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792 Can“t You Eat Chicken Quietly?

Zhao Yu had thrown the stool with all of his might. With a bang, the stool smashed down directly on the hotpot, causing hot soup to splash everywhere and the chicken to roll to the ground. It was a complete mess!

"Ah? Oh, oh, oh..." The people at that table all jumped backwards in a hurry, while exclaiming in surprise. Although they were not burned by the hot soup, they did get oil stains on their lovely clothes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seven big men immediately rushed at Zhao Yu, while one of them roared, "Are you crazy?"

They were pointing at Zhao Yu and shouting, but Zhao Yu didn't care at all. In fact, he just sat back down at his seat calmly and ate a piece of chicken with his chopsticks leisurely. He was acting as if nothing had happened!

Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin, who were at the far end of Zhao Yu's table, were gazing at one another, both at a loss for what to do next. They felt confused by Zhao Yu's behavior.

"Boss, can't you just eat your chicken quietly, like everyone else?" Ran Tao muttered to Zhao Yu in a low voice. Then, in frustration, he threw his chopsticks on the table, stood up, and went over to the seven men.

One of the men had already picked up a plastic stool and clearly wanted to smash it on Zhao Yu's face! However, once he saw that Ran Tao had suddenly stood up, he became frightened. In fact, as they stood in front of Ran Tao, all seven of the men looked nervous.

Originally, these seven men were civil servants in government units. Hence, although they looked fierce, they were actually quite gentle. Moreover, they were not gangsters, so none of them had even fought before!

Ran Tao had eagle eyebrows and tiger eyes. He was also tall and strong, so even his clothes couldn't hide his big muscles that he had earned as a result of constant bodybuilding. So, as soon as he stood up, he really intimidated the seven men!

Ran Tao was reluctant to fight, but felt that he had no other alternatives. After sighing helplessly, he raised his arms and asked the men, "Which one of you is going to be the first? Hurry up and decide, as I haven't eaten a single piece of meat yet, and I'm hungry!"

After he finished speaking, the men were even more frightened. None of them dared to move an inch.

"Come on! Don't be cowards! There are so many of you! Would you like to attack me altogether?" Ran Tao asked them, while he clenched his fists.

After hearing how confident Ran Tao was, the other party became even more afraid. Then, after quite a while, one of the seven guys stood up to Ran Tao and yelled, "Good! You wait for me! Don't leave! We'll be back!"

After that, the seven men grabbed their bags in a hurry and went outside. One of them even opened his wallet and paid their bill with a trembling hand.

Zhao Yu shook his head and said in disgust, "What a bunch of garbage! There are seven of them, after all, so why did they run?"

"Boss..." Ran Tao said gloomily, "They just asked us to talk quieter. They didn't really have any bad intentions at first, so why did you throw a stool? Can't we just eat chicken quietly, without creating drama or causing a scene?"

"Oh..." Zhao Yu nodded, then said earnestly, "Well, then, Ran Tao, you and I can have a fight. I haven't been able to move my bones and muscles for days, so... Um... Ran Tao... Hey... Where are you going?"

"Err… The bathroom..." Ran Tao yelled as he ran away.

Zhao Yu then turned to Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin, who quickly picked up their plates and held them in front of their faces to avoid Zhao Yu's eyes. Seeing this, Zhao Yu threw away his chopsticks, raised the whole bottle, and drank like mad, acting like a bandit.

"Hey, boss. Don't do that! Slow down..." As Zhao Yu was drinking gulp after gulp, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

Hearing the voice, Zhao Yu put down the bottle and looked behind him. He saw that the middle-aged man, who had been sitting in the corner, was approaching him at a rapid pace, and that honest-looking young man was following him. It looked like the young man wanted to stop him!

What is this? Zhao Yu wondered. He saw that the middle-aged man was staring at him fiercely, his face filled with anger.

"Boss, we have something else to do! You can't waste time on this person!" The young man tried hard to stop the middle-aged man, which seemed to make the middle-aged man hesitant. Although he had already gone half way to Zhao Yu from the corner, he did not move forward any further.

What the heck is happening? Zhao Yu glanced at them, then gave them the middle finger.

"Okay! You asked for it!" Clearly offended, the middle-aged man pushed aside the young man, then went directly to Zhao Yu and sat at the chair next to him.

"There are two kinds of people I hate most in the world!" the middle-aged man said coldly. "Hooligans… And stupid hooligans! I think that our earth would be much better off if both were eradicated! What do you think about that?"

"Oh? Why don't you kill yourself, then?" Zhao Yu stared at him disdainfully. Although he could see that the middle-aged man would not be easy to deal with, he still dissed him to his face!

The middle-aged man snorted, then said, "You need to do two things now. First, you must apologize to those people, and second, you must apologize to me!"

"Fine!" Zhao Yu said. He then muttered "I'm sorry" toward the gate, then turned and smiled at the man before saying "I'm sorry!" to him as well.

"Huh?" The middle-aged man was confused.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..." Zhao Yu couldn't help but laugh, while giving the middle-aged man the middle finger once more. He then said, "I've apologized, just as you said, so now you can get out of here!"

Seeing Zhao Yu laughing and behaving in such a way, Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin shook their heads and had embarrassed looks on their faces. Zhao Yu sure wasn't acting like a Special Investigation Group leader at this moment.

"You!" Only then did the middle-aged man realize that Zhao Yu was toying with him. His eyes grew wide as he yelled, "You are not only a stupid hooligan, but you are a shameless and stupid hooligan... The worst of the worst!"

"Thank you, ha ha ha!" Zhao Yu.

As Zhao Yu laughed in his face, the man kicked at him angrily. However, Zhao Yu quickly jumped away and avoided the kick. Before Zhao Yu had time to think, the man rushed at Zhao Yu again and punched him in the neck!

The man then reached for a plastic stool and attempted to hit Zhao Yu with it. However, Zhao Yu quickly gave the stool a good punch, which broke it in half!

"Fuc*!" With a loud curse, Zhao Yu kicked towards the man's lower abdomen.

The middle-aged man was quick, and after taking a step back, he rushed forward to fight more with Zhao Yu. At this time, Ran Tao had just come back from the bathroom to this amazing scene.

"No way! Boss, what are you doing?" he asked in disappointment and disbelief. "Why is it so difficult for you to just eat your chicken quietly?"