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"You're wrong! It really has nothing to do with her!" Captain Dou's voice trembled as he burst into tears. "I killed everyone! It was me! She just helped me drive the speedboat..."


At that moment, Zhao Yu threw another pile of documents before Captain Dou. "Look at it for yourself. This is the psychological evaluation report that our psychologist compiled for Liu Caiyun. The testimony of your ex-wife is also there. Liu Caiyun clearly suffers from a serious mental illness and has a certain tendency towards violence! Your ex-wife has confirmed this. Regarding your mother, your ex-wife feels a deep fear that she and your child were in danger, so that is why she insisted on divorcing you!"

"No... No..." Captain Dou burst into tears as his whole body trembled. "It was not my mother! I did it all!"

"Leader..." Wu Xiumin came over to Zhao Yu and shook her head gently. She was trying to remind Zhao Yu that Captain Dou was very unstable, so they shouldn't continue to interrogate him.

Captain Dou cried out bitterly, "Why did this happen? Mom!"

Just then, someone knocked on the door. Ran Tao excitedly pushed the door open, then ran up to Zhao Yu and whispered, "Boss, according to your instructions, we have shown Captain Dou's confession video to the old lady. This time, the old lady finally confessed! Now, her confession should be the whole truth!"

Zhao Yu nodded and exhaled. It turned out that, in order to find out the truth as soon as possible, Zhao Yu had played the same trick on Liu Caiyun! In fact, from the beginning, his real focus had always been on Liu Caiyun. After all, he knew that Captain Dou was a criminal policeman, which meant that he could easily alter the real truth in his confession.

However, Liu Caiyun was different. As long as her psychological defenses collapsed, the police could get the most accurate confession from her. When Zhao Yu had used the trick for the first time, since Liu Caiyun did not know the current situation of Captain Dou, she had insisted that she was the only murderer.

But now that she had heard that Captain Dou had confessed, she knew that it was impossible for him to get away with the crime. So, naturally, Zhao Yu knew that she would fall into a state of despair and be vulnerable. In this way, Zeng Ke as able to get Liu Caiyun to confess.

The night of the murder... 10:00 p.m... In the grass, somewhere outside the crew's tents on Yongjin Island.

"Mom! Didn't I tell you? Keep away from their tents!" Captain Dou complained in a low voice, "You'll put us in danger. Are you sure that Xie Hao didn't see you just now?"

"No! He didn't see me!" Liu Caiyun whispered. "When the man turned around, I had already run away! Didn't you give them a sleeping drug? Why hasn't it worked yet? Why aren't they asleep?"

Captain Dou explained, "The effect of the drug will not be effective until an hour from now. Moreover, the times when those people drank it were all different. So, we have to wait until at least midnight before we can start our plan! Listen to me. I can do this all by myself. Don't follow me, okay?"

"Good... Okay..." Although the old lady promised him, her eyes revealed her deep concern.

Two hours later, a figure burst out of Zhang Chenggong's tent! The man was so frightened that he ran straight towards the lighthouse. Then, Captain Dou also burst out of the tent and began to chase the man.

This man was Guo Yihang. As he ran, he occasionally looked back at Captain Dou. The distance between the two men was not small, so it was clear that Captain Dou could not catch up with him.

However, a person with long hair suddenly jumped out of the grass! As soon as she jumped out, she stretched out her hands to strangle Guo Yihang's neck!

"Ah!" Guo Yihang was so frightened that he yelled and stumbled to the ground. When he turned around, got up, and tried to run again, he bumped into Captain Dou!

Guo Yihang was frightened, so he picked up a stone and was going to hit Captain Dou with it. Captain Dou barely avoided the stone, and then they began to fight!

As they rolled around on the ground, Captain Dou's neck was scratched by Guo Yihang. In the end, Captain Dou strangled Guo Yihang!

However, just after he strangled Guo Yihang, there was a loud cry, "Get away!"

Captain Dou was shocked to see that Liu Caiyun had just raised up a big stone and was smashing it down with great force.

"No..." Captain Dou cried out as he released his hands.


The big stone hit Guo Yihang's head, and with the splash of blood, Guo Yihang's head was deformed and his life had officially ended.

"Ah!" Captain Dou was so frightened that he fell to one side and could not believe the scene in front of him. As Liu Caiyun held the stone in both of her hands, she looked just like a devil!

At that time, Liu Caiyun struggled to lift the stone and was going to smash Guo Yihang's head with it once again! However, Captain Dou rushed over and stopped her.

"No... Are you out of you mind? What are you doing?" Captain Dou cried out in vexation, while he quickly turned back to check on Guo Yihang. But Guo Yihang was already dead.

"Mom! You're crazy! Why did you kill him?" Captain Dou shivered all over, then collapsed.

Liu Caiyun replied with a shiver, "He... He saw you and me just now! I had to do it!"

"But… Why did you have to kill him?" Captain Dou scratched his head in despair.

Liu Caiyun said with cold eyes, "If I didn't kill him, he would have exposed us! Plus... Even if we destroyed the film that they made... It wouldn't be long before they came back to reshoot it. But, if someone dies, we can stop them from shooting it again."

Captain Dou said remorsefully, "If they really want to shoot the film, they can change to a different island or change to a different lighthouse! So… Why did resort to killing people?"

Liu Caiyun retreated a few steps as a look of despair appeared on her face. Captain Dou scratched his head again, then began to turn over Guo Yihang's body.

Liu Caiyun squatted down and asked, "Will the police find us?"

"Mom, I am the police!" As Captain Dou searched the body, he soon found a USB, a speedboat key, and a Samsung mobile phone in Guo Yihang's pocket. 

He then muttered, "I had a fight with him. He has my DNA under his nails. How could they not find me?"

Only then did Liu Caiyun realize that she had made a terrible mistake.

"The body must be disposed of! This place must also be cleaned up, and no blood can be left here!" As Captain Dou spoke, a message appeared on the screen of Guo Yihang's mobile phone. Captain Dou quickly opened his mobile phone to check its contents.

As the mobile phone needed a fingerprint to unlock it, he used Guo Yihang's cold, dead finger. When he read the message, he was greatly surprised. After a brief glance at it, he finally understood why Guo Yihang was in Zhang Chenggong's tent in the middle of the night.

"What shall we do about this?" Liu Caiyun was anxious.

Captain Dou said, "You clean up the bloodstains. Leave the dead body and the stone that you hit him with here. After I delete the copies of the film, I will take them to our speedboat and discard them in the open sea!"

He then added, "As long as the police can't find the body, they can only file the case as a disappearance, not a murder!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Captain Dou sighed for a long time, then pointed to Guo Yihang's mobile phone and said, "Fortunately… This man had already wanted to run! A little bit later, I'll drive our speedboat to the open sea to throw the body there, while you drive their speedboat back to Quliang, making it look like that Guo Yihang fled. In this way... Maybe we will stand a chance of getting away with it..."

After he finished speaking, Captain Dou looked over Guo Yihang's backpack, then pulled a signal gun out from it.

"Oh... Ok... Good!" Hearing this, Liu Caiyun seemed hopeful, and she began to deal with the corpse and the bloodstains according to Captain Dou instructions.

Captain Captain Dou returned to the tents to deal with the film copies. A quarter of an hour later, Liu Caiyun, who was still dealing with the corpse, heard a noise and saw Captain Dou run back from the tents with a panicked face.

However, before Liu Caiyun could open her mouth and ask any questions, Captain Dou reached out to unbutton Guo Yihang's clothes.

"What on earth are you doing?" Liu Caiyun asked.

"Mom! Are you wanting to get away with this or not?" Captain Dou asked, while shivering all over. "Now... I can be sure that we can!"