Crazy Detective
848 Good Things Come in Pairs
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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848 Good Things Come in Pairs

As soon as Zhao Yu returned to his office, he heard Zeng Ke's voice, which was filled with ecstasy, "This is amazing! Our plan was a success!"

After seeing Zhao Yu, he quickly said excitedly, "Team Leader, guess what? Xie Tongguo was caught in the uncompleted building that we were talking about! Xie Tongguo really came to that abandoned swimming pool and was caught by deputy leader Miao on the spot!"

"Oh? Really? Miao Ying caught him?" Zhao Yu smiled upon hearing the news, as he was also very excited by it.

Zeng Ke clapped his hands as he said, "It was so awesome! When Xie Tongguo was caught, he was carrying a large bag of potassium chloride in his hand! It turned out that he was going to do an experiment. Specifically, he was going to put the potassium chloride into the pool, then use the heat that was released by the potassium chloride to melt the ice and snow in the pool, so as to prepare for his next murder!"

He took a breath, trying to calm himself down before he added, "But, she caught him before he could even pour the potassium chloride into the pool!"

"Good!" Zhao Yu said with a smile. He then asked, "So... Did you figure out if Xie Tongguo has anything to do with Han Kuan?"

Zeng Ke replied, "Not yet. Wu has gone to arrange the interrogation, we also called Gu Tao over. However, I just heard from Leader Miao that Xie Tongguo has kept silent all this time. I don't know if he will reveal anything to us."

Zhao Yu sighed, then said, "Well… Never mind! We have the evidence. There was DNA found under the nails of the third victim, so we just need to compare that DNA with his. He'll definitely give in once he is faced with such irrefutable evidence!"

"But..." Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something important, so he added, "We have to get Han Kuan's box of manuscripts as soon as possible! That's the most important thing in this case!"

"Yes, that's true!" Zeng Ke also realized this, and he quickly asked, "Shall we call Leader Miao and have her ask him about it?"

Zhao Yu nodded, then picked up his phone to call her. Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhao Yu touched his phone, Miao Ying called! It was as if she could feel exactly what he was thinking!

"Hey, what's going on, my big team leader?" Miao Ying asked in a flirty manner.

She then said with a happy laugh, "It's not easy to win against you!"

"Haha... Well… Congratulations..." Zhao Yu smiled as he complimented her.

Miao Ying was surprised by how good of a sport he was being, so she asked, "What's wrong with you? You are actually congratulating me? That's not like you!"

Zhao Yu laughed again, then said, "Hey, your success is also my success! If the case is solved, it will be a credit to our whole team!"

Miao Ying was surprised by his magnanimity once again, and she said, "You are really starting to impress me now."

"Well… I'm like most people… We always want to make progress!" Zhao Yu said with pride. "Besides, I am an honest man now..."

"Screw you!" Miao Ying laughed, then said, "Okay, let's talk about the case now. I got Xie Tongguo's address. Apparently, he lived in a small bungalow in the southwest corner of the Golden City. I am taking some people over there now. You should know that our top priority is to get Han Kuan's manuscripts!"

"Wow, we leaders are on the same wavelength, as I was thinking that very same thing!" Zhao Yu said.

He then added, "Send me the address, and I'll meet you there! In addition to Han Kuan's manuscripts, I also want to take a good look at Xie Tongguo's residence! I want to see if he has connection to Han Kuan or Zhang Jingru!"

Miao Ying promised to send him the address, then said, "Oh, I almost forgot... You don't have to make Wu Xiumin interrogate him anymore, as just now, I coerced Xie Tongguo to confess to all of his crimes! He actually admitted that he had even planned ahead of time to murder Zhan Jiankang and the others!"

"Wow! It was that simple?" Zhao Yu was surprised to hear this.

"Yes! I was surprised, too, but when I think about it, I feel that it actually makes sense!" Miao Ying said. "Although Xie Tongguo committed a felony, he is not really a sophisticated killer."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Miao Ying shook her head, then said, "Wu Xiumin's psychological profile was correct. At first glance, I could clearly see that he has psychological problems!"

Zhao Yu nodded, then said, "Well… Just ask him some more questions before he has a chance to calm down. In particular, ask him about Han Kuan's case. I want to know if he had anything to do with Zhang Jingru's death."

"Sure thing!" Miao Ying said. She then hung up the phone and sent the address to Zhao Yu via text.

"Zeng Ke, you stay here!" As Zhao Yu put on his coat, he said to Zeng Ke, "I'm going to search Xie Tongguo's residence with Miao Ying! Tell Wu Xiumin that she will have to wait and see Xie Tongguo later."

Zeng Ke nodded, then called after Zhao Yu, "Take care, and good luck!"

Just as Zhao Yu put on his coat and was about to leave, the door suddenly opened and a person rushed in. In fact, the person was in such a rush, she almost ran right into Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu recognized Wu Xiumin immediately. She looked very anxious, and it like something very big had just happened.

"Team Leader, where are you going?" Wu Xiumin asked, as she noticed that he was preparing to leave.

"We finally got Xie Tongguo address, so I'm going to there to see Han Kuan's manuscripts!" Zhao Yu explained. He then asked, "You seem like you have something to tell me. What's wrong?"

"Don't leave yet!" Wu Xiumin grabbed Zhao Yu, then said, "I have news from Longjiang!"

After Zhao Yu heard this, he immediately pulled Wu Xiumin into the room and asked, "Did they find the safe?"

Wu Xiumin gasped, then said, "Yes, and it was just as Han Kuan said. There was a white Santa Feica bag and a set of 12 golden cards in the bag that was in the safe! But... In addition to these items, they also found something else!"

"What did they find?" Zhao Yu asked.

Wu Xiumin said, "As the police were checking the bag, they found something hard inside of it. It is was sewn into the bag's lining!"

Wu Xiumin eyes grew wide as continued, "Originally, the Longjiang police wanted to take the bag as evidence, but the bank insisted on checking what was inside it beforehand to avoid unnecessary legal disputes in the future. So, the police had to agree to their demand!"

Wu Xiumin finally got to the key point as she explained, "After they cut into the lining and took the object out, they discovered that it was a pen that had a recording device embedded in it!"

"A recording pen?" Zhao Yu was surprised by this surprising bit of news.

"Hey..." Wu Xiumin opened her mobile phone and saw that she had just received a voice recording. She then said, "Team Leader, if I'm guessing right, this Han Kuan case might just have been solved!"

Then, Wu Xiumin jumped up excitedly and said, "It seems that good things happen in pairs, as the two cases have been solved at the same time!"

"Oh my god! I thought something terrible had happened! You scared me!" Zeng Ke touched his chest as he said, "Wu, is what you just said true? Has the truth really been discovered… So suddenly? Tell me, what on earth is the truth behind Han Kuan's case?"

"Listen carefully..." Wu Xiumin pointed to the voice recording on her mobile phone and said, "The truth is in this voice recording!"

After that, she placed her phone on speaker and gently clicked on the icon. At that moment, a woman's voice came crackling out of the speaker, "Dear police officers, if you are hearing this recording, it means that my perfect murder has been successful! Now, my husband can finally be proven innocent."

Everyone in the room was hanging on every word as the woman's voice continued, "Yes, I planned this perfect murder! I planned with the help of countless effort and repeated experiments! I believe that none of you would have found out the truth without this confession. Ha ha... And... My poor husband would probably be rotting in prison forever! I am guessing that you all must want to know why I did it..."

At this point, the woman paused, then said, "Actually, the reason is very simple! I just wanted to create the perfect murder… And I did! Even the best detective in the world couldn't crack the case! It was really unfair to my dear husband! Yes, I will speak to you now... I'm very sorry that I used you, but I promise you that your suffering will not be in vain. Have you realized that my case will benefit you a lot by now?"

At that moment, the woman erupted in a wild fit of laughter, then said, "Goodbye, husband! No matter, I will always love you!"

After that, the recording clicked, signally the end of the message.

"Whoa..." Zeng Ke shook his head, then said, "So, Zhao Yu guessed right again! The real murderer of Han Kuan's case was Zhang Jingru!"

But, after listening to the recording, Zhao Yu clenched his fists and gritted his teeth fiercely as he said, "Actually… We may all have been fooled!"
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