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829 An Unsatisfactory Completion

In a dumpling restaurant near the Golden City Police Station, Zhao Yu, Zeng Ke, Cui Lizhu and the logistics director, Director Ba, were sitting around a small table and waiting to be served. Meanwhile, Miao Ying had taken Wu Xiumin and Ran Tao to the crime scene to investigate.

As Director Ba looked at the people around the table, he said with some embarrassment, "I'm sorry about the restaurant, officers! Tomorrow, as soon as our chief comes back, we will take you to the best restaurant in order to give you a proper welcome."

"Oh… This place if fine! Dumplings are good enough for us!" Zhao Yu waved his hand and said, "Director Ba, you must tell your chief that excessive indulgence is unnecessary. We are all honest people..."

Unexpectedly, before Zhao Yu could even finish his words, both his and Director Ba's mobile phones rang at the same time! However, the messages that the two men received were quite different. Zhao Yu received a message from his bank, while Director Ba received a personal message.

After seeing his message, Director Ba smiled before excitedly announcing to the others, "Oh! Our criminal police captain just gave birth to a healthy boy!"

"Ha ha... Why are you so happy? After all, it's not your child!" Cui Lizhu joked.

When Director Ba heard Cui Lizhu's words, he scratched his head and rushed to explain, "It's just that our captain turned 41 this year. So, it wasn't so easy for her at that age! I'm just happy for her!"

Everyone at the table giggled at their banter. Then, Cui Lizhu asked curiously, "Boss, do you any news?"

"Oh… Only that all of the bonuses for the Gem Theft Case and the Headless Female Corpses Case have been paid!" Zhao Yu shook his cell phone in front of her as he said, "See that? Stick with me and you'll never be short of money!"

Zhao Yu didn't lie, as the message that he had just received on his phone confirmed what he had just said. To be specific, the bonus for solving the Gem Theft Case was 60,000 RMB, and the bonus for the Headless Female Corpses Case was an unprecedented 280,000 RMB!

However, the money was not Zhao Yu's alone, but belonged to the whole Special Investigation Group to divide at their discretion. Protocol determined that Zhao Yu was to distribute the bonus to his team members according to their contributions.

Since he was the leader, he would naturally be offered the biggest share, which was almost half. But, as Zhao Yu didn't care about money that much, he had decided that he'd evenly distribute the bonus, thus bucking traditional protocol. That was why he was so excited when he saw the amount of the bonus.

Upon hearing about the bonus, Cui Lizhu pouted. "It's not fair! I also made a contribution in both of those cases. So… Why don't I get a portion of the bonus?"

"You little fool! Don't you know that the money is always allocated by the team leader?" Zhao Yu laughed as he said, "Although you were not in my team at that time, you will certainly be given a share if you made a contribution! But, as to how much you will get..."

Cui Lizhu didn't even let Zhao Yu finish before she immediately started massaging his neck and said, "Boss, from the first time I saw you, I knew that you were an honest man, a principled man, and a posh man with great taste."

Nauseated by her shameless flattery in an attempt to get more of a share of the bonus, Zeng Ke and Director Ba shook their heads and sighed. Fortunately, Cui Lizhu did not flatter Zhao Yu much longer, as the steaming dumplings soon arrived at the table.

At the moment, it was nearly 8 p.m., and all of them were very hungry. So, they immediately picked up their chopsticks and started to eat.

"Please have as much as you like!" Director Ba laughed and said. "Dinner is on me tonight! Would you like me to order drinks? They serve strong spirits here! You will feel so warm after having some!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu snapped his fingers and said, "Great! Two shots for me, please. I'd like to test the strength of these spirits myself!"

Director Ba stood up quickly and walked over to the waiter to place Zhao Yu's drink order. Zeng Ke took this opportunity to ask Zhao Yu, "Boss, regarding Han Kuan's case, what are we going to do next?"

Zhao Yu laughed with confidence. "I promised Miao Ying that I'd let her have a taste of victory this time. So, if I have too much progress, she won't be happy about it. Besides, Han Kuan has already waited for three months, so surely he won't care about waiting just a little longer!"

After he finished speaking, Zhao Yu picked up a dumpling and tossed it into his mouth.

"Boss... I've read almost all of the related files, and I discovered that the local police actually did a decent job at gathering data and evidence." Zeng Ke said, clearly a bit worried.

"During the past three months, they have spoken with all of Han Kuan's and his wife's relatives and friends. They have investigated all of the possibilities, only to determine that the two never had any conflicts with anyone. So, the police really couldn't find any concrete leads!"

"Yes. It appears this case is really tough!" Cui Lizhu nodded and agreed.

Zeng Ke shook his head, then said, "I really can't figure out any motive that either the wife or husband would have… For suicide or murder!"

At this time, Director Ba returned and said, "They had to open a brand new bottle of wine, so it will be here in a few moments!"

Zeng Ke then continued, "In my opinion, Han Kun is not a murderer. After all, he had sleeping pills in his system, too! So, the crime scene was most likely designed and manipulated by someone else."

"You are absolutely correct in your opinion!" Director Ba shouted excitedly.

As he was very familiar with the case, when he heard what Zeng Ke said, he immediately explained, "Since our medical equipment is limited, we can't know exactly how long Han Kuan was unconscious! But, regardless, it would be impossible for him to have killed his wife and then taken the sleeping pills!"

Zhao Yu nodded, "Indeed! Regardless, the evidence will tell us the truth. Now, we need to sort out all of the details to see if the police overlooked anything."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Just as Zhao Yu finished speaking, the system informed him that today's side adventure was over. He couldn't believe it! No way! It's still early!

As the side adventure had ended so much earlier than usual, Zhao Yu immediately felt that something was wrong. So, when he looked at the system interface, he was not surprised to see that the completion score was only 116%, and he had only received one Invisible Bone Setting Device!

As for his side adventure points for the day, due to the fake ticket thing, which happened on the green train, Zhao Yu only got 20 points. Judging from these less than stellar results, one could safely say that his side adventure did not go as smoothly as he had hoped.

Moreover, because of the Gen hexagram, Zhao Yu felt that his understanding of the case had some loopholes. Thus, he determined that he had either deviated from the right path of investigation, or he had neglected something very important!