Crazy Detective
815 Paternal Love
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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815 Paternal Love

Zhao Yu pointed to the two bottles of Maotai and asked, "Maotai? Wow! A bottle for each person?"

"I am known for keeping my promises. Otherwise, I couldn't have survived in this business for so many years!" Miao Kun unscrewed one of the bottles as he said, "Zhao Yu, since you hit me, this was your fault! But, it was also wrong for me to do this to you against my daughter's wishes today. So, there is one bottle for each of us, as that seems fair and reasonable! After that, our rift will be over!"

Zhao Yu unscrewed his bottle cap and lifted it up like a toast. "Respect!"

After that, Zhao Yu didn't hesitate, but went to drink the strong liquor straightaway. Upon seeing that, Miao Kun also held his bottle up high and went to drink it.

However, not a single drop of liquor came out of the bottles! Zhao Yu looked at his bottle carefully, then shook it repeatedly, but still didn't get a single drop of liquor out of it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhao Yu asked doubtfully, "You didn't buy fake wine, did you?"

"Nonsense! This is authentic Maotai!" Miao Kun shook his bottle, but couldn't get any out of it either!

"Okay... Let's just exchange this for Sauvignon Blanc," Zhao Yu suggested.

Miao Kun objected at once, "No way! Here… I'll show you how to get them properly open…"

As Miao Kun was still trying to find a way to open the bottles, Zhao Yu ran out of patience. "Oh, forget it!" After saying that, Zhao Yu smashed one of the bottles' necks on the table edge.

"Hey, the broken glass will get into the bottle..." Before Miao Kun could finish his objection, Zhao Yu threw back his head, lifted up the broken, open bottle, and drank the liquor!

Miao Kun shook his head and smashed the mouth of his bottle, just like Zhao Yu had done. Then, he also tilted back his head and poured the liquor into his mouth.

This Maotai was 53% alcohol, so Miao Kun's face changed after having only two drinks. He soon slowed his drinking and felt woozy.

He regretted bringing it. If he had known it was so strong, he would have just brought two bottles of red wine.

But seeing Zhao Yu still drinking away without a care, he couldn't stand losing to Zhao Yu. So, he unwillingly continued to drink.

But, after just a few more drinks, he couldn't bear it any longer. His chest was burning and his lungs felt like they were going to explode! However, Miao Kun was a very proud person, and although he was suffering so much, he was still determined to finish his bottle.

However, just at that moment, Zhao Yu took Miao Kun's bottle and said, "I've finished mine! As you said, it's time we wrote off all of our old scores! Now, I'll drink the rest of yours as well. So… You'll stop opposing me and Miao Ying in the future, right?"

With that, Zhao Yu raised Miao Kun's bottle and drank the rest of it in two big gulps!

Miao Kun replied, "Zhao Yu, I won't oppose you. But, you must remember to take good care of my little girl. You must protect her from danger, and you must treat her honestly!"

"Does that even need to be said?" Zhao Yu thought that all of these things were givens, and he wanted to continue drinking.

Miao Kun tugged at Zhao Yu's sleev to get his attention as he said, "And... You must not upset her! She's just looks tough on the outside, but she's actually really vulnerable. I actually feel sorry for her, as I always had to leave her for work. So, Ying was always alone in her childhood! Zhao Yu, I only have one daughter, and I really love her. I hope she can be happy with you! Just promise me that you will treat her well!"

"I will!" After hearing Miao Kun's emotional words, Zhao Yu was moved.

Only then did he finally understand why Miao Kun had made it so difficult for him. It was not only to take revenge, but it was also because of his deep love and concern for Miao Ying.

Miao Kun then said earnestly, "In the future, remember that if you encounter any difficulties, you must inform me as soon as possible! I will definitely help you! Ying is stubborn, so she never tells me when she encounters difficulties! But, now that you are with her, you can keep me informed. I'll ask the housekeeper to give you my emergency contact number later."

At this time, Miao Kun realized that Zhao Yu had already finished off both bottles of Maotai! However, the young man's face was not red. In fact, he did not seem to be affected by it at all!

Oh my god! Miao Kun was surprised by his tolerance level. He didn't realize that this kid could drink so much! Fortunately, he hadn't insisted on competitively drinking with him!

What Miao Kun didn't know was that Zhao Yu had used an Alcohol Diffusing Agent. Unassisted, even though Zhao Yu had a good capacity for liquor, he could never drink two bottles of Maotai in such a short time!

Zhao Yu hiccupped, then asked Miao Kun, "So, why exactly were you in the restaurant that day? Are you hiding a secret from me?"

"Hey, don't talk nonsense!" Miao Kun arched his eyebrows as he said, "I don't know anything about any hotpot restaurant at all! Also, tell your team members to keep this to themselves!"

Zhao Yu played along, smiling, then winking back at him. He then said, "Alright. Ha ha..."

Miao Kun shook his head. "There are a few things that I don't understand... Did you cause Essien's illness? If so, you'd better be careful, as I'll find some evidence and report you to your leader! And… Since Miao Ying is your deputy team leader, you must already have figured out my close relationship with the Criminal Division."

"Hey? Speaking of the Criminal Division, what is the Secret Service?" Zhao Yu asked. "And… Who was that silly young man that day?"

"Um... Do you think our relationship actually close enough yet for me to actually tell you that?" Miao Kun retorted, then shook his head.

Zhao Yu similarly shook his head, clearly a bit embarrassed and definitely disappointed.

Miao Kun laughed upon seeing his reaction. He then said, "Remember, I'm always a businessman first, and a wealthy businessman at that! Okay, that's enough. The dinner has begun. I have to talk to the guests now, as all of them are very important."

After getting up, Miao Kun asked Zhao Yu again, as he was clearly worried, "Um... Are you sure you're okay? Do you need me to call a doctor?"

Zhao Yu smiled, then jokingly replied, "I'm fine. If anyone offends you tonight, just tell me. I promise he won't be able up stand up after having a drink with me!"

"Ha ha..." Miao Kun laughed and patted Zhao Yu on the shoulder with his hand. He then said with great emphasis, "Boy… I'll tell you... When I was young, my tutor once said to me that the only way to keep a person from deviating from the right direction was by instilling him with integrity. I know, that integrity may seem like a very strange concept for a hooligan like you, but I hope that this advice will help you in some way."

After that, Miao Kun left the room. He was right about the benefits of integrity, but for Zhao Yu, integrity did not mean much to him at all.

However, his words had made him think of something. If he wanted to avoid suffering the same tragedy as Captain Dou, he must have a firm belief system in place, as well as a strong will!
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