Crazy Detective
818 Not That Simple
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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818 Not That Simple

"yes! we can only put off the devil case for now and go north!" in the hotel, zhao yu was chatting with miao ying on the phone.

"i heard that there was a heavy snow in zhaoyun, forcing all airplane travel to halt. so, the criminal division could only buy us high-speed railway tickets to zhaoyun. after that, and we will take a train to the golden city," he explained.

zhao yu then said, "the snow is heavy over there, and the ground is very icy, so driving is hard... yeah, i think it's interesting… apparently, he's a prolific writer. since his first book's debut, he has written more than 20 books. two of them have been adapted into tv plays, but neither of them made much of an impression. otherwise, this man would not have remained in the golden city for so many years..."

zhao yu's face was full of happiness and love as he said, "indeed... i think there's something fishy here, for such a criminal novelist to turn out to be a suspect in a murder case... yes... you're right... you're absolutely coming back at the right time. you can use this case as a warm-up! if we can solve it as soon as possible, we may be able to start investigating the devil case before the new year!"

after talking about the new case, zhao yu and miao ying talked about zhao yu and miao kun's personal grievances. when miao ying learned that they had already buried the hatchet, she was relieved.

after having a long chat, zhao yu said, "it's so late. we should both call it a night. have a good rest. i'll meet you at the rail station tomorrow. bye..."

after hanging up the phone, zhao yu opened the video on his mobile phone once again. han kuan was a thin, middle-aged man, who was completely bald. he was wearing black-framed glasses and looked quite intellectual.

in the video of his testimony, he repeatedly claimed that he was innocent, saying that he and his wife had been married for 10 years and led a happy life together. hence, he had no reason to kill her.

moreover, he pointed to the fact that he was an award-winning crime novelist. so, if he really wanted to kill someone, he would do it much more professionally!

for example, he wouldn't leave fingerprints on the weapon, much less leave it right next to the dead body! due to such reasons, he had insisted that he must have been framed by someone.

in addition to emphasizing his innocence, he also brought up his serial murder book. he said that he had solid evidence that would prove that there was an unknown killer, who was killing according to the plotline of his novel.

he then warned that, if the killer couldn't be found and stopped in time, there would be even more victims in the future! at the end of the video, han kuan used this as a bargaining chip in order to make a deal with the police.

moreover, he specified that the police officer named zhao, who had solved the headless female corpses case, must be the one to come and clear his name.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

after watching the video several times, zhao yu read over han kuan's information once again. the 35-year-old man's past generations of family had all lived in the golden city. his occupation listed was that of a full-time writer.

the criminal report stated that, one late night about three months ago, after receiving a call, the local police had broken into han kuan's house to find his wife, zhang jingru, dead. she had died in their bed, and han kuan had been found next to the deceased, sleeping amid her blood!

also according to the crime scene report, zhang jingru's wrists had been cut, causing her to die from excessive blood loss. the murder weapon was a brand-new fruit knife, which was not only left at the scene, but was found in the sleeping han kuan's hand!

naturally, han kuan became the primary suspect immediately. a forensics test later confirmed that only han kuan's fingerprints were found on the knife. further tests revealed that zhang jingru's blood contained chemical residue from strong sleeping pills.

the police did not find any other suspects, even after a detailed investigation. so, they charged han kuan with murder.

however, from the minute that han kuan was arrested by the police, he had insisted that he was innocent, which placed the local police in a dilemma. although the material evidence was quite conclusive, they themselves had many doubts about this case.

firstly, they also found the same chemical residue from the sleeping pills in han kuan's blood, which could mean that han kuan might literally have slept through the whole murder, making himself a poor, innocent bystander on the night that his wife was killed!

secondly, the police couldn't find any reason why han kuan would have wanted to kill his wife. through an in-depth investigation, the police found that their home and marital situation was exactly as han kuan had said. although they had no children, the couple loved each other and had no obvious conflicts with one another.

thirdly, han kuan was a full-time crime novelist. it simply did not make sense that he would he kill his wife in such a silly and obvious way.

for these reasons, the police decided to investigate the people that had close, personal relationships with the couple. however, in the end, they did not manage to find any other suspects.

therefore, the police had to delay the prosecution and keep han kuan in detention for three months. but, they still hadn't gotten any closer to uncovering the truth of the case!

now that he knew more information about the case, zhao yu felt that it was not as simple as he had first imagined. of course, zhao yu knew that, before was able to conduct an in-depth investigation himself, he couldn't make any arbitrary judgments. everything had to wait until his team got to the scene and could see everything for themselves.

just as he was thinking about this, zhao yu found that today's qian li hexagram had ended. zhao yu finally understood the meaning of this hexagram.

there was no doubt that miao kun, his future father-in-law, was what the li hexagram referred to. after all, every one of his adventures today had happened because of miao kun.

as for the qian hexagram, whether it is about his status, money, or his relationship with miao ying, zhao yu had made some achievements in each of those areas. therefore, the 185% completion score was a worthy reward for his efforts!

zhao yu also obtained seven of the same kind of new device, which was called the invisible comparator. the devices' instructions said that the devices could be used to compare blood, dna, or dandruff tissue.

the devices not only had a 100% success rate, but they also took a short time to complete each comparison. thus, they were perfect tools for identification! with these seven magical devices, zhao yu basically had a mobile forensic lab!

zhao yu looked at the devices and exclaimed, "it seems that the system is going to make me the greatest detective ever!"

because of the new case, zhao yu did not even wait for dawn to break, but opened a new hexagram immediately. this time, he opened a conventional gun dui hexagram. because of this hexagram, zhao yu supposed that he would make progress in the case and also have some luck with money in the following day.

thinking of this, zhao yu couldn't help but snicker. he then began to wonder… what else could i get besides the ten million rmb from miao kun?

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