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801 Meeting My Father-In-Law-To-Be

For a moment, Zhao Yu felt as if lightning had struck him. He suddenly understood that day's hexagram! The Li hexagram clearly referred to Miao Ying's father, as her father was the middle-aged man who Zhao Yu had slapped that day!

Zhao Yu wanted to curse the system, but he knew that it was not the system's fault. After all, in the hotpot chicken shop, he had been the one to cause trouble!

Maybe, the original intention of the Miracle System was to let him get to know Miao Ying's father in advance, so that he could leave a good impression on him. However, instead of leaving a good impression, he had beaten up Mao Ying's father!

Zhao Yu's brain was reeling after finding himself in this situation. Countless ways of dealing with this awkwardness passed through his mind, but no matter how hard he racked his brain, he could only draw a single conclusion... He was fuck*d!

"Hey, Zhao Yu." Seeing Zhao Yu in a daze, Miao Ying punched him in his side unhappily.

"Eh?" Zhao Yu felt like he was suddenly waking up from a dream, then he hugged his fists and saluted the couple. "Nice to meet you!"

The atmosphere was somewhat awkward because of the few seconds of silence. Miao Ying's father could not help but give Zhao Yu a dissatisfactory look when he saw him.

As Miao Ying had been a captain of the criminal police, she was keenly observant, so she immediately noticed that something was wrong. So, she asked, "Dad, Zhao Yu, do you two know each other?"

Zhao Yu looked embarrassed and did not know how to answer. In the present situation, he couldn't tell the truth, but lying was obviously equally inappropriate.

"Are you kidding? How could we possibly know each other?" Miao Ying's dad answered as he smiled. He then reached out his hand to Zhao Yu and said, "Hello! It's nice to meet you!"

Zhao Yu was shocked and as he raised his head, he saw that Miao Ying's dad's cheeks were still swollen, which showed how hard his slap had been! Zhao Yu couldn't help but wonder why Miao Ying's father pretended not to know him.

He expected him to want to fight with him, or at least tell Miao Ying what had happened that day. So, he had to wonder… Why didn't he mention anything about that day? Is he afraid of losing face in front of his daughter? Or… Is he hiding something?

"Zhao Yu!" Now, Miao Ying was annoyed, so she smacked him on the head and asked, "What's wrong with you? What are you thinking about?"

"Oh... Oh..." Zhao Yu quickly reached out to shake hands with Miao Ying's father as he found an excuse for his strange behavior. "I... I just didn't imagine that your parents would look so young!"

He quickly turned to Miao Ying's mother and complimented the couple, "I thought you two were Miao Ying's brother and sister at first! Um... You didn't give birth to Miao Ying before you were 18, did you?


When Zhao Yu was speaking, a fat man was sitting beside the door and drinking water. When he overheard this last comment, he spit out the water that he had just drank.

"What nonsense!" Miao Ying muttered as she stared at Zhao Yu.

"Hmm..." Miao Ying's mother looked dissatisfied, but still replied politely, "Well... I'm flattered."

The father also reacted very kindly, as he shook hands with Zhao Yu and said, "Miao Ying has told me all about you. You've solved many big cases. I can't believe that you are so young. You're incredible!"

He deliberately emphasized the word "incredible," as if reminding Zhao Yu of his grudge.

"I'm flattered." Zhao Yu had no alternative but to act equally polite, according to the circumstance.

Just after he said this, he saw that Ran Tao and others had arrived! If they saw Miao Ying's father, he was done here! With this in mind, Zhao Yu rushed out, desperately trying to intercept them.

"Zhao Yu! You..." Upon seeing him flee the scene, Miao Ying was infuriated..

"I have to go to the toilet!" He shouted back at her, while he ran out of the door and headed straight to Ran Tao and the others, who had just gotten out of the car.

"Team leader... What's wrong?" Ran Tao saw Zhao Yu's pale face and instantly started to make fun of him, "Don't worry, we'll say something nice about you to her parents!"

Zhao Yu rushed forward to press him and the others back into the car. He then said, "Not one of you is to mention the hotpot chicken thing. Do you understand?"

"What?" Wu Xiumin asked, while Zeng Ke frowned, neither of them following Zhao Yu's meaning.

Just as Zhao Yu had finished speaking, Miao Ying came running after him and shouted, "Zhao Yu, the toilet's over there!"

When the group saw Miao Ying, they immediately greeted her in unison, "Greetings, deputy leader."

Miao Ying waved her hand quickly and said, "Just call me Miao Ying! Come on, let me introduce you to..."

With that, Miao Ying took them to her parents. Ran Tao, Wu Xiumin, and Zeng Ke were all there when the hotpot chicken fight had taken place, so at this moment, they were all embarrassed and shocked. Ran Tao almost knelt down in front of Miao Ying's dad.

Zhao Yu quickly pinched Ran Tao's back and scolded him, "Aren't you going to say hello? Don't be so rude!"

Hearing Zhao Yu's reminder, they finally understood what he had meant just moments earlier. They hurried to greet Miao Ying's parents, then stood to the side and did not speak.

Once again, the scene fell into stark silence. Fortunately, several guests came to the door at this moment, and Miao Ying's parents went to receive them. Zhao Yu's team members were so scared that they all broke out in a cold sweat.

"You guys... What's wrong?" Miao Ying was confused by their strange behavior. "Are my father and mother scary?"

They all glanced at each other, then fixed their eyes on Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu, however, pretending not to be aware of them, straightened his back and urged them, "Why don't you answer your deputy leader's question?"

Seeing that Zhao Yu was playing such a shameless trick on them, they wanted to tell on him immediately. Nevertheless, they were familiar with Zhao Yu's precocious personality, so Zeng Ke hastily covered for him and said, "No, we just haven't seen such a big house in our whole lives. We're stunned!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yes!" Ran Tao agreed. "Our leader is so lucky that he is going to marry such a rich lady!"

"Okay! Well, then go and have a look!" Zhao Yu pushed Ran Tao aside, then took Miao Ying's arm and said, "I want to see our honeymoon suite first!"

After saying that, Zhao Yu hurriedly left with Miao Ying, but he had just walked two steps before he heard Cui Lizhu's voice from behind him, "What did you mean by hotpot chicken?"

Ran Tao rushed up and covered her mouth, hoping no one else had heard her. Luckily, it seemed like they hadn't.

When Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came to an empty room, Miao Ying pressed Zhao Yu onto the wall and asked him, "Are you hiding something from me?"

"What could I hide from you?" Zhao Yu was a lying genius, and he suddenly thought of an idea, so he asked Miao Ying, "Do you not know what I am worrying about?"

"Eh? What do you mean?" Miao Ying was really confused now.

"What do I mean?" Zhao Yu patted Miao Ying gently on her back, then said straightforwardly, "Your father... He did something wrong!"