Crazy Detective
833 Restart from the Very Beginning
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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833 Restart from the Very Beginning

Either Director Ba and the others deliberately avoided getting involved in their fight, or Zhang Jingfeng was daft! He actually grabbed a handful of hair from Han Kuan's head, causing Han Kuan to scream in pain!

After the police finally separated them, Han Kuan's nearly bald head had lost a few precious handfuls of hair! Seeing that neither of them could provide any important information, Zhao Yu asked the police to take Huan Kuan back to the police station, while he decided that he would Zhang Jingfeng away himself later.

Zhang Jingfeng was an unemployed gambler. As he was one of the important people in Han Kuan's case, the police had already checked out what he was doing on the night of the murder. That evening, it turned out that he had really been playing cards with his friends. So, he had a solid alibi.

Although Han Kuan had mentioned Zhang Jingfeng's debts, after further investigation, Zhao Yu's team confirmed that Zhang Jingfeng didn't have any major financial problems at present. Also, in the past, Zhang Jingru did help her brother out quite often in terms of money, so it seemed highly improbable for him to hurt her.

After Huan Kuan and Zhang Jingfeng had left the room, Director Ba frowned as he asked Zhao Yu, "Special Investigator, what shall we do next?"

Zhao Yu was still thinking about something, so did not answer his question immediately.

At that moment, Cui Lizhu bit her lip and said, "This is going to be a hard one! After all, all of the evidence clearly points to Han Kuan! It seems that he really can't remove all doubts regarding his guilt!"

"It's too early to say that now!" Zeng Ke said, refusing to agree to her assertion. "Maybe deputy leader's investigation into the truth could be helpful to us. In fact, I'm even more curious about the true identity of the serial killer now!"

"Director Ba!" At this time, Zhao Yu finally stopped thinking and said sternly, "I need you to do an important thing. And... You must do it well!"

"Okay! You have my word!" Director Ba said as he saluted Zhao Yu.

"Cui is right. Because it was a locked room, we can only assume two hypotheses before we know if there are other people involved!" Zhao Yu said, while he held up two of his fingers.

He then said, "Either Zhang Jingru committed suicide and framed her husband... Or... Han Kuan is the murderer! The reason why we are still uncertain about which one is correct is because we are still missing a lot of key evidence! We need to know what happened to both of them!"

"Um... Well... Do you mean..." Director Ba still could not quite understand Zhao Yu what Zhao Yu was getting at.

Zhao Yu, upon seeing his confusion, rushed to clarify what he wanted for Director Ba to do exactly, "You need to immediately assign people to investigate all of Han Kuan's and Zhang Jingru's activities within the three months leading up to Zhang Jingru's death!"

He then clarified things in even more detail, "Be sure that you are meticulous, as you must not leave out any details! You must find out what they did, who they met, what happened to them... Every single day! Even things like shopping or going to the movie theater must not be overlooked!"

"Ah? This..." Director Ba's face showed signs of reluctance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhao Yu did not let him finish his thoughts before he continued giving Director Ba further instructions, "Find any security camera videos, ask every applicable witness to find more clues, and even check film tickets if that is applicable! In a word, no matter what method you use or how many people you assign to get this task handles, you must find out all of the related information for me in three days!"

Upon hearing this quick deadline, Director Ba frowned and, although he was skeptical as to being able to get it all done in such a short period of time, he reluctantly agreed, "Okay, I will try my best!"

Zhao Yu stared at him for a second, then shouted, "This is not a matter of merely trying! In fact, you can tell your chief that you have made a great mistake in terms of your own responsibility in this case!"

He shook his head, then added, "As for the novel serial killer case, your station has also been seriously negligent! I'm telling you... If you can't manage to do even these trivial things I've asked of you just now, your whole Golden City Police Station will be punished!"

Director Ba stood up in a hurry, saluted Zhao Yu respectfully, and promised, "I promise to finish these tasks!"

"Well, what are you waiting for then? Get started!" Zhao Yu urged him. "But, I still have one more request! Don't ask Han Kuan about any of these things during your investigation!"

"Oh..." Director Ba frowned. He was clearly confused as he asked, "Why?"

Zhao Yu stared at him in frustration yet again. "Why do you have to ask so many questions? Just do what I tell you! Do you understand?"

"Um... I understand!" Director Ba nodded, while a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Zhao Yu then reached out his hand to him and said, "Oh… And leave us a car! We'll stay at the scene for a little longer! You go ahead!"

"Okay," Director Ba said, while he quickly gave Zhao Yu the front door keys and the car key. He then went to handle all of the tasks that Zhao Yu had just mentioned.

As soon as Director Ba left, Zeng Ke asked Zhao Yu out of curiosity, "Do you think we've missed anything?"

Cui Lizhu overheard this and said with a wicked smile, "Our boss must just be toying with them on purpose. After all, look at them! What kind of criminal policemen are they, anyway? None like I have ever seen… That's for sure!"

Upon hearing her sneer, Zhao Yu said solemnly, "No! Ke Zeng was right when he said that the case has a dead knot! If we want to untie this knot, we must start from the rope's ends! I think that... Either we missed something, or Han Kuan and his wife deliberately hid something from us!"

Cui Lizhu stuck out her tongue, then asked, "Are you joking? Zhang Jingru is dead! What else can she possibly hide from us?"

"Um... I seem to understand a little of what you mean..." Zeng Ke nodded, then said, "It seems that Han Kuan's case is not as simple as it first seemed on the surface!"

Zhao Yu felt relieved that Zeng Ke was following his line of thought, and turned to give him further instructions, "When you get back to the police station, ask Han Kuan to write down a detailed record of his activities within the three months before the murder, including both his and his wife's every move! Do you understand?"

"No problem!" Zeng Ke made an okay gesture with his hand, then said, "When Director Ba finishes investigating on his end, then we can compare our findings with one another! Then, we'll know who is lying!"

Zhao Yu raised a single thumb in approval as he said, "Great! But... The policemen who were at the scene just now can't be overlooked. You'll need to go back and sort out all of their background details for me! Regardless of whether there was a third person on the scene or not that night, we can't let leave any possibility unchased or any clue uncovered!"

"Okay!" Zeng Ke nodded, then asked, "In that case, shall we go back to the police station now?"

"Not yet. There is one more thing that I have to figure out first!" With that, Zhao Yu pointed to the big bed in the middle of the crime scene. He then patted Cui Lizhu on the shoulder and said with a strange look, "Cui, come here! Get on the bed with me!"

"Okay..." Cui Lizhu nodded her head and followed Zhao Yu for several steps before a strange look flashed across her face. Then, she suddenly looked up and asked him, "Wait... I beg your pardon? Did I just hear you correctly?"

"Shi*! What bad hearing you have! I said... Let's go to the bed! Can't you understand me?" Zhao Yu waved at her impatiently, then said, "Hurry up!"
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