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846 Almost Missed Files

"Da*n it! How could I forget such an important thing?" Zhao Yu suddenly shouted angrily.

"Team Leader..." Wu Xiumin quickly asked, "What have you forgotten?"

Zeng Ke also asked, "Do you think that Leader Miao and Cui Lizhu went to the wrong place? Well… Nevermind, as regardless, I sent some undercover officers go to the other possible places as well. So, If Xie Tongguo went to any of them, we'll definitely catch him!"

"No..." Zhao Yu said gloomily, but he did not explain the reason why.

Zhao Yu wasn't upset about the criminal, but was angry because of his carelessness. He had missed today's side adventure! He hadn't expected that today's side adventure would start so early!

After he opened the hexagram last night, he was thinking about the case the rest of the night. Later, because he was dizzy and tired, he went into the side room to rest.

But, he did not realize that the side adventure was set to occur at 4 o'clock in the morning, which was exactly when he was sleeping! Feeling that he might have missed something important, Zhao Yu was extremely depressed.

He chided himself as he wondered… How could I have made such a huge mistake?

He paced gloomily back and forth, but suddenly stopped to take a careful look at the details of the side adventure. Past experiences had made Zhao Yu quite familiar with every side adventure's specific instructions. So, at just a glance, he could basically identify the general position of each location.

Hence, he realized something immediately… He was surprised to see that today's side adventure was set to occur in the very office where he was now!

Zhao Yu couldn't believe that anyone could have been in this room at four o'clock in the morning, and he wondered what the side adventure was. He also wondered… Since I was not present, could other people have known the side adventure?

"Team leader... Are you okay?" Wu Xiumin was looking at Zhao Yu curiously. She knew that since Zhao Yu was frowning tightly, he must be thinking about something important.

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu opened his mouth, but could not say what he was thinking.

After all, his system was highly confidential, so he couldn't tell anyone about it. He thought about it for a long time, then finally asked Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke, "Did anybody come to our office last night?"

The two were puzzled by his question. They thought about it for a few seconds before they Zeng Ke finally asked, "Team Leader, who would you be talking about?"

"Um..." Zhao Yu shrugged his shoulders and gestured with his hands. "I mean... Did anyone other than our team members come into the office in the middle of the night? You see... I fell asleep last night, so I just wanted to know if anything happened."

Zeng Ke shook his head, "All I can think of is that I found a swimming pool in the uncompleted building, and Leader Miao and Cui Lizhu went there to check it out."

"In the office! I mean in the office!" Zhao Yu repeated, clearly annoyed. Then, in case the two had any doubts about his meaning, he added, "Especially at 4 in the morning! I heard someone talking in the office!"

"At four in the morning? Somebody was talking?" Wu Xiumin thought for a while, then finally said, "Oh, wait... At four o'clock in the morning, I remember! I had fallen asleep, when someone knocked at the door. I was too tired to get up, so Leader Miao answered the door! Then... Hmm... Zeng Ke... What happened then?"

Zeng Ke rushed to the center of the office, scratched his head, and said, "It was an officer, delivering information that he had collected for the case. He gave the materials to Leader Miao, who put them on your desk!" He then pointed to Zhao Yu's desk and said, "That's all of it… Right there!"

Zhao Yu felt like he was in a daze as he walked over to the desk to check the materials. There was indeed a small box on his desk, which had a lot of documents in it. As he looked at the box, he found a note on the side of the box.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He read it aloud, "Zhang Jingru's Office Papers."

After hearing what it said, Zeng Ke said to Zhao Yu with relief, "Oh... No wonder these were placed on your desk! These are the materials related to Han Kuan's case! We have been putting so much effort into the serial murder case that we had almost forgotten our own case!"

Zhao Yu took the documents out of the box and saw that they were Zhang Jingru's office papers. He saw that there were many numbers on them.

He suddenly remembered that he had asked the Golden City Police Station to collect this information. His purpose for this command was because he wanted to further investigate Han Kuan and his wife.

Zhao Yu suddenly realized something very important. If these papers were today's side adventure, then he hadn't actually missed it! He wondered… What important clues could be hidden in these papers?

Although the box was pretty small, it was filled with papers. Thus, if he really wanted to go through all of the papers carefully, it would take him a lot of time.

However, since this was most likely the side adventure, Zhao Yu certainly couldn't miss it. Therefore, he immediately asked Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin to help him.

Wu Xiumin said, "Team Leader, since the Golden City police sent this information to us, they must have checked it beforehand! Is it really necessary for us to go through all of it again?"

Zeng Ke picked up a bunch of files and said, "In case they missed anything, I think we'd better do it again. Obviously, they brought this from Zhang Jingru's office and didn't take it to the Department of Evidence first. So, we might be able to find something new."

"Yes!" Zhao Yu picked up a stack of files and said, "Even if they have already checked them, they wouldn't have seen any secret information!"

"Okay..." Wu Xiumin pulled up a chair, sat down at the table, and began to read through the papers.

They were all Zhang Jingru's office papers, and they were filled with banking terms and complicated numbers. This would definitely be a laborious task!

Zhao Yu instructed them to carefully examine every single piece of paper, every line, and every word. This only added to the level of difficulty of the task. As such, even with all three of working together, they still hadn't finished going through even half of the papers by noon.

While they were working, the Bureau Chief arranged to have breakfast sent over to them. By the time breakfast arrived, Ran Tao had confirmed the news of lost keys, and many other investigators that they had dispatched had returned with new information.

Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke were tasked with dealing with these new findings, leaving Zhao Yu alone to continue sorting through the papers. At first, Zhao Yu thought that Zhang Jingru was working in bank credit, so he assumed that the serial murder case had something to do with the real estate industry, specifically, the buying of homes.

Therefore, he decided that he needed to find out if there was any information regarding that in this box of papers. But, even after searching for a long time, he found nothing in Zhang Jingru's papers.

Zhao Yu would never stop with only half of the work done, so after eating a simple lunch, he went right back to reading through the papers. When he had almost finished going through all of the papers, he noticed a strange piece of paper.

It was a letter that was requesting payment, and it was marked with an Evergreen Development Bank logo. The header was clearly addressed to Mrs. Zhang Jingru. The letter went on to explain that Zhang Jingru owed the bank 127 yuan.

Zhao Yu couldn't understand why Zhang Jingru would owe another bank money, as she worked at a different bank. Out of curiosity, Zhao Yu looked at the paper more carefully. Within seconds, he found a big problem.

The date on letter was late last month, but Zhang Jingru had been dead for more than three months! That was to say, the letter was sent after Zhang Jingru's death!