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817 A Special Deal

Zhao Yu replied to Division Chief Jiao over the phone as he motioned for Ran Tao to continue driving, "What do you mean? This is the second time! You count the days... It's not far from New Year's Day. The Devil Case is my main concern now. The more days we waste, the harder it will be..."

Next to Zhao Yu, Zeng Ke, Wu Xiumin and the others listened quietly. From what Zhao Yu had just said, It seemed that their trip to Beiqian to solve the Devil Case was going to be cancelled yet again.

Before this, the Yongjin Island case had wasted a lot of their time already. They had to wonder... Would such a thing happen again?

"I know..." Zhao Yu explained over the phone, "But, there are millions of prisoners all over the country. I can't just say yes to every one of them! Besides, Zhaoyun and Beiqian are in opposite directions. If that prisoner really was mad, aren't we wasting our time and energy for nothing?"

Zhao Yu listened carefully for a while before a complex look suddenly appeared on his face. He frowned and said, "Okay, send me that first. Let me have a look at it. Dam*! If only this was a normal case!"

By this time, their car was on the main road. The snow was getting heavier, so Ran Tao had to lower his driving speed for the sake of safety.

Right after Zhao Yu hung up the phone, Zeng Ke asked, "Leader, what is Zhaoyun?"

"The Golden City!" Zhao Yu answered, then immediately started to check the video that he had received on his mobile phone.

"The Golden City?" Zeng Ke was unfamiliar with the name, so he shook his head and asked, "What does it mean?"

"I know..." Cui Lizhu wiped her lips and said, "The Golden City is a county that is directly under the jurisdiction of the Zhaoyun Province. When I traveled around with my father, we lived there for a period of time. But, I haven't been there for a year or so. I studied in a public school there. The people there are cool, but they drink a lot."

Zhao Yu explained to the others as he watched the video, "Well, that's it! As I was fighting with Sangrove, Chen Zhuo sent me the video and called me several times. But, because I didn't pick up the phone, Division Chief Jiao called me just now. As for the reason... Alas... That's hard to say..."

"I know. There must be a new task!" Ran Tao guessed. "After all, since it's almost midnight and the Division Chief called us personally, it must be important, right?"

"Yes. But... Still… The exact reason is not clear yet." Zhao Yu then showed the video to Wu Xiumin and the others in the back seat as he explained, "There is a suspect named Han Kuan in the Golden City, who was accused of murdering his wife three months ago. He is currently being detained."

Zhao Yu sighed grudgingly, then said, "Because of the Headless Female Corpses Case, I am basically a celebrity now. And, after the suspected murderer learned of my great achievements, he requested that I help him prove his innocence!"

"His innocence? Was he wrongly accused?" Ran Tao asked doubtfully.

Zeng Ke then asked, "Well… Shall we go or not? If we go, what about the Devil Case?"

Wu Xiumin said, "Team leader, although this guy is suspected of homicide, regarding our Special Investigation Group, we have our priorities to consider You can't go just because he wants you to! Just let the Criminal Division send a group of policemen to settle it. Surely it won't be too difficult for them to find out the truth behind this kind of case!"

Wu Xiumin then added earnestly, "At present, a high-level case like the Devil Case is more suitable for us!"

Although Ran Tao was driving, he still didn't miss this opportunity to talk back to Wu Xiumin, "You're terrific! The only reason we are where we are today is thanks to our boss! So, how can you speak to him with such pride? Humph!"

He then turned to Zhao Yu and said, "But, Boss... I have to admit… Xiumin is not wrong. If we take on such a small task, we would lose face!"

Zhao Yu frowned, then asked, "Didn't you hear what I said just now? That's exactly what I thought at first, too! But, there's more to this story. Han Kuan, the suspect, is a best-selling crime fiction novelist! He is famous!"

Cui Lizhu opened her eyes wide and said, "That is interesting! I mean, think about it… A crime fiction author being charged for murder!"

Zhao Yu nodded, then said, "Take a good look at this video. It shows Han Kuan giving his testimony in the detention center! Han Kuan said that he had written an crime novel more than ten years ago, which has yet to be published. However, someone has started to kill people according to the exact plotline of that novel!"

"What? Are you kidding?" Ran Tao was flabbergasted.

"So, Han Kuan wants to make a deal with the police!" Zhao Yu said. "The police want me to help clear his name, and in return, he has agreed to help us to find the real murderer, who is killing people according to the plotline!"

The others all looked at each other. They were clearly attracted to this case now.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Strange things always happen around you Zhao Yu!" Ran Tao drove the car carefully as he joked, "Have you ever thought about the possibility that this great writer may be so creative that the murderer is just his own delusion?"

Zhao Yu was quick to respond, "Well, he said in the video that he would only divulge all of the details of the case once he sees me. He also said that the novel that he wrote years ago was about a serial killer. So, if we don't work with him, there will be even more dead people soon!"

"Oh... Then, it is no wonder that our Division Chief called you!" Wu Xiumin said. "She must have been afraid that we would not give up the Devil Case easily. But, if we go to investigate this case, we..."

"Han Kuan is a prisoner now," Zhao Yu said before Wu Xiumin could even finish her thought. "If his mental status is stable, he would not fabricate a false story!"

"Wow. I can't believe that he dared to make a deal with the police! This guy is certainly bold!" Ran Tao grinned and said.

Zeng Ke said, "I have to admit, my first thought is that the police wouldn't charge a person without a reason."

Wu Xiumin then said, "Well, I'm thinking of another possibility. If the police have wrongfully accused him and Han Kuan is innocent, then he may have been framed by someone! In that case, this case is much more complicated than we first thought!"

Cui Lizhu agreed. "Yes. This guy particularly asked for our leader's help, which means that this case can't be that simple."

"Hmm..." As he was listening to the team members' discussion, Zhao Yu nodded lightly. He then turned his eyes toward the snow outside the window and said, "Regardless, we have to go to the Golden City!"