio with that confession! I found that the recording environment of the two were completely the same! That means that Zhang Jingru recorded the confession in the same place where she recorded Han Kuan's audio book! Therefore, it really looks like Han Kuan might have been the one who deceived her!"

Zhao Yu then asked excitedly, "Can you find his novel that may have that confession in it? If we can find that, though we can't officially declare Han Kuan guilty, it will at least buy us more time and keep him detained here!"

Zeng Ke sighed, then said, "Unfortunately, I have already checked. Han Kuan has never published a novel with such a passage in it! He might have deliberately fabricated such a novel, one that he did not publish at all!"

Zhao Yu also sighed, then said with great disappointment, "Yes, he might have destroyed that already. After all, he is pretty smart. He wouldn't keep such an obvious piece evidence laying around for us to find!"

Zeng Ke then pointed to the box of Han Kuan's manuscripts and said, "I was looking through his manuscripts just now. Maybe we can find something useful by taking a closer look at them again."

"Good idea..." Zhao Yu nodded and said. He wanted to say that he would join Zeng Ke in doing so, but before he could say anything, he received an alert from the system.

The alert said that his level of completion had reached an impressive 185%! It also notified him that he had also received a five-piece device set!

This was not necessarily a surprise, as he had cracked the serial murder case today! So, the completion score wouldn't be low. Although he didn't catch the murderer himself, he had made great progress.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It was already past midnight, and in order to find out the truth of Han Kuan's case as soon as possible, he did not dare delay, but opened a new hexagram immediately.

After seeing the new hexagram, Zhao Yu got a silly look on his face. This was because, on the interface in the center of the system, two big characters appeared... Kun and Li!