Crazy Detective
800 Surprise
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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800 Surprise

It was a freezing, windy day. Although it didn't snow very much the night before, the streets and buildings were still dressed in white, and although the snow had stopped, the sky was still grey.

A Land Rover was all the way out in the suburbs of the capital, Beijing. As Miao Ying was driving, Zhao Yu sat next to her in the passenger seat. Unlike the coldness that was outside the window, Zhao Yu felt warm all over, and his face looked like it had been filled with the bright sunshine of spring.

"Meow!" Zhao Yu called Miao Ying the special nickname that he had given her.

He looked at Miao Ying with affection, then said, "I really didn't expect this. Don't you think that it's a bit soon for me to meet your parents? Fortunately, I attended the awards ceremony today, so I have new clothes on!"

Miao Ying replied, "Ah, come on, It's just a family dinner party. But, do keep in mind... Although my parents don't mind us being together, you mustn't be too confident. After all, they only have one precious daughter!"

Zhao Yu said with a laugh, "I am the leader of the Special Investigation Group. Believe me, your parents will certainly like me."

Miao Ying shook her head. "To tell you the truth, you're not the main reason for this party! My parents have invited many guests today, all of whom are either rich or hold high positions. They are all linked to our family's business. So... It's not what you were thinking!"

"You mean… It's not going to be a family meal?" Zhao Yu looked back at the police car that was immediately behind them, in which Ran Tao, Wu Xiumin, Zeng Ke and Cui Lizhu were in. "Oh... I see. No wonder you invited my colleagues, then! It seems that your house must be quite spacious!"

Miao Ying quickly replied, "Well… They are not only your colleagues now, as we are all in the same Special Investigation Group! So, be a good sport, okay?"

"Okay. So, is that what you said to surprise me?" Zhao Yu raised one thumb and said, "The deputy group leader is my future wife! That is quite surprising!"

Miao Ying glanced over at Zhao Yu and sighed. Zhao Yu gazed back at Miao Ying affectionately, while recalling the time when he had first met her.

At that time, they had gone to investigate the Mianling Kidnapping Case together. They always argued passionately with each other, which surprisingly made them a perfect match!

"Hey! What are you looking at?" Miao Ying glanced at him as she asked. "As soon as dinner is over, let's go to Beiqian. I can't wait to solve the Devil Case!"

"Take it easy. Now that we have a bigger team, we can afford to take a little more time," Zhao Yu said, "Don't you think that we are a perfect team now? Now that we have you and Cui Lizhu, we have three males and three females in our group. It's a perfect balance!"

Miao Ying snorted. "I can't believe that you protected that little thief! So, do you like that little girl?"

"What the..." Zhao Yu coughed twice and rushed to clarify things to her, "Of course not! I am only interested in that little girl's skills. If there are any difficult cases in the future, she will certainly play a big role in solving them!"

"Humph!" Miao Ying shook her head. "Don't think I don't know... While you were in New Zealand, you and your little apprentice had a good time, hmm?"

"Meow, do you mean to say that you don't believe me?" Zhao Yu clapped his breast and said, "I am the most faithful man in the world! My devotion to you will never die! Otherwise, I would not have traveled all the way to New Zealand..."

Zhao Yu did not even get to finish expressing his love before his phone suddenly chimed. Someone had sent him a Wechat message. He looked down and read it, suddenly starting to sweat.

Unexpectedly, the message had been sent to him by the actress Li Qian. In fact, there were two messages. The first one was a voice message, which lasted 50 seconds, and the second one was a video message.

Zhao Yu had not had any contact with Li Qian since the case had been solved, so it was very unexpected that, at such an inopportune time, she would have sent him a message. He didn't know what the voice message was about, but he knew that if it contained any ambiguous words, it would be his last day on earth!

"What's that?" Miao Ying asked, noticing the message. "Let me have a look!"

"Oh... Ah..." Zhao Yu slowly set down his phone, hesitating.

"Is there anything I shouldn't know about?" Miao Ying urged him.

"Of course not." Zhao Yu thought that there should be nothing wrong, so he opened the video.

Suddenly, the image of a woman appeared. She was sitting in front of a dressing table and doing her making up, while wearing a nightgown.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu didn't feel right, and he wondered... Is Li Qian trying to destroy me?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, after watching the video for a few seconds, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that the woman in the video was not Li Qian, but was also a woman who looked very familiar...

"I don't understand. What is the producer thinking? Don't you think this is immoral?" the woman in the video asked in an angry voice. "If this kind of film is released, it will only bring me bad luck! You guys... Find anyone else to do this. I won't..."

Then, the video ended suddenly, which baffled Zhao Yu.

"What is this?" Miao Ying took a look at it briefly while she was driving, but she didn't understand it either. "That woman looks familiar..."

"Yes, she looks familiar to me, too." After saying that, Zhao Yu clicked on Li Qian's voice message.

"Officer Zhao, this is a video that I just recorded. Watch it! It's interesting!" Li Qian's voice came from the phone's speaker. "Gao Peng wanted to make a movie about the Yongjin Island murder, and he even wanted Lan Caiyan to play the heroine. The result was an absolute hel*!"

"Shi*t..." Zhao Yu scratched his head. He didn't expect Li Qian to send a message to tell him this. Moreover, he didn't expect that the woman in the video would be a big star like Lan Caiyan!

"This Gao Peng is really rat ba*tard!" Zhao Yu cursed. "So many people died, and he even thought to make money out of the tragedy!" If he dares to do it, I won't let him have a minute of peace for the his rest of his life!"

"What you do to him has nothing to do with me, but as for your relationship with that actresses... It's quite good, hmm?" Miao Ying teased Zhao Yu, which left him speechless and his face turned red.

"Fool! Look at your silly face..." Miao Ying chuckled, then said, "I'm just kidding! I know that, although you are a hooligan, you would never hurt me in that way!"

"Hey hey, my girl knows me well!" Zhao Yu was relieved and gave her a quick kiss.

After driving for about 20 minutes on the expressway, they finally arrived at Miao Ying's home. Although Zhao Yu had tried to prepare himself, when he entered Miao Ying's house, he was shocked by everything in front of him.

It was far beyond his wildest imagination. When their car went through the main entrance, it passed a garden, sculptures, and fountains. After several minutes, they finally arrived at a five-story villa, which had a tennis court, a swimming pool, and other impeccable facilities.

Zhao Yu knew that Miao Ying's family was rich, but this was exorbitant! After Miao Ying drove the car directly to the front door of the villa, a servant came out to take it and park it for her. Miao Ying happily took Zhao Yu's arm and walked into the hall with him.

When they had just come to the door, a middle-aged couple appeared. Zhao Yu saw before him a handsome man and a dignified woman. They were obviously Miao Ying's parents.

"Dad! Mom!" Miao Ying cried out happily, then turned around and pointed to Zhao Yu. "He is the one I told you about..."

Miao Ying quickly winked at Zhao Yu, while pointing to the middle-aged couple and introducing them, "This is my father and mother..."

After her introduction, Miao Ying was expecting for Zhao Yu to greet her parents. But, after waiting for a long time, she found that Zhao Yu only stood there like a stone.

"Zhao Yu... Hey..." Miao Ying hastily nudged him to remind him, but found Zhao Yu merely looking at her father in a daze.

At this moment, Miao Ying's father looked at Zhao Yu in the same way, neither of them saying a word. Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt desperate, and his heart was beating like crazy. It turned out that Miao Ying's father was the very same middle-aged man who had fought with him in the hotpot chicken restaurant!

"I'm screwed!" Zhao Yu muttered in despair.

There were tens of millions of coincidences in the world, but the most tragic one had to happen to him at this very moment! He had actually beaten up his girlfriend's father!
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