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828 Identity of the Dead

"Lizhu... I meant to ask… How is the Miao Ying's case going?" As Zhao Yu pondered over his case, he did not forget to ask about the other team's progress.

"Um... The most recent corpse is already completely rotten!" Cui Lizhu said. "Even though there were people living upstairs and downstairs, the body was not found for at least a month. That it totally absurd."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Oh... Are you talking about the body that was electrocuted?" Zhao Yu asked to confirm.

Cui Lizhu nodded. "Judging from the way he committed the crime, I think that the murderer is definitely not a professional. The killer caused the victim to lose consciousness, then pulled the victim's hand into the electric door with his own hand, while wearing something insulated, in order to manipulate the scene to look like the victim died from touching the electric door."

She shook her head, "However, he did not expect that the air switch had a detector, and because of the electric shock, the air switch turned off automatically."

Cui Lizhu then said, "What's even more absurd was that the electric shock woke the victim, at which point the two fought, which resulted in the victim's head wound and torn clothes."

She paused to take a breath, then continued, "As the murderer was apparently a better fighter, he either knocked out the victim with a punch or made him lose consciousness again with some other unknown method. This time, the murderer learned his lesson, so he connected the wires around the air switch, finally allowing him to successfully electrocute the victim!"

Cui Lizhu then added, "However, in this way, the murderer's carefully planned suicide scene was botched! This was because he left DNA traces on the air switch, the socket, all throughout the room, and even on the dead body, all of which contradict it being a possible suicide!"

"Then... What about the victim's identity?" Zhao Yu asked.

"I only remember that his surname was Sun, and that he was a pig farmer." Cui Lizhu said.

She then added, "Also, he didn't have many friends, as he gambled a lot and had a criminal record. He didn't have many relatives, which explains why no one reported him missing! It was only by conducting a fingerprint comparison that we were able to identify him in the end."

Cui Lizhu then said, "And… In a strange twist, the house that he died in had nothing to do with him! The owner was a car mechanic, who had not lived in the Golden City for a long time. This was why the owner wanted to sell the house. Who knew that when the salesman took the buyers to have a look at the house, they would find a corpse?"

"If that house had nothing to do with the victim..." Zhao Yu started to ask a question.

But, he did not finish before Cui Lizhu interrupted him, "That may have something to do with the murderer! You've just said exactly the same thing as Miss Miao, and even in the same tone as she used! You can rest assured... She has sent someone to investigate that already!"

"So... What about the other victims?" Zhao Yu asked. "Are they connected in any way?"

Cui Lizhu said, "It's almost exactly like the plot of the book. Miss Miao will come here to organize all of the information soon, so you'd better prepare some white boards for her to use, too!"

"Then... What else do you know? Tell me." Zhao Yu said. "Maybe these two cases are connected in some way!'

"Okay..." Cui Lizhu thought for a moment, then said, "At present, all of the information about the four victims has been sorted out. Except for the hanged woman, all of the other victims are men. As for whether they have any relation to one another, Miss Miao is investigating that as we speak."

Cui Lizhu then said, "Their order of deaths are the same as the plot in Han Kuan's novel. Although the interval time between the murders is not fixed, it is around one and a half months, which is also similar to the book."

She took a breath, then continued, "The bad news is that, except for the who was electrocuted, all of the other people's bodies were cremated. And for various reasons, their families didn't insist on a follow-up investigation. So, there were no autopsies, and the three of them were all classified as suicides."

Zeng Ke then said, "Han Kuan said that the murderer in his novel was the father of a girl who committed suicide because of a campus bully. Would the real killer have had the same experience?"

"Miss Miao has already thought of this very question!" Cui Lizhu said. "Although the suicide rate in the Golden City is quite high, it is not common for students to commit suicide on campus! Regardless, she has already sent someone to investigate this angle, and she also wants Zeng Ke to look it up in the system!"

"Ok. That will not be difficult!" Zeng Ke immediately sat down at the computer and got ready to start a search.

At that moment, Zhao Yu's phone rang. It was Miao Ying.

"Zhao Yu, I am heading to the crime scene now!" Miao Ying said excitedly. "In this electric shock case, the murderer left a lot of clues, so I have to get to the crime scene as soon as possible!"

Zhao Yu cared about her, so he said, "You don't have to rush out like that! It's no big deal. I will still let you take all of the glory regardless!"

"I don't need your charity, as I can beat you fair and square in this little competition!" Miao Ying fired back, refusing to accept his charity. "And while I am thinking about it, go ahead and take back that young girl! She's just like you were in the early days. I can't have such a disobedient member in my team! She's all yours! Haha!"

Zhao Yu sighed, then said, "Okay... Just please remember to put on plenty of layers of clothes, so you don't catch a cold. If anything goes wrong, please tell me immediately! I suspect that there may be a deeper connection between these two cases..."

"Fine!" Miao Ying shouted into the receiver before hanging up the phone.

"Humph! I could hear her all the way from where I stand!" Cui Lizhu said provocatively. "She even blamed you for my behavior! This woman is impossible!"

"Your hearing is good!" Zhao Yu threw the files in his hand in Cui Lizhu's direction as he said, "I'm telling you right now, if you don't behave yourself from now on, I'll send you back to prison forever!"

"Boss, no! Okay… But I will only listen to you!" Cui Lizhu rolled up her sleeves, picked up the scattered files, and said, "As for the case, calm down about it. Tomorrow, after I check out the crime scene, I will go around to see if I can get some news from the other students on campus! After all, I used to be a student there, so I'll be the perfect spy to find out any inside secrets!"

"Hmm..." Seeing that Cui Lizhu had adopted a good work attitude, Zhao Yu calmed down as he said, "That's not a bad idea. Remember, I've decided to say goodbye to the old me, so you must do the same! We must be honest from now on!"