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856 The 11 Kills Manuscrip

The prison that was designated for detaining temporary criminals was located on the first floor of the Golden City Police Station. The prison only had two cells, as the station itself was not very big and there were hardly any prisoners detained here.

At the moment, Han Kuan stayed was being held in the cell on the left, waiting to be interrogated by the police. After being held here for two months, Han Kuan looked very depressed and quite pale. His hair was also very messy and tangled.

It was just past 7 p.m. at the moment, and a police officer had just brought Han Kuan his dinner. At the moment, Han Kuan was holding a paper cup that was filled with hot water, waiting for the water to cool down so that he could drink it.

From his cell, he couldn't see the window in the office, which made it hard for him to distinguish whether it was day or night. Han Kuan let out a heavy sigh, while his eyes looked a little confused. At the same time, Zhao Yu and the others gathered in front of a computer screen in the Special Investigation Group office and were carefully observing Han Kuan's reaction through a hidden camera that had placed near his cell.

Judging from his current state, Han Kuan looked like an innocent person and was showing no abnormal behaviors. However, no one knew whether he was faking it or not.

Then, there a loud commotion. It turned out that several police officers had showed up and were bringing a new criminal into the prison.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Han Kuan instinctively frowned when he saw this. This was because, when he had been escorted into the prison, there had been only two policemen assigned to guard him.

However, there were five policemen escorting the new arrival! This criminal wore both handcuffs and chains on his feet, which meant that he must have committed a serious felony and be considered very dangerous!

At that moment, Han Kuan heard a screech of metal. The police had just opened Han Kuan's cell and pushed the criminal inside it. Only then did Han Kuan see that the new criminal was a young man.

The next second, Han Kuan recognized the young man, then stared at him and asked with confusion, "Hey? It's you! What did you do?"

Surprisingly, this new prisoner was Xie Tongguo! Hearing Han Kuan's question, Xie Tongguo raised his head dispiritedly and looked at Han Kuan.

Once Xie Tongguo finally recognized Han Kuan, a look of surprise flashed across his face and he stammered, "You..."

As he spoke, Xie Tongguo frowned. He hadn't expected this at all.

"Aren't you the guy who lives across from my parents? Han Kuan approached him and asked, "What's wrong, bro?"

"Um... I... I... " Xie Tongguo stammered some nonsensical sounds, then just lowered his head. He did not know what to say.

Han Kuan looked at him carefully. Although he was quite curious, he knew that this man was an introvert, so he waited for ten seconds to give him time to speak in his own time. But, upon seeing that Xie Tongguo still refused to answer, even after a long while, he stepped back and sighed.

In the office.

Ran Tao was watching Han Kuan carefully as this scene unfolded. He then commented, "These two people... It seems that they don't know each other. Han Kuan was surprised by this, and Xie Tongguo was curious, too."

"Shh… Just be patient..." Wu Xiumin glared at him.

At this moment, although nothing was happening in the cell, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying still kept their eyes fixed on the screen. They knew that every detail mattered.

After drinking his water, which had finally cooled down a bit, Han Kuan sat on a stool and said to Xie Tongguo, "Hey, bro, it can't be cool to lie on the ground! I have a stool here… Do you want it?"

Xie Tongguo nodded, then rose from the ground and sat down across from Han Kuan. Then, Xie Tongguo looked at Han Kuan timidly. He looked as if he had something to say, but that it was too hard for him to speak the words.

Han Kuan looked puzzled as he frowned, then asked, "Did you get beaten up? Or did you beat up someone else? Do you not recognize me? You live across from my parents..."

"Um... 11 Kills! I did it!" Xie Tongguo suddenly blurted out.

"So, you did it." Han Kuan nodded, and after two seconds, he suddenly asked, "Wait… What? I beg your pardon? How do you know about that?"

"Mr. Han. I am your biggest fan..." Xie Tongguo's eyes revealed his deep admiration as he said to Han Kuan, "I stole the manuscripts, including 11 Kills, and I did it!"

"What?" Han Kuan jumped up from the stool, spilling his water in his haste. He then stammered, "You mean... You killed those people according to the plot of 11 Kills? The murderer... It's you!"

"Yes. It's me!" Xie Tongguo nodded earnestly, then said, "I don't want to be like the humiliated Julie. I want to be the one to fight against fate, like Paul! I want those bad guys to pay the price for what they did to me!"

Upon hearing this, Han Kuan suddenly fell down on the ground and crawled to the furthest corner of the cell. While he was crawling, he shouted loudly, "Officer! Help me!"

As everyone was watching this scene unfold in the Special Investigation Group office, all of the team members were silent.

"Wow... Isn't he being a little dramatic?" Only Cui Lizhu dared to break the silence as she asked in a low voice.

"Officer! You can't lock me up with a murderer! Hello? Officer?" Han Kuan grabbed the iron bars and shouted at the police officer outside, "Get him away from me! Isn't there another cell besides mine?"

The policeman at the door shouted, "We're trying to have dinner! What's wrong with you? Aren't you a murderer yourself?"

Another policeman then said, "Yeah, and besides, he has handcuffs and shackles on! He can't hurt you! Do you think he's going to eat you for dinner or something? Haha!"

"You..." Han Kuan shook his fist in the air and shouted again, "I want to see Zhao Yu! Now! I can't stay with this murderer!"

"Mr. Han, I've always wanted to get to know you, but unfortunately, I stole your stuff..." Xie Tongguo looked nervously at Han Kuan and said, "I appreciate your writing so much! I've read everything you've written!"

Ignoring his flattery, Han Kuan shrank back into the corner in fear and asked, "Boy... When did you steal the box? You... Your surname is Xie, right?"

"It was eight or nine years ago, when I was a middle school student. I only took one look at it and fell in love immediately. Your sketches are amazing..." Xie Tongguo complimented him.

"That's not even published yet! It's not even good! And… Even if you think it's great, you can't kill people because of that!" Han Kuan said with regret. "I... I just write that stuff for fun. How can you take it seriously? Novels are for entertainment, not for encouraging readers to actual go out and kill people! Are you sick in the head? Why don't you even understand this simple truth?"

When Han Kuan saw Xie Tongguo's face grow dark and gloomy, he dared not say more. At this time, Zhao Yu raised her head, glanced at Miao Ying and Wu Xiumin, then gently shook his head and said, "Look... Han Kuan and Xie Tongguo did not lie. Except for the book 11 Kills, they seem to have nothing to do with each other! Therefore, we should still focus on that confession and on discovering Han Kuan's motive for the murders!"

Just as Zhao Yu finished speaking, Cui Lizhu appeared in front of everyone with a cardboard box and said happily to them, "Come on… The Evidence Department has finished collecting the evidence, so I've brought the manuscript box!"

She lifted up a book and said, "Come and have a look! The legendary 11 Kills is right here in front of you..."