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"Zhao Yu, are you on the wrong meds today?" Miao Ying was annoyed and asked, "How did my father offend you?"

Zhao Yu stood up straight in a hurry, then said solemnly, "Look at this big party. Why do you think that they invited so many people? This is not necessary..."

"Um... This is for our business. What's wrong with you?" Miao Ying frowned.

Zhao Yu replied in a slightly worried tone, "Others don't understand, but you should know! Aren't you afraid of being retaliated against by your enemies, now that and your dad just made such a big scene in New Zealand? Don't you remember why you chose to stay away from me at that time?"

"Oh..." Only then did Miao Ying understand Zhao Yu's meaning.

"Now is a special time, and your family should be more careful!" Zhao Yu pointed to the crowd in the hall, then said, "Look, you invited so many people, yet do not have adequate security. If bad people were to come here, what could we do? I am worried about this future father-in-law of mine!"

Miao Ying smiled satisfactorily. "Thanks, sweetheart, for caring so much! No wonder you behaved like that just now! Don't worry. To tell you the truth..." Miao Ying pressed Zhao Yu into the corner, then whispered, "This was deliberately arranged by my father! He just wanted to publicize his return, but after today, no one will know where he and my mother go! He used to do this all the time!"

"But... Isn't it a little too much?" Zhao Yu still looked worried. "How can their safety be guaranteed? I've dealt with those cruel agent killers before! I know what they are like!"

"No, it is all under control," Miao Ying said. "Although my father didn't explain to me in detail, I do know that he has a purpose and plan for doing things this way!"

Miao Ying's words startled Zhao Yu. Since her father apparently had a purpose in doing things way, then there must be a specific reason that he didn't speak up about the hotpot chicken incident.

Also, since Zhao Yu had received a Qian hexagram today, which was a combination hexagram, it was very likely that it contained a Kun hexagram in it as well.

In that case, once the Kun hexagram came out, things would quickly spiral out of control! In other words, today's party might really have something unexpected waiting for him!

"Okay… Now that you know that we have adequate professional security in place, you don't have to worry!" Miao Ying said. "You know, that huge, secret commercial war is really tense right now, and at such a critical moment, those people wouldn't dare to try anything!"

She then added, "Also, if they really send someone to assassinate us, they're being totally naive, as my father has already set a big trap for them!"

Miao Ying's last words finally made Zhao Yu feel more relieved. It seemed that her dad was indeed prepared. But, he hadn't seen the young man Mr. Gao today...

"Um... Meow," Zhao Yu asked jokingly, "That man you just introduced me to… He is not fake, right?"

"What? You can't live without speaking nonsense, can you?" Miao Ying shook her head. "And... Why do you call me 'meow' like a cat's sound?"

Without waiting for him to answer, she then tugged at his arm and said, "Come on, I'll show you around!"

Miao Ying then took Zhao Yu's hand and went into the hall happily. "In fact, I have not lived here much, as I grew up in Qinshan!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu looked around at the big house and all of the guests, then asked, "Who lives here regularly?"

"No one. My parents stay overseas all year. They basically just have some people come by periodically to keep the place clean!" Miao Ying said. "This villa was awarded to my father by the government when he was young. In fact, it's of little use to our family."

"Oh, it's useful! It's a great tool to for you all to show off with! If I had such a big house, I..." Before Zhao Yu could finish his words, he changed his mind and said something else, "Of course it's of no use to you, as you never need to show off."

"Alas! You've been in the Special Investigation Group for so long, and yet you still talk such nonsense!" Miao Ying hugged Zhao Yu's arm and sighed. "Nevertheless, I like it! If you become a knowledgeable gentleman one day, I will find it annoying!"

Zhao Yu murmured in his heart... If you knew about me beating up your dad, you would like me even more then!

"Well, I just noticed that your mother doesn't seem to like me very much!" Zhao Yu said.

"My mother is always like that. She's been a leader for too long. She is used to behaving as such." Miao Ying laughed brightly. "As long as I like you, none of them dares to oppose our union! Let's go! I'll show you something nice..."

Miao Ying then pulled Zhao Yu into a big section of the house behind the hall. At the same time, in the corner of the hall, Ran Tao, Zeng Ke, and others were sitting there like fools, sighing and groaning.

Only Cui Lizhu, who was sipping a delicious cocktail, muttered to herself, "So, group leader Zhao beat up his Miao Ying's father? This is really a great joke! How could it be a coincidence? All over China, in such a small hotpot chicken restaurant, they bumped into each other and had a fight..."

"My god, can you hush? There are monitoring devices everywhere!" Ran Tao said, "Don't let anyone else hear you!"

"I don't understand!" Wu Xiumin said, "Since that man is the deputy group leader's father-in-law, why didn't he get angry just now? Miao Ying's father acted as if everything was fine between him and Zhao Yu!"

"Maybe today's occasion calls for different social behavior!" Zeng Ke guessed, "After all, there are so many distinguished guests here, everyone must save face."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Our group leader must be miserable!" Cui Lizhu said. "When the party's over and the important people leave, our leader is surely in big trouble!"

Ran Tao covered his face and asked, "So... How can we help our team leader fix all of this?"

"Yes!" Wu Xiumin nodded and said, "Team leader is very good to us. We have to help him!"

"Well, I agree!" Zeng Ke raised his hand. "Xiumin, tell me how I can help!"

"You should call an ambulance in advance," Wu Xiumin said in a serious tone. "If our leader is beaten up, it will already be here to take him to the hospital."

At this time, Miao Ying's parents had just received a well-known millionaire at the door. Miao Ying's mom immediately pulled Miao Ying's dad aside and said gloomily, "Hey… You mentioned some big detective? I don't think that man is anything like a detective! You asked me how our baby could date him... But… It's not just him. Look at all of his team members. None of them look mentally sane! How can Ying stand to work with them?"

Miao Ying's mother shook the father's arm somewhat aggressively, then added, "You need to talk to her!"

"What are you talking about? You don't know your girl? Go talk to her yourself!" Miao Ying's father crossed his arms and cocked his eyebrows.

"Humph! It seems that you are quite satisfied with your daughter's future husband, then!" Miao Ying's mother said sarcastically. "Just now, you both looked straight at each other, yet did not flinch. You quite like each other, don't you?"

"What are you saying… That I'm satisfied?" Miao Ying's father raised his hand to his face and touched his cheek, which had not yet recovered from the slap earlier. He then said, "You don't know what happened at all! If I were satisfied with this pairing, I would be a fool!"

"What happened?" Miao Ying's mother noticed something strange for the first time. "Do you know him?"

"Humph!" Miao Ying's dad clinched his fist and said fiercely, with anger in his eyes, "No matter what, he can't steal my daughter away! Besides, I must make him pay for what he has done!"