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The middle-aged man had a powerful and strong body, and when Zhao Yu threw the plastic stool at him, the middle-aged man grinned coldly, then hit the plastic stool away with his fist. The impact broke the into two pieces.

Wow! That was awesome! Zhao Yu was impressed by this man and his strength.

"Enough!" Ran Tao saw that Zhao Yu was at a disadvantage, so he quickly stretched out his arm to stop the fight.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man unexpectedly grabbed Ran Tao's arm.

"Ah!" Ran Tao yelled in a panic.

He struggled, but it was too late. The man skillfully twisted Ran Tao's arms behind his back. As Zhao Yu couldn't let Rao Tao suffer, he immediately ran over to the two men.

The middle-aged man seemed to be afraid of Zhao Yu's strength and immediately loosened his hold on Ran Tao. Then, Zhao Yu once again fought with the middle-aged man.

This time, Zhao Yu's attack was sharp. However, the man still was able to dodge it. It was no wonder this man spoke so arrogantly, as the way that he moved reminded Zhao Yu of the agent from the Landing!

"Dam* it!" Ran Tao got up from the ground, rolled up his sleeves, and wanted to help Zhao Yu.

"Ran Tao, get away! This is our business! It does not concern you!" As Zhao Yu fought with the man, he yelled at Ran Tao to back off.

"This..." Ran Tao was in a quandary for a while, but ultimately stepped back.

At this time, the young man who had come with the middle-aged man became quite anxious. Watching the two men fight hard, he started to sweat and stamped his feet. However, he dared not rush forward to help before receiving the order from the middle-aged man.

At this time, after the middle-aged man dodged Zhao Yu's punch, he hit Zhao Yu in the throat. Then, when Zhao Yu raised his hands to block him, the middle-aged man grabbed his wrist!

Zhao Yu quickly turned around and kicked backwards, while the man jumped back. They fought more than a dozen rounds back and forth, yet no one could win.

If Zhao Yu hadn't learned standard fighting skills with Miao Ying, he would have been badly beaten by the man, as this man's tactics were novel, and he had no redundant moves. In fact, if Zhao Yu was even the slightest bit careless, he might lose the fight entirely!

Suddenly, the door was kicked open and a bunch of people rushed in. These people were holding iron sticks in their hands. Apparently, they had been gathered by the seven men, who had just left previously, and had come for revenge!

As they stormed into the restaurant, they saw Zhao Yu and the middle-aged men fighting fiercely. Upon the group's entrance, the restaurant's lobby suddenly became crowded and busy.

"He's the one that threw a stool at me, but..." A person pointed at Zhao Yu, his expression looking puzzled.

At that moment, the middle-aged man's fist connected with Zhao Yu's face. After seeing that he could not escape the punch, Zhao Yu had crossed both of his arms in front of his face. The man's strength was so strong that Zhao Yu got flung backwards, causing him to bump into a man who had an iron stick in his hand.

"Hey..." The big man with the iron stick laughed and was clearly ready to make a move.

Zhao Yu then turned around and punched the man in the face! The man had no chance to say a word before he was pushed into a heavy door glass and lost consciousness. At the same time, the glass on the front door cracked into several pieces.

"Ah!" The people who had just rushed in were all frightened.

No one thought that Zhao Yu's fist would have such great power! Although they had sticks in their hands, none of them dared to make a move.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You!" When the middle-aged man saw Zhao Yu punching the man, he rushed at Zhao Yu in a fury and fought with him once again.

This time, the middle-aged man seemed to exert all of his strength and his moves were sharp and swift. Soon, Zhao Yu's face, chest, and shoulders had all been hit by him.

Zhao Yu was totally mad, so he decided to use his dirty trick. As he saw his opportunity, he rushed to bear hug the man tightly. He then knocked over a table, with the man still in his arms!

The tableware on the table was broken instantly, and after they fell on the ground, the two men rolled back and forth. After a while, Zhao Yu punched the middle-aged man fiercely. Suddenly, the middle-aged man clamped Zhao Yu with his feet, then hit him hard.

Originally, Zhao Yu thought that he could defeat the man by using a dirty move that Miao Ying had taught him. However, he was wrong.

This was because the middle-aged man's grappling skills were much better than Zhao Yu's. He quickly locked Zhao Yu's right arm in his grip and fixed Zhao Yu's body with his feet, so that Zhao Yu could not move at all!

"Yeah!" Among the crowd, someone shouted cheerfully.

The restaurant's lobby had instantly turned into a boxing ring, with people whistling and cheering constantly. These people naturally regarded Zhao Yu as their enemy, so when they saw that Zhao Yu was at a disadvantage, they were very happy.

"No..." As Zeng Ke looked at the whistling people in front of him, he felt extremely helpless.

Ran Tao, however, clenched his fists and constantly started giving Zhao Yu suggestions. "Boss! Pull him! Bite him..."

Hearing Ran Tao, Zhao Yu struggled even harder. Although he struggled to loosen himself from his opponent's hold, his right arm was still controlled by the middle-aged man.

Next, the middle-aged man pulled Zhao Yu's right arm back, then shouted, "You are finished! Surrender now! Otherwise, you won't keep this arm today!"

After saying that, he pressed hard on Zhao Yu's arm, while Zhao Yu grit his teeth and grimaced in pain.

"Well, now you know what the end of a stupid hooligans is!" The middle-aged man scolded him. "It's not too late for you to apologize now!"

"Ha ha ha..." Surprisingly, Zhao Yu started laughing, then shouted, "Who the fu*k cares?"

After that, Zhao Yu took the initiative to break his own arm! Zhao Yu burst into maniacal laughter, then punched the middle-aged man in the face with his left fist.

The middle-aged man quickly raised his hands to block Zhao Yu's fists. However, in that instant, Zhao Yu suddenly raised his right arm, which had just been broken, and slapped the man's face hard!


Then, with a loud and crisp sound, Zhao Yu gave the middle-aged man a tough slap.