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The octagonal cage in Miao Kun's house was almost the same as the one in the regular UFC competition field, and the competition rules were the same, too. Lei Bin and the Czech Sky Wolf would fight three rounds in total, each round lasting five minutes each.

If there was no knockout, or no one admitted defeat during the fight, the referee would give the final judgment in regards to points. Much to Zhao Yu's surprise, Lei Bin had shown great strength since the beginning of the fight.

Using his Taekwondo techniques, he successfully dealt out high position attacks, making the Czech fighter very uncomfortable. Throughout the first round, Lei Bin maintained an overall advantage over his opponent.

When Zhao Yu saw Lei Bin's excellent performance, he was surprised that Lei Bin's skills had improved so much in just half a year. At this point, if Zhao Yu was to fight him, Zhao Yu might not be able to win!

In the first round, Lei Bin also kicked Sky Wolf, causing him to fall to the ground for several seconds. Although Sky Wolf eventually stood up, it was clear that his morale was affected. It truly appeared that the Czech guy would not be able to hold out until the second round.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Seeing this situation, Miao Ying felt relieved. As long as Lei Bin won before the last round, Zhao Yu didn't need to gamble with her dad.

However, when the second round started, it looked like the Czech coach must have come up with a new idea, as Sky Wolf began to attack Lei Bin in close-range, while focusing on his lower body. When Zhao Yu and Lei Bin had fought before, Zhao Yu had also found that Lei Bin's lower body was weak.

Because Lei Bin was tall, he was not very strong in ground skills. However, throughout the second round, Lei Bin still maintained an advantage.

Ding Ding Ding...

The bell rang, signaling that the second round was over. At this point, the two sides were even.

"Dam*!" Miao Ying cursed gloomily. "When Sky Wolf got up just now, Lei Bin only needed to issue one side kick to end it!"

"Ha ha ha ha..."Miao Kun came over to Zhao Yu with a look of satisfaction on his face. He then said, "Officer Zhao, get ready to place your big bet!"

"Don't worry," Zhao Yu said. "But… We still need to wait until the last round starts. That's called Qie Zhuang. Otherwise, someone might cheat!"

"Rest assured, although I am the banker, neither Sky Wolf nor Lei Bin were invited by me!" Miao Kun said earnestly. "The match is absolutely fair! Don't forget that the winner will win a million RMB!"

Miao Kun's words made Zhao Yu feel strange. Not only was Zhao Yu a very excellent detective, but he was also quite familiar with this kind of gambling. Hence, he had already noticed that, if Lei Bin really wanted to win, he could have done so within two rounds!

It seemed to him that this match was pre-arranged to ensure they would have a third round. However, since Zhao Yu had already made a promise to Miao Kun regarding the betting, he had no way to back out now.

Ding Ding Ding...

After a short break, the third round finally started. Because Zhao Yu had made a bet of 10 million RMB, the atmosphere in the stands suddenly became very tense. The rich people all held their breaths and didn't even dare to speak.

However, the audience that was in the hall was different. As the audience members shouted, Lei Bin and the Czech fighter continued to fight. Maybe it was because the Czech player had used up too much of his physical energy, but he started using close attacks after only a few punches.

"Hey, Officer Zhao, this match might end at any time. What are you waiting for? Make your official bet!" Miao Kun urged him, while the recorder, who was sitting next to him, was waiting to officially record Zhao Yu's bet.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, Zhao Yu started to cough nonstop.

"Hmm..." Miao Kun was still awaiting his answer.

Zhao Yu coughed for a long time. Then, he took a sip of his drink. After he finished drinking, he said slowly, "Okay! Ten million... All on Lei Bin."

"Okay." The recorder immediately entered the bet on his laptop.

"Haha! That's great!" Zhao Yu took Miao Ying's hand and said to her, "Let's go watch the fight!"

Then, they left their seats and went stand at the railings of the grandstand. As soon as Zhao Yu left, Miao Kun immediately winked at the housekeeper. The housekeeper nodded slightly, then quickly said something into his speaker, seeming giving orders to someone. However, even though he repeated himself several times, there was no response.

"Hello... Hello..." The housekeeper began to sweat, while his voice got louder and louder.

Miao Kun noticed the confusion, but just when he was going to ask what was the matter, Zhao Yu ran from the side and shouted, "Hey! Look! I'm going to win. You, big banker, must see that clearly!"

Then, he took Miao Kun by the shoulder and pulled him to the front. Miao Kun was frightened by Zhao Yu's aggressive movements, but in order to save face, he had to go with Zhao Yu. Therefore, he could not give the housekeeper any more tips at the moment.

As he watched him leave, the housekeeper was confused. He rushed out of the grandstand and tried to use his mobile phone to contact the staff. But, there was no signal at all!

The housekeeper was so anxious that he rushed downstairs to where the staff was. However, he had just run to the corner of the second floor, when he bumped into a guest that had a tray in his hands!


As they bumped into each other, the glasses fell to the ground and broke. Moreover, the housekeeper almost fell down the stairs!

"Ouch..." the guest cried out and pointed at the housekeeper. "Watch where you are going! Hey... You come back... I haven't finished with you, yet!"

With less than two minutes left in the last round, the housekeeper ran in haste. After falling down, he immediately climbed up from the ground and rushed madly forward.

At this time, Zeng Ke ran down from upstairs and asked the guest that the housekeeper had just bumped into, "What the he*l? Ran Tao, why did you let him get away?"

It turned out that Ran Tao and Zeng Ke had already been ordered by Zhao Yu to come here to stop the housekeeper from giving any information to the staff!

Um... I don't know!" Ran Tao looked confused. "He fell down... I couldn't stop him!"

"We're done..." Zeng Ke shook his head in dismay. "If our leader loses 10 million, both of us will be in big trouble..."

At this moment, the housekeeper ran madly to the cage. However, he couldn't shout out, so he had to make gestures to the staff instead.

However, to his great surprise, great changes had taken place in the combat field at this moment. After Lei Bin hit the Czech player with a whirlwind kick, he aimed straight for the man's face!

Of course, Lei Bin knew that he had not been given the order to win, so he couldn't hit Sky Wolf too hard with this punch. Therefore, he deliberately hesitated a bit, leaving enough time for the Czech player to dodge his move.

But, unexpectedly, when he was about to hit the Czech player, the power in the entire building was cut off! The hall was suddenly completely dark! In the darkness, the guests heard a crack as Lei Bin's fist hit the Czech player's face!


The blackout lasted just for a blink of an eye. Less than two seconds after it happened, the hall was bright again.

However, when the lights came back on, all of the people were shocked to see that the Czech player had fallen to the ground! Seeing this, the housekeeper knelt on the ground in despair.

All of the other staff members were also surprised. The referee then declared Sky Wolf's defeat after counting for several seconds.

At that moment, Lei Bin was also baffled. If it wasn't for the blackout, Sky Wolf would have absolutely avoided his punch! He had to wonder...

How come there was a sudden blackout? He was at a complete loss and could only look blankly at the grandstand.