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780 Fatal Coincidence

"When I was strangling Guo Yihang, my mind was blank." Captain Dou went on to talk about his criminal experience. "I didn't think that he would be so fragile! I didn't want to strangle him to death!"

Captain Dou made a gesture to Wu Xiumin, clearly asking for a third cigarette. He then said, "Once I realized that he was dead, I did not know what to do. We had a fierce fight and he had scratched my neck! I knew that my skin and tissue would be on his body, as well as my DNA under his nails. If a doctor carried out an autopsy, I knew that I would definitely be found out."

Captain Dou was sweating profusely now. "So... I wanted to dispose of his body first, then fake his disappearance. I knew that, as long as the police couldn't find the body, I could get away with it. Then, as I was turning over his corpse, I saw his mobile phone."

HIs eyes grew wide as he recalled that moment, "The screen on his mobile phone was bright, and it had just received a Wechat message. So, I read it."

Captain Dou took a deep puff of his cigarette. "It was a surprising message. Zhao Yu was right about Qiao Ruxue again, as I got that information from Guo Yihang's mobile phone! It turns out that Guo Yihang was working undercover and was only a fake member of the crew. In fact, he was collecting inside information on the crew, so that he could get a high position in his personal life!"

Captain Dou was speaking excitedly now, "Because he had been in a relationship with Qiao Ruxue, his main focus was naturally the information that concerned Qiao Ruxue. The document on the mobile phone listed in detail the sins of every person who bullied or framed Qiao Ruxue."

He took another puff, then said, "The contents were extremely detailed, and several electronic files were also attached. Only then did I understand that Guo Yihang appeared there because of Zhang Chenggong's USB!"

Captain Dou recalled bitterly, "At that time, Guo Yihang had prepared most of the information, except for the USB, which stored the clips that had been shot in secret! If he could have brought back Zhang Chenggong's USB, it would obviously have been perfect for him and would have allowed him to finish his job!"

He shook his head once more. "So, he dressed up so neatly, as he was planning to leave Yongjin Island after stealing the USB! But, he didn't expect to bump into me!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Captain Dou indignantly blew a smoke ring, then helplessly sighed. "Ah! There are so many coincidences in this world, but the most fatal one just happened to me!"

"And then?" As they had just come to such a critical part in the story, Wu Xiumin couldn't help but ask this question. What she wanted to know was if that meant that the information on Guo Yihang's mobile phone was what caused Captain Dou to kill everyone.

"No..." Captain Dou understood Wu Xiumin's meaning and immediately shook his head.

He then said, "At that time, I had not reached the point of becoming a ruthless killer yet! It is undeniable that, when I saw the information, I did think of that, but... I'm not ..."

"Xu You... Xu You..." In the monitoring room, Zhao Yu whispered Xu You's name repeatedly.

"Then, why..." Wu Xiumin began to ask another question.

"I don't know!" Captain Dou sighed again, then went on, "Guo Yihang was already dead, so I knew that my plan would have to be adjusted! But, my purpose didn't change. I still had to destroy their film. So, I went back to the tents, while carrying Guo Yihang's body. I wanted to destroy the film first, then carry Guo Yihang to their speedboat and get rid of the body!"

His eyes were wide as he was explaining, "But, an accident happened yet again! At that time, I was carrying Guo Yihang back to the tents, but Xu You, the prop artist, somehow woke up! He was peeing outside!"

"Yeah!" Zhao Yu grabbed his fist to celebrate that this guess had also been right.

"I didn't know if Xu You saw me clearly," Captain Dou said. "Anyway, he was frightened, so he turned to run towards the dock! At this time, I was really frightened! I knew that if Xu You saw me and ran, I would be totally done!"

He shook his head. "So, I quickly put down Guo Yihang to chase Xu You. I had checked Guo Yihang's backpack, so I knew that there was a signal gun in it. So, I pulled out the signal gun and ran after Xu You."

Captain Dou shook his head once more, then said, "Although Xu You was awake, the narcotics still played a role in his demise, as he couldn't run very fast. Hence, I soon caught up with him. Then, I hit him with the signal gun and burned him to death!"

After that, a sudden silence filled the room. After a moment, Captain Dou spoke again, "That's how it all started! When Xu You died, the fire that burned him thoroughly ignited the evil in my heart. After careful consideration, I finally realized that, if I wanted to get away with this, more people had to be killed!"

Captain Dou then said, "I thought that, if I killed those people who framed Qiao Ruxue, according to Guo Yihang's information, then feigned Guo Yihang's disappearance, I could turn the police's attention to these two people and make the perfect plan! After all, I've been a criminal policeman for so many years, so I know the police's investigative procedures and means!"

Captain Dou then added, "As long as I designed the case to be complex enough, I figured that the police would not turn their attentions to me! Moreover, even if I was suspected, I knew that, as long as the police couldn't find Guo Yihang, I couldn't be convicted!"

He shook his head. "In addition, Yongjin Island is under my jurisdiction. After the incident, I knew that I would be put in charge of the criminal police to investigate it. As such, I would be the first to enter the crime scene and the first time to get any new information. So, if I missed anything, I could then handle it secretly at that time. Even if my footprints were found at the crime scenes, this would not arouse any suspicion! It was all so perfect!"

Captain Dou smoked the cigarette fiercely, then said, "Besides, those who framed Qiao Ruxue were disgusting. They were all scum! They were not worthy to live at all!"

Seeing that Captain Dou was getting so excited, Wu Xiumin poured him a glass of water. However, Captain Dou was only interested in smoking.

After he finished smoking his third cigarette, he continued to confess, "It took me half an hour to make my new plan, and then I got started! To be honest, I was not nervous at all, but was only excited. After all, within a few days, I was going to solve a case that I had committed myself! Isn't it something that no one has ever done before?"

Captain Dou was clearly excited now, too. "I was especially proud of the clues that I left on the dead people! I guessed that the police would think that the murders had been well-planned because of this! But, nobody could know that such a perfect plan was just a quick and sudden flash of my inspiration!"