Crazy Detective
794 The Secret Service
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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794 The Secret Service

It turned out that Zhao Yu had quickly used the Invisible Bone Setting Device, which could quickly correct and cure a fracture. After using it, his right arm immediately recovered, which is how he could use his full strength to give that man such a powerful slap!

"Ah!" The middle-aged man was caught off guard by this slap.

"Oh my!" Seeing such a fantastic scene, the audience all gave out a collective exclamation, including Ran Tao and Zeng Ke. After that, the crowd fell into silence, no one daring to move an inch.

The middle-aged man, who had just been slapped, was so embarrassed that his face turned red. Then, with a loud cry, he waved his fists and headed straight for Zhao Yu.

Because he was so angry, the middle-aged man had lost his temper. Hence, his moves were no longer as stable and precise as they had been before. But, this only made Zhao Yu even more excited, as one of his favorite things was a street fight!


At that moment, Zhao Yu punched the middle-aged man's shoulder. The middle-aged man then hit Zhao Yu directly in the face, causing his nose to spurt out blood.

Zhao Yu bowed his head, then hit the man's chest with his head like a bull. The impact caused the middle-aged man to crash into the nearby pillar, while also causing a lamp to crash the ground.

At this moment, those who came to seek revenge on Zhao Yu with iron sticks were dazed. They stood still with their backs against the wall. Each person here was thanking his lucky stars that he did not venture into this fight with Zhao Yu!

As the violent duel between the two men continued, Zhao Yu clearly had the advantage. This made sense, as after all, Zhao Yu was much younger, and he had more energy.

Zhao Yu took an opportunity to use his leg to trip the man, causing him to fall on the ground. He had learned this move from Miao Ying!

Then, he sat down on the man's body and hit him in the face. The middle-aged man struggled to fight back, but failed.

Finally, he could barely even use his elbow to protect his face! Under Zhao Yu's repeated attacks, he screamed in pain, "Ah!"

At that moment, the young man saw that the middle-aged man could no longer fight back. He couldn't stand at the side and do nothing, so he jumped in front of Zhao Yu, took out a pistol, and pointed it at Zhao Yu!

"Don't move! Stop the fight!" the young man cried out nervously.

"Fuc*!" Ran Tao immediately pulled out his pistol when he saw that the guy had a gun. He then rushed to point his gun at the young man and shouted, "Don't move!"

"Ah!" Seeing that Ran Tao also had a gun, the young man was frightened and his face grew pale.

The audience was also shocked. No one could imagine that these people would have guns!

"Who are you?" the young man asked. He then stuttered, "I... We're the Secret Service!"

"We are the Criminal Division!" After Ran Tao answered him loudly, he quickly asked, "What the hell is the Secret Service?"

At this moment, those people with iron sticks were completely confused, and they all started to regret that they had come here at all.

"Huh..." When Zhao Yu saw the two men pulling out their guns, he exhaled heavily. Then, he stood up and let go of the middle-aged man.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man was stronger than Zhao Yu had imagined. After Zhao Yu got up, he also stood up quickly from the ground and brushed the dust off of his clothes.

"Fuc*! You can still stand up?" Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and was impressed. If the middle-aged man had been an ordinary person, he should have been sent to the ICU by now!

"Oh, you're the Criminal Division!" the middle-aged man said. "I never imagined that there would be such a fighter in the Criminal Division!"

At that moment, half of the man's face was already swollen, and he looked very embarrassed. However, he did not show any timidity when he stood up and spoke.

"Let's see some ID!" Ran Tao said, the gun still in his hand. " I wouldn't believe you that easily..."

"Here you are..." The young man quickly pulled out a badge from his pocket and asked, "Well, what about yours?"

"Humph!" Ran Tao then showed him his ID.

Just then, the young man's mobile phone suddenly rang. He quickly took out his mobile phone and handed it to the middle-aged man.

Instead of answering the phone, the middle-aged man thought for a few seconds, then said to the young man, "Mr. Gao! Let's go. Hotpot chicken seems impossible tonight!"

"But..." The young man, who was clearly called Mr. Gao, was still holding up his gun and was clearly at a loss of what to do.

"Alright, put down the gun!" Later, he slowly approached Zhao Yu and said, "If you're really the Criminal Division, then you're even worse than a hooligan!"

"Hey, didn't you have enough, old man? If you want more, I can fight you till the end of the world!" Zhao Yu took the opportunity to scorn him.

"You!" Mr. Gao glared at Zhao Yu angrily.

"Okay!" The middle-aged man then glared at Zhao Yu and said coldly, "I have a hunch that we'll see each other again!"

"I hope your hunch is wrong!" Zhao Yu said indifferently. "Otherwise, you will be unlucky again!"

"Humph!" The middle-aged man snorted coldly as he turned to the door. However, as he was about to push the door open, he turned back and made a gesture of the Arabic number 10 to the young man.

"Oh..." Mr. Xiao immediately understood him and rushed to his seat and picked up a briefcase. Then, he ran quickly to the waiter and took out 10 piles of cash from the briefcase, which he gave to the waiter. It was 100,000 dollars.

"I lost, so the compensation for the restaurant's losses are on me!" The middle-aged man stood at the door and said to Zhao Yu, "But, if I ever see you again, maybe I won't need to pay it anymore."

"Don't worry, you will still pay it!" Zhao Yu made a gesture of goodbye with his middle finger.

After handing over the money, Mr. Gao hurried to pack up his things. Then, he and the middle-aged man left the restaurant and disappeared into the snowy night.

"Hum! I don't like this kind of posturing." Zhao Yu picked up an iron stick from the ground and looked at the people who had come to seek revenge.

At this moment, these people were frightened to death. When Zhao Yu looked at them with a stick in his hand, they all disappeared in a blink of an eye.

When Zhao Yu turned around, he found that Ran Tao still had his pistol in his hand. He scolded him, asking, "What's your problem?"

"Oh..." Ran Tao quickly put away his pistol, then shook his head and said, "Boss, we shouldn't let them go! I haven't even seen their IDs yet! What if it's all a sham? I have never heard of the Secret Service before!"

"Isn't being in the Secret Service like being a security guard?" Zeng Ke scratched his head, then said, "When I was in school, security guards called themselves 'the Secret Service!'"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's more complicated than that!" Wu Xiumin said. "Team leader, as that person's background is clearly not simple, I'm afraid that you've offended him, which may lead to something bad happening to you!"

She then turned to scold Ran Tao, "Ran Tao, you fool, what can I say to you? Why did you tell him who we are? Now that he knows that we are in the Criminal Division, he can take revenge on us at any time!"

"Well.. It was almost a gun fight! So, how could I think of that at such a critical time?" Ran Tao scratched his head.

"Forget it!" Zhao Yu snapped his fingers and said, "Judging from their response just now, these two people are not some random bad guys, as no criminals would get involved in a public fight intentionally, as that would expose them."

Zhao Yu then raised his eyes to look at Zeng Ke and said, "But… Zeng Ke, you'd better go and collect the surveillance camera recordings and check the identities of those two people especially! We at least need to know who they are!"

"Okay! Um..." Zeng Ke pointed to the place where the middle-aged man had just sat, then said, "His wine glass should have his fingerprints on it. Xiumin, can you help me with that?"

"Okay!" Wu Xiumin got up immediately and went to collect evidence with Zeng Ke.

"Okay! Let's continue our meal!" Zhao Yu said as he sat down. "Fortunately, our table wasn't knocked over, and this hotpot chicken really is delicious!"

Zhao Yu then pointed at the waiter and said with a calm voice, "The money that was left by the man just now covers our bill, too! So, give me two more plates of chicken..."

Before the waiter could answer him, a siren was heard outside.
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