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When Zhao Yu and the middle-aged man were fighting in the restaurant, the restaurant owner had called the police. However, when the middle-aged man left, he had generously left 100,000 yuan to cover the damages.

As this was quite a big number, the restaurant owner didn't insist on asking for any compensation from Zhao Yu. Besides, Zhao Yu was in the Central Criminal Division, which was a much higher position than the local police.

In addition, the guys with sticks had all run away, so there was really no one to take responsibility anymore. So, the police who just had arrived were already leaving.

After the police left, Zhao Yu and the others were finally able to enjoy a good dinner as they wished. While all of the other people in his group had a great time, Zhao Yu felt differently.

This was because his injuries began to ache. Although Wu Xiumin had helped him care for his injuries, he still looked and felt quite miserable.

Zhao Yu's left cheek was swollen and bruised, and although his broken arm had been restored by his device, since it had been severely damaged, he could not much for a while.

But, Zhao Yu believed that, despite his severe injury, the middle-aged man must be worse-off than him! As the man left in such a hurry, he must have gone to get treatment somewhere!

While he was drinking and eating chicken, Zhao Yu speculated that the middle-aged man must be the side adventure for today, and he also assumed that the Li part of the Gen Li hexagram must also refer to him!

Zhao Yu wondered… Would it have been possible for me to have become friends with this middle-aged man today if I hadn't thrown the plastic stool? Or... Was it inevitable that I would have a fight with him?

As the lighthouse case and the island murder case were both over, Zhao Yu was not sure what the purpose of this side adventure was. He felt puzzled...

Who is this middle-aged man? Judging from his temperament, this man is definitely not a simple person. He not only knows how to fight, but is also generous with his money.

Zhao Yu clearly remembered that the man called Mr. Zhao had called the middle-aged man "Boss." Moreover, if they hadn't lied and were really in the Secret Service, then that man must have a high rank.

Considering this, Zhao Yu felt that he might have really caused some trouble for his team. However, according to his own principles, he still felt that it was a reasonable fight based on the fact that it had been started by a mutual agreement. So, even if he is the boss... So what?

Besides, Zhao Yu was not some random, ordinary guy now, as the whole Criminal Division was behind him! So, he thought that no one would dare to cause more trouble in the future or offend him easily!

"No... Neither of them!" Zeng Ke had just entered the fingerprints and portraits of the two men in the database, finding no match.

Zhao Yu, who was full of wine and food, replied, "It seems that these two people are really mysterious!"

Ran Tao spoke, looking slightly worried, "Boss, since there is no match, there are only two possibilities. First, they are both smart criminals, who are fully prepared. Second, they are employed by official secret agencies, so their identities are protected!"

"I just checked with my friends," Wu Xiumin said. "The Secret Service's system is very complex and involves several branches. As such, I don't know which particular unit they were referring to as being the Secret Service. It would be better for us if they came from a local branch, but if theirs was a unit of the same level as our Criminal Division, it would mean that their official ranks and titles are higher than ours. Thus, we shouldn't have offended them!"

"Oh... In this case, they must not be mere security guards!" Ran Tao smacked his lips.

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then suddenly said to the crowd, "I wonder if any of you have noticed a strange detail just now? The identities of those two people do seem a little strange, right?"

"Ah? What details?" the others all asked, puzzled by his question.

Zhao Yu then asked, "Who noticed what kind of pistol that young man was holding just now?"

Before waiting for a reply, Zhao Yu said, "I noticed that the pistol he was holding looked very familiar, but I have never seen the police carry such a gun!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zeng Ke quickly checked the surveillance video. Ran Tao, who was also watching it, recognized it at a glance and hurried to say, "That is the Desert Eagle in CS!"

Zeng Ke then said, "No way! The Desert Eagle is known to be the king of pistols, but because of its noise, it is banned by many police forces in various countries. As for our country, the control of this pistol is quite strict, and they are hardly allowed! Those two men must be very important and powerful to be allowed such guns... Who are they?"

Wu Xiumin then said, "This gives me the feeling that they are neither police nor normal people!"

"No wonder I've seen it before!" Zhao Yu looked at the picture of the pistol and laughed. "I used to be a CS fan, but a game is still a game. The game gun is different from what I see in that man's hands!"

"Then... Team leader, shall we check to see which units are allowed to have the Desert Eagle?" Zeng Ke asked.

"Forget it," Zhao Yu said, while shaking his head. "If they can legally use such a high-level pistol, it means that their identities must be highly confidential. So, don't waste your time, Zeng Ke. When you get back to the car later, send me my speech immediately, as I have to prepare!"

"Team leader, you need to do something about that swelling first!" Wu Xiumin said, clearly worried about his injuries. "You look like wretched! Aren't you worried about being in front of the camera tomorrow? I'm afraid the senior officials will complain..."

"Oh, don't be silly!" Zhao Yu laughed and said. "The more serious the swelling, the better! You'd better wrap a bandage around my arm tomorrow, as the more severe my injuries appear, the more applause I'll get!"

After having enough wine and food, they went on their way. At this time, the snow was getting heavier and the ground was glimmering, like a shiny piece of silver. After starting the car, they drove on the expressway and continued to head northward towards the capital.

At the same time, in a hotel room in Quliang City, several people were carrying out a secret action. One of them was Gao Peng, the owner of Champion Pictures.

"Is it okay?" Gao Peng asked a technician, who was typing on a notebook. "The first one is our company's ID. You just need to unlock the account number and password!"

"I'm trying my best now, boss!" the technician nodded and said. "Just a few more minutes!"

"Boss!" Next to him, a deputy manager asked, "The crew is our company's. Why don't we already have the account number and password?"

"This is an independent production!" Gao Peng explained. "So… Only director Qian Jin and photographer Zhang Chenggong have the access to the cloud. Not even Cai Jinda knows such things!"

"Hey..." The deputy manager complimented him and said, "Boss, this time, our company will make quite a big fortune! Who can imagine that the isolated island murder case would give us a chance that we have never seen in a hundred years? If this film is released, it will surely go viral. Besides, we don't even have to pay a penny for its promotion!"

"Hey, you're right!" Gao Peng laughed proudly. "The police and the media will help our company with free promotion! After all, who doesn't want to see the last film that was made by the film crew that sacrificed their lives in its creation? Hahaha..."

"Well, it's unlocked!" the technician said. "Boss, I will download it now! But, it's a huge file, so it may take some time..."

"What are you waiting for, then? Be quick about it!" Gao Peng rubbed his hands together excitedly.

"Ha ha ha! Congratulations, boss... Our company is going to be famous!" All of the people in the company started coming up to congratulate Gao Peng.

However, before they could all even finish their words, the laptop suddenly flashed a green light. Upon seeing it, the technician was shocked and rushed over to type on the keyboard, but it was completely locked. Then, an icon appeared on the computer, which meant that the files were being deleted!

The technician shouted, "Zhang Chenggong... They installed a self-destructive program... All of the files have been deleted..."

"Ah... No!" Inside the hotel room, Gao Peng cried out in desperation.