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798 Another Li Hexagram

Division Chief Jiao words were filled with emotions as she said to Zhao Yu, "Zhao Yu! I am teaching you how to carry yourself in society. Do you know how many top geniuses have sat in this chair before you? But, do you ever wonder where they are now?"

"Why do you say that?" Zhao Yu frowned. "Did you killed them all?"

Upon seeing that Division Chief Jiao was startled by his question, Zhao Yu waved his hand and said, "I'm kidding. Please... Go on!"

"What I mean is that the truly talented people in the world are often not acknowledged by the world, while those who are recognized are just not worthy of their reputations!" Director Jiao said with a serious look.

Division Chief Jiao's words made Zhao Yu suddenly become more alert. However, he still could not help but joke. "I understand. You mean to say that, if someone can actually solve a case, he can't be in your position, right?"

"Zhao Yu!" Division Chief Jiao slapped the table and scolded him, "You still can't just have a serious talk, can you?"

"I was only joking!" Zhao Yu waved his hand quickly as he smiled. "I know what you are saying is for my own good!"

Division Chief Jiao said emotionally, "I really don't want you to disappear like those other geniuses! Now, unlike in the past, you are well-known. If you are keep rushing to solve the Devil Case, it will not do you any good, but will only offend your colleagues! If the case can be solved, that's of course good, but you will attract more people's attention then!"

Division Chief Jiao then asked, "And… What if you fail? Do you know how many people are waiting for you to fall on your face?"

Division Chief Jiao then sincerely said, "So, you need to adopt long-term thinking. It's not too late to make friends with the people who are not so crazy about you! Also, if you want to have a better future, it's best to make a few harmless mistakes. In this way, those who are jealous of you, as well as those who want to hurt you, will take some comfort in thinking that you, Zhao Yu, are just a normal human being like them! Only in this way can you lay a good foundation and go further in the future! Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Holy sh*t..." After listening to Division Chief Jiao's earnest explanation, Zhao Yu was completely convinced. It had never occurred to him that there were so many obstacles, when he just simply wanted to submit the application for investigating a case!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu began to regret that he had come to the Criminal Division. If he had known all of these things at first, he might as well have stayed in Qinshan!

Zhao Yu then said, "I will bear in mind all that you have just said! You are so good to me. However, I still believe that these official rules have nothing to do with me. Also, I don't care about all of those jealous people. After all, I am a detective, and what I do is only concerned with finding out the truth! So, no matter what, I have to focus all of my energy on solving the Devil Case!"

"Is what I just said not clear enough?" Division Chief Jiao shook her head. "Zhao Yu, let me tell you the truth. The high level officials really think highly of you! They hope that you can take on some internal duties in the future. So, could you stop being silly?"

"What you said is clear enough," Zhao Yu said, then laughed out loud. "However, I can wait, but the case can't! The Devil Case happened exactly in the same season as we are in now, which means that it is the perfect time to re-investigate it! If the victim did not commit suicide, that's means that a criminal, who killed nine people, is still at large! Don't you think that it's important to catch the killer?"

Zhao Yu took a breath, then said, "Let's spend our time on something really important! How about this? You've already sent out the document for approval, and the Devil Case has not yet been formally filed. So, we can just go tomorrow morning!"

Division Chief Jiao scolded him, "No way, as tomorrow morning is when you will have to attend the award ceremony! Many important people will be there! If you don't go, what will they think of me?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Yu jokingly replied, "I don't care! I'm going!"

"No!" Division Chief Jiao shouted, annoyed at his seeming defiance. "Regardless, you must wait until the ceremony is over before you leave! It's not just about your personal future, but it affects our whole Criminal Division's honor!"

"Oh, yes… One more thing..." Division Chief Jiao added in a hurry, "I've just been notified that the thief Taoxiang's daughter is already on her way. She is expected to arrive at the Criminal Division around noon tomorrow. So, how can you not be there?"

"What? She is out?" Zhao Yu had not expected this.

"Yes. Her bail was paid by the Criminal Division," Division Chief Jiao said. "Tomorrow, after you sign the document, she will become a member of your group. She'll have an allowance and will even receive a bonus, but no salary! Zhao Yu, as you wanted her in your team, how could you not be there to greet her?"

"Ok!" Zhao Yu said as he nodded. "I will attend the award ceremony. But, as soon as Cui Lizhu arrives, I'll leave!"

Division Chief said, "Okay. Get ready for tomorrow!"

Zhao Yu got up early the next morning and opened the first hexagram after the system upgrade. "Wow! No way!" he exclaimed, upon seeing that the system had unexpectedly given him a Qian Li hexagram!

Zhao Yu was truly confused by this. After all, since this was the moment that his reputation was skyrocketing, the system should have given him a Zhen hexagram, which represented one's reputation.

Also, considering Cui Lizhu's arrival today, a Kan hexagram would be fitting as well. Even a Dui hexagram would be reasonable, as Zhao Yu had just received a big bonus. So, he had to wonder...

Why is it a combination of the Qian hexagram and the Li hexagram?

Since the beginning of the isolated island murder case, Zhao Yu seemed to have been closely connected with the Li hexagram. This time, it had even come r with the Qian hexagram. As he pondered this, he couldn't help but wonder...

What kind of friend will I meet today?