Crazy Detective
797 A Big Detective Also Had His Own Fetters
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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797 A Big Detective Also Had His Own Fetters

The next morning, at 10:15, the large conference room of the Central Criminal Division was full of people, but no one spoke. This was because the people were listening to a person on the platform, giving him their full attention.

The speaker was Zhao Yu, and he was telling the audience about his bravery during the Headless Female Corpses case. "At that time, the gasoline had been spilled all over the floor. Li Fei saw Ran Tao and I break into the house. Unexpectedly, he lit the lighter, then dropped it on the ground!"

Zhao Yu's breathtaking storytelling created a tense atmosphere. "The fire was raging immediately! I thought I was screwed! What I feared was not that Li Fei and I were going to die in the fire, but that the case was never going to be solved. So, I thought I'd rather take the risk..."

Zhao Yu clapped his chest and said, "Even if I was burned to death, I knew that it would be worth it! After all, that's what criminal policemen do! We all risk our own lives in order to find out the truth!"

Zhao Yu then added, "As soon as Li Fei threw his lighter, I rushed over to arrest him. We fell and rolled on the ground. At that time, Li Fei also had gasoline on him, which was suddenly lit on fire, which caused my clothes to be lit on fire, too! On top of that, the fire ignited the gasoline barrel, which unexpectedly exploded!"

With Zhao Yu's wild gestures and animated storytelling, the audience was mesmerized and couldn't wait to hear the rest of the story.

"The whole room was swallowed up in an instant by the flames. I closed my eyes, thinking that my life was over, and was already grieving the fact that I would never be able to serve my people and do my favorite criminal investigation work again! But... After the gasoline barrel exploded, it burned up the air in the room instantly, which extinguished the flames! Then, I quickly started to pull Li Fei out of the house!"

Zhao Yu showed a proud smile and said, "Then... It was my team's turn to be the heroes. At the crucial moment, Wu Xiumin brought two fire extinguishers from our car and sprayed us with them. Then, Ran Tao handcuffed Li Fei."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The audience finally let out a collective exhale in relief. After a few seconds, a great round of applause broke out.

"You don't need to applaud me. This is what we criminal police are all about! To be honest, I couldn't solve these cases without your generous support, the strong cooperation from my fellow police officers, and the selfless dedication of my dear teammates! So, let's give them all a big round of applause!" Zhao Yu said.

Thunderous applause rang out from the audience once again! When the senior officials on the platform heard this, they smiled and nodded. They quite liked Zhao Yu, who was both competent and witty.

"Nevertheless, don't forget me, as I also made an indispensable contribution!" When Zhao Yu said this, he even asked the senior officials in front of everyone, "Leaders, can you consider giving me a promotion, then?"

The whole audience burst out in laughter, and so did the officials on the stage. The Division Director then chuckled and gave Zhao Yu a thumbs-up gesture.

Next came the Q&A session. In the face of the reporters' questions about the case, Zhao Yu's answers were even more witty, which made the reporters laugh nonstop. This only deepened the public's good impression of Zhao Yu.

"Officer Zhao, what were you thinking after Li Fei confessed?" A female reporter with long hair asked.

"At that time, I only had one thought!" Zhao Yu winked at the beautiful woman. "If this case is solved, I can accept an interview with a beautiful woman... Like you! Would you mind giving me your Wechat number?"

"Officer Zhao, how did the injury on your face come about?" another reporter asked. "Is it related to the Headless Female Corpses case?"

"Oh, that happened because I was too proud of my credit, so I asked Division Chief Jiao to give me a raise. She disagreed and slapped me!" Zhao Yu answered without hesitation, then laughed while the reporter stared at him in a daze.

He then added with a laugh, "Ha ha ha, I'm just kidding! I took over another major case yesterday, and I was injured while fighting gangsters! You may rest assured that the gangsters suffered much more than I did, thought! Their faces were much more swollen than mine..."

Zhao Yu turned on the charm at this point, delighted that he was the center of attention. The Headless Female Corpses case had an unparalleled media impact. As Zhao Yu had been the one to solve it, he was bound to become famous all over the world.

As various media covered Zhao Yu's name in their reports, his name soon spread all over the country overnight. After the press conference, the Criminal Division also arranged an internal celebration to reward Zhao Yu and his Special Investigation Group for their hard work and success.

At the celebration, the Division Director highly praised Zhao Yu and his team members for their excellent performances. They were not only promised a big reward on the spot, but Zhao Yu was also promised that he and his team members would be placed on the full member list!

After all, for the officials of high statuses in the Criminal Division, Zhao Yu was like a priceless gem! Zhao Yu's performance could only be described as outstanding!

Since he joined the Special Investigation Group as the team leader, in just a few months, he had solved four major cases! His stellar performance was unprecedented!

In fact, in addition to the Hasty Murder Case, the Headless Female Corpses Case, the Gem Theft Case and the island murder, Zhao Yu had also made another important contribution, which was procuring the confidential document that he had gotten by mistake when he was in New Zealand. In fact, that document was more important than his solving the cases!

This was because document affected the whole process of the national business strategy. Thus, it could be said that he had obtained glory for the country, which far surpassed solving cases.

Zhao Yu had been to many celebration feasts. However, these fancy celebration feasts were different from Zhao Yu's experiences in Qinshan. People here just talked about official trifles with each other, and no one seemed to enjoying himself at all.

Although Zhao Yu tried his best to liven up the atmosphere with his witty words, he was not familiar with the leaders present. Moreover, they had totally different backgrounds, so he ended up not enjoying these feasts, but only feeling very bored.

However, his boredom at this time was only beginning. Directly following the press conference, for several days, Zhao Yu was trapped into participating in various social engagements, such as taking interviews, meeting leaders, giving lectures to police school students and celebration feasts. Gradually, Zhao Yu no longer felt bored, but felt very annoyed and mad!

In order to avoid these social activities, he submitted several applications to his leader, asking to be able to lead the team to investigate the Devil Case. But, his applications were all rejected by Division Chief Jiao!

Zhao Yu couldn't understand this, so he personally went to see Division Chief Jiao, who took the opportunity to teach him a lesson. Division Chief Jiao said, "Zhao Yu, you must know that it's lonely to be in a high position."

After listening to Division Chief Jiao's earnest advice, Zhao Yu grew silent for a time, then solemnly asked, "What do you mean?"
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